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C fiber C-section C-suite CA CA1, CA2, CA3, and CA4 caapi CAB CABG cable properties cable tensiometry cachexia caco- (cac-) cacoethes caesarean section cafard Cafergot cafeteria feeding caffeine caffeine intoxication CAGE CAH CAI CAL calamus scriptorius calcarine area calcarine fissure calcitonin calcium channel calcium regulation calcium-channel blocker calcium-deficiency disorders calendar age calendar calculation calibration California Achievement Tests (CAT) California Psychological Inventory (CPI) California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT) call boy call girl callback calling card callosal callosal apraxia callosal gyrus callosal sulcus callosectomy callosotomy callosum calmodulin caloric intake caloric nystagmus caloric restriction calorie Calvinism CAM camaraderie camisole camouflage cAMP camphoraceous camphorated tincture of opium Campral camptocormia campus crisis center can-do factors Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) canalization cancellation test cancer cancer phobia candidiasis cane cannabidiol (CBD) cannabinoid cannabinoid receptor cannabis cannabis abuse cannabis dependence cannabis intoxication cannabis psychosis cannabis-induced psychotic disorder cannibalism Cannon–Bard theory cannula canon canonical analysis canonical correlation analysis canonical correlation coefficient capability capacity capacity model capacity sharing CAPD Capgras syndrome capitalism capitalization capitalization on chance capitation caprylic capsaicin captioning captivity capture–tag–recapture sampling CAR carbamate carbamazepine (CBZ) carbidopa carbohydrate carbohydrate metabolism carbon dioxide carbon dioxide therapy carbon monoxide poisoning carbon tetrachloride carbonic anhydrase inhibitor carcinogen carcinoma card-sorting test card-stacking cardi- cardiac death cardiac index cardiac muscle cardiac neurosis cardiac pacemaker cardiac psychology cardinal cardinal disposition cardinal humors cardinal virtues cardinality cardio- (cardi-) cardiogram cardiomyopathy cardiophobia cardiopulmonary bypass machine cardiovascular (CV) cardiovascular disease cardiovascular reactivity cardiovascular system CARE care of young care-and-protection proceedings career anchor career choice career conference career counseling career development career guidance career planning career workshop caregiver caregiver burden caretaking behavior carezza (karezza) cargo cult carisoprodol carnal carotid artery carotid sinus carotid stenosis carotid-sinus syndrome carotodynia carpal age carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) Carpenter’s syndrome carpentered environment carphology carrier carrier wave carryover effect CART analysis Cartesian coordinate system Cartesian dualism Cartesian self Cartesian theater Cartesianism Carus typology carve out Carver and White’s BIS/BAS scales CAS Casanova complex case case advocate case alternation case grammar case history case law case load case management case manager case method case report case study case-based reasoning case-control study case-finding casewise deletion casework Caspar Hauser experiment cassina caste castration castration anxiety castration complex casual crowd CAT cat-cry syndrome cat’s-eye syndrome cata- (cat-; kata-; kat-) catabolism catabolite catalepsy catalogia catalysis catalyst catamite catamnesis cataphasia cataphora cataplexy Catapres cataract catarrhal ophthalmia catastrophe theory catastrophic illness catastrophic reaction catastrophic stress catastrophize catathymic crisis catatonia catatonic excitement catatonic rigidity catatonic schizophrenia catatonic state catatonic stupor catch trial catchment area catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) catecholamine catecholamine hypothesis catecholaminergic categorical categorical attitude categorical classification categorical data categorical data analysis categorical imperative categorical intrusion categorical perception categorical scale categorical thought categorical variable categories of thought categorization categorized list category fluency category production test Category Test category-system method cathard catharsis cathected cathectic discharge catheter cathexis cathinone cation catoptrics Cattell–Horn theory of intelligence Cattell’s personality trait theory cauda equina caudal caudate nucleus causal ambiguity causal analysis causal attribution causal chain causal inference causal latency causal law causal mechanism causal modeling causal nexus causal ordering causal path causal texture causal variable causalgia causality causation causative verb cause cause-and-effect test cautious shift CAVLT CBAS CBCA CBCL CBD CBGD CBT CBZ CCC theory CCK CCRC CCRT CCTV system CCU CD CDC CDF CDI CDQ cebocephaly CEFT ceiling age ceiling effect Celexa celiac plexus celibacy cell cell adhesion molecule (CAM) cell assembly cell body cell death cell differentiation cell division cell interactions cell migration cell nucleus cell proliferation cell theory cell-mediated immunity cell–cell interactions cellular automata cellular fluid cellular respiration CEM cenesthesia (coenesthesia) cenesthopathy ceno- censor censored data censored observation censored regression censoring census census tract cent center Center for Deployment Psychology Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) Center for Independent Living (CIL) center median center of gravity center–surround antagonism center–surround receptive field centered centering Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) centile central central anticholinergic syndrome central aphasia central auditory abilities central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) central auditory system central canal central coherence theory central conceptual structure central conflict central deafness central disposition central distribution central dyslexia central executive central fissure central gray central inhibition central limit theorem (CLT) central limited capacity central lobe central moment central nervous system (CNS) central nervous system disorder central neuron central nucleus central pain central pattern generator central processes central processing dysfunction central processor central reflex time central route to persuasion central scotoma central sleep apnea central state theory central stimulation central sulcus central tendency central vision central-tendency bias centralism centralist psychology centrality of an attitude centralized organization centration centrencephalic centrencephalic epilepsy centrencephalic system centrifugal centripetal centripetal impulse centroid centromedian nucleus centromere cephalalgia cephalic cephalic index cephalization cephalo- (cephal-) cephalocaudal cephalocaudal axis cephalogenesis cephalometry CER cereb- cerebellar cerebellar ataxia cerebellar cortex cerebellar folia cerebellar gait cerebellar hemisphere cerebellar nucleus cerebellar peduncle cerebellar rigidity cerebellar speech cerebellopontine angle cerebellum cerebral cerebral achromatopsia cerebral amblyopia cerebral anemia cerebral angiography cerebral angiomatosis cerebral aqueduct cerebral arteriography cerebral arteriosclerosis cerebral atrophy cerebral beriberi cerebral blindness cerebral contusion cerebral cortex cerebral death cerebral diplopia cerebral dominance cerebral dyschromatopsia cerebral dysfunction cerebral dysplasia cerebral dysrhythmia cerebral edema cerebral electrotherapy (CET) cerebral embolism cerebral gigantism cerebral hemisphere cerebral hemorrhage cerebral hyperplasia cerebral hypoplasia cerebral infarction cerebral infection cerebral ischemia cerebral lateralization cerebral lesion cerebral pacemaker cerebral palsy (CP) cerebral peduncle cerebral specialization cerebral stimulation cerebral syphilis cerebral thrombosis cerebral trauma cerebral type cerebral vascular accident cerebral vascular disease cerebral vascular insufficiency cerebral ventricle cerebral vesicle cerebration cerebritis cerebro- (cereb-) cerebrocranial defect cerebromacular cerebroside cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cerebrotonia cerebrovascular accident (CVA) cerebrovascular disease cerebrovascular insufficiency cerebrum CERQ certainty of an attitude certainty of paternity certifiable certificate of need (CON) certification certification laws certiorari cerumen cerveau isolé cervical cervical angina cervical ganglion cervical nerve cervical plexus cervical sprain syndrome cervix CES CES-D Cesamet cesarean section (caesarean section; C-section) CET CF CFA CFF CFS cGMP chain of behavior chain reproduction chained schedule chaining chakra challenge challenge for cause challenge suggestion challenged challenging behavior CHAMPUS chance difference chance variation change agent change blindness change effect change management change of life change of venue change score change therapy change-over delay (COD) changing-criterion design channel channel capacity channel factors channels of communication chaos theory character character analysis character development character disorder character displacement character neurosis character strength character structure character traits character type characteristic characteristic frequency (CF) characterology Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease charisma charismatic authority charismatic leader charity charlatan Charles Bonnet syndrome charm Charpentier’s bands Charpentier’s illusion chart chastity chat chauvinism CHD ChE cheating check reading checkerboard pattern checklist ChEI cheilophagia (chilophagia) cheiromancy chelation chemesthesis chemical antagonism chemical brain stimulation chemical castration chemical communication chemical dependence chemical senses chemical stimulation chemical sympathectomy chemical synapse chemical trail chemical transmission chemical transmitter chemical warfare chemistry chemoaffinity hypothesis chemoattractant chemoreceptor chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ) chemorepellant chemosensory event-related potential (CSERP) chemotaxis chemotherapy Chernoff faces chessboard illusion chest voice Cheyne–Stokes breathing chi (qi) chi-square chi-square distribution (χ2 distribution) chi-square test chiaroscuro chiasmal syndrome chibih Chicago school chicken game chicken pox child child abuse child advocacy child analysis Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) child care child care facilities child care worker child custody child custody evaluation child day care child development child find child guidance child molestation child neglect child pornography child psychology child psychotherapy child study movement child support child visitation child welfare child with special needs child-centered child-directed speech child-focused family child-rearing practice child–parent relationship therapy (CPRT) childhood childhood absence epilepsy childhood amnesia childhood apraxia of speech childhood autism childhood depression childhood disintegrative disorder childhood disorder childhood fears childhood neurosis childhood psychosis childhood schizophrenia childhood sensorineural lesion childhood-onset fluency disorder children in need of supervision (CHINS) Children’s Apperception Test (CAT) Children’s Auditory Verbal Learning Test (CAVLT) Children’s Complex Figure Test Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) Children’s Embedded Figures Test (CEFT) Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale (CMAS) Children’s Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) chilophagia chimera chimeric stimulation chimerism chin reflex China white Chinese Room argument CHINS chipper chiromancy (cheiromancy) chiropractic chirosophy chloral hydrate chlordiazepoxide chloride channel chloropsia chlorpromazine (CPZ) chlorprothixene choice axiom choice behavior Choice Dilemma Questionnaire (CDQ) choice reaction time choice shift choice stimuli choked disk chokes choking under pressure cholecystokinin (CCK) choleric type cholesterol choline choline acetylase cholinergic cholinergic drug cholinergic receptor cholinergic synapse cholinergic system cholinesterase (ChE) chondroectodermal dysplasia chord keyboard chorda tympani chorea choreiform choreoathetosis choreoid choreomania chorion chorionic villus sampling (CVS) choroid layer choroid plexus Chotzen’s syndrome Christian Science chrom- chroma–brightness coefficient chromatic chromatic aberration chromatic adaptation chromatic audition chromaticity chromatics chromatid chromatin chromatin negative chromatin positive chromatopsia chromesthesia chromic myopia chromo- (chrom-; chromato-) chromopsia chromosomal aberration chromosomal map chromosomal mutation chromosome chromosome 18, deletion of long arm chromosome 4, deletion of short arm chromosome 5, deletion of short arm chromosome abnormality chromosome disorder chromosome mosaicism chromosome number chromotherapy chron- chronaxie (chronaxy) chronesthesia chronic chronic adjustment disorder chronic alcoholism chronic anxiety chronic brain disorder chronic care chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) chronic illness chronic mood disorder chronic motor or vocal tic disorder chronic myofascial pain (CMP) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) chronic pain chronic posttraumatic stress disorder chronic preparation chronic psychosis chronic schizophrenia chronic stress chronic traumatic encephalopathy chronically accessible constructs chronically suicidal chronicity chrono- (chron-) chronobiology chronograph chronological age (CA) chronometer chronometric analysis chronometry chronopsychology chronosystem chronotaraxis chronotherapy chronotopic constraints chunking CI cicatrization cichlid CIE XYZ color space CIL cilia ciliary body ciliary muscle ciliary processes cilium Cinderella syndrome cingulate cortex cingulate sulcus cingulotomy cingulum bundle CIPS circadian dysrhythmia circadian oscillator circadian rhythm circadian rhythm sleep disorder circannual rhythm Circle of Security circle of support circle of Willis circuit resistance training circular behavior circular causality circular questioning circular reaction circular reasoning circulating levels circulatory system circumcision circumlocution circumplex circumscribed amnesia circumscribed belief circumstantial bilingualism circumstantial evidence circumstantiality circumstriate cortex circumthanatology circumvallate papillae circumventricular organs cirrhosis CISD cisgender cissa cistern puncture cisterna cisterna magna CIT citalopram citation analysis citizen cittosis civil commitment civil disobedience civil emergency civil rights civil rights movement Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS) civilization CJD CK CL CL alt cladistics claims review clairaudience clairvoyance clairvoyant dream clamminess clan Clance Impostor Phenomenon Scale (CIPS) clang association clarification class class advocate class consciousness class inclusion class interval class limit class structure class theory classic categorical approach classical classical conditioning classical humors classical inference classical paranoia classical probability classical psychoanalysis classical test theory (CTT) classical theory classicism factor classification classification and regression tree analysis classification method classification rule classification table classification test classifier system classroom discipline classroom environment classroom test classroom-behavior modification claudication clause claustrophobia claustrum clava clavus clay therapy clear sensorium clearance (CL) clearance requirement cleavage cleft palate CLEP Clérambault’s syndrome clerical aptitude clerical test CLES Clever Hans click-thru rate client client abuse client characteristics client education client obligations client rights client satisfaction client self-monitoring client-centered consultation client-centered therapy client–patient issue client–treatment matching climacteric climate climax clinging behavior clinic clinical clinical assessment clinical counseling clinical depression clinical diagnosis clinical efficacy clinical evidence clinical geropsychology clinical health psychology clinical hypnosis clinical interview clinical investigation clinical judgment clinical judgment research clinical marker clinical method clinical neurology clinical neuropsychology clinical neuroscience clinical pediatric neuropsychology clinical practice clinical practice guidelines clinical prediction clinical psychology clinical psychopharmacology clinical psychophysiology clinical risk assessment clinical significance clinical social work clinical sociology clinical sport psychology clinical trial clinical type clinical utility clinical utility research clinical validation clinical vampirism clinically relevant behavior (CRB) clinician clinodactyly clipping clique clitoral circumcision clitoral hood clitoridectomy clitoris cloaca clomipramine clonazepam clone clonic clonic phase clonic spasm clonidine cloning Cloninger’s alcoholism typology Cloninger’s psychobiological model of personality clonus Clopixol clorazepate closed adoption closed call system closed economy closed group closed head injury closed marriage closed question closed scenario closed shop closed skill closed society closed system closed-captioned television closed-circuit television system (CCTV system) closed-class words closed-loop system closedmindedness closet homosexual closing closure Closure Flexibility Test clouded sensorium clouding of consciousness cloverleaf skull clozapine cloze procedure CLT club drug clubfoot clumsy automation cluster analysis cluster evaluation cluster headache cluster randomization cluster sampling cluster suicide cluster-randomized trial clustered data clustering cluttering CM CMAS CME CMHC CMI CMP CMS CNS CNS abnormality CNS depressant CNS stimulant CNS vasodilation CNV Co CO blob Co-Dependents Anonymous co-occurrence coaching Coaching Behavior Assessment System (CBAS) coacting group coaction effect coaction task coactivation coactive sport coadaptation coalition coarse tremor coarticulation cobedding coca cocaine cocaine abuse Cocaine Anonymous (CA) cocaine dependence cocaine intoxication cocaine intoxication delirium cocaine withdrawal coccygeal nerve coccyx cochlea cochlear aplasia cochlear duct cochlear echo cochlear emissions cochlear implant cochlear microphonic (CM) cochlear nerve cochlear nucleus cochlear recruitment Cochran Q test Cockayne syndrome cocktail-party effect cocktail-party universal cocoa coconsciousness cocontraction cocounseling COD codability code of ethics code switching code test codeine codependency codification codification-of-rules stage coding coding test codominance codon coefficient coefficient alpha coefficient of agreement coefficient of alienation coefficient of association coefficient of concordance coefficient of contingency coefficient of determination coefficient of multiple determination coefficient of relatedness coefficient of reliability coefficient of variation coefficient of visibility coenesthesia coeno- (coen-; cene-; ceno-) coenzyme coerced confession coercion coercive behavior coercive persuasion coercive power coercive treatment coevolution coexistence hypothesis cofacilitator coffee Coffelt decision cofigurative culture Cogan’s syndrome CogAT Cogentin cogito ergo sum cognate Cognex cognition Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) cognitive ability cognitive aging cognitive aid cognitive analytic therapy cognitive appraisal theory cognitive architecture cognitive arousal theory of emotion cognitive assessment Cognitive Assessment System (CAS) cognitive balance theory cognitive behavior modification cognitive behavior theory cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) cognitive behavioral couples therapy cognitive behavioral group therapy cognitive click cognitive closure cognitive complexity cognitive complexity and control theory (CCC theory) cognitive conditioning cognitive consistency cognitive consistency theory cognitive consonance cognitive construct cognitive control cognitive coping cognitive decline cognitive deconstruction cognitive deficit cognitive derailment cognitive development cognitive discrimination cognitive disorder cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance theory cognitive distortion cognitive domain cognitive dysfunction cognitive electrophysiology Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ) cognitive enhancer cognitive ergonomics cognitive ethology cognitive evaluation theory cognitive faculty cognitive flexibility cognitive flooding cognitive functioning cognitive generalization cognitive grammar cognitive heuristic cognitive hypothesis testing cognitive impairment cognitive impenetrability cognitive intelligence cognitive interdependence cognitive interview cognitive learning theory cognitive load cognitive map cognitive miser cognitive model cognitive narrowing cognitive neuropsychology cognitive neuroscience cognitive operation cognitive overload cognitive penetrability cognitive plasticity cognitive problem-solving skills training cognitive process cognitive processing therapy (CPT) cognitive psychology cognitive rehabilitation cognitive rehearsal cognitive remediation cognitive reserve cognitive resource theory cognitive response theory cognitive restructuring cognitive schema cognitive science cognitive self-guidance system cognitive self-management cognitive set cognitive sign principle cognitive slippage cognitive specificity hypothesis cognitive stage cognitive strategy cognitive structure cognitive style cognitive system cognitive task analysis cognitive theory cognitive theory of leadership cognitive therapy (CT) cognitive triad cognitive tunneling cognitive unconscious cognitive vulnerability cognitive walkthrough method cognitive well-being cognitive-social learning theory cognitive–affective crossfire cognitive–affective personality system cognitive–evaluative consistency cognitive–motivational–relational theory cognitively based persuasion cognitively guided instruction cognitivism cognitivist cognize cogwheel rigidity cohabitation Cohen’s d Cohen’s kappa coherence cohesion cohort cohort analysis cohort effect cohort sampling cohort study cohort-sequential design coital anorgasmia coitus coitus a tergo coitus analis coitus in ano coitus inter femora coitus interruptus coitus intra mammas coitus prolongatus coitus reservatus coke cola nut cold cognition cold emotion cold pressor pain test cold spot cold turkey cold-blooded animal cold-deck imputation coldness coleadership colera colic colitis collaboration collaborative care collaborative empiricism collaborative evaluation collaborative family health care collaborative filtering collaborative learning collaborative memory collaborative therapy collagen collapsing collateral collateral behavior collateral heredity collateral sulcus collative properties collective collective bargaining collective behavior collective conscience collective consciousness collective efficacy collective effort model (CEM) collective experience collective guilt collective hypnosis collective hysteria collective induction collective information-processing model collective memory collective mind collective monologue collective movements collective psychology collective representations collective self collective self-esteem collective suicide collective unconscious collectivism college admission tests College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Program College Level Examination Program (CLEP) collegial model colliculus collinearity colloid collusion collusional marriage coloboma colocalization colonial species colonialism colony color color adaptation color agnosia color amnesia color anomia color attribute color balance color blindness color cells color circle color cone color constancy color contrast color harmony color hearing color induction color mixer color mixture color perception color purity color pyramid color saturation color scotoma color sensation color solid color subtraction color surface color system color temperature color theory color triangle color value color vision color wheel color zones color-blindness test Colored Progressive Matrices colorimeter colostrum column columnar organization coma coma stimulation coma therapy coma vigil combat and operational stress control (COSC) combat stress reaction (CSR) combat stress reduction combination combination law combination test combination therapy combination tone combinatorial operation combined therapy coming out command style commensalism commissural fiber commissure commissurotomy commitment commitment laws commodity theory common cause hypothesis common chemical sense common conscience common factor common fate common knowledge effect common law common metric common region common sense common trait common-law marriage commonality analysis commons dilemma commonsense justice commonsense psychology communal nursing communal relationship communality commune communicated authenticity, regard, empathy (CARE) communicating hydrocephalus communication communication analysis communication apprehension communication channels communication deviance (CD) communication disorder communication engineering communication ergonomics communication network communication overload communication skills communication skills training communication system communication theory communicative act communicative competence communicology communitas community community action group community care community competence community control community correction community ergonomics community inclusion community integration community mental health community mental health center (CMHC) Community Notification Act community prevention and intervention community psychology community residence community services community social worker community speech and hearing center community-centered approach comorbidity companionate grandparent companionate love companionate marriage comparable form comparable worth comparable-forms reliability comparative analysis comparative cognition comparative judgment comparative linguistics comparative method comparative neuropsychology comparative psychology comparative trial comparator comparator hypothesis comparison comparison group comparison level (CL) comparison level for alternatives (CLalt) comparison process comparison stimulus (Co) comparison-wise error rate compartmentalization compassion compassion fatigue Compassionate Friends compassionate love compatibility Compazine compensable job factors compensation compensation effect compensatory damages compensatory education compensatory eye movements compensatory mechanism compensatory nystagmus compensatory reflex compensatory self-enhancement compensatory task compensatory tracking competence competence motivation competency evaluation competency to stand trial competency-based instruction competent reservoir competing response training competition competition by resource defense competition for resources competition routine competition tolerance competitive bargaining competitive goal structure competitive goals competitive motive competitive reward structure Competitive State Anxiety Inventory (CSAI) competitiveness complement complementarity complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) complementary class complementary classification complementary colors complementary distribution complementary identification complete block design complete counterbalancing complete factorial design complete-case analysis completion test complex complex behavior complex cell complex comparison complex emotion Complex Figure Test complex ideas complex motives complex of ideas complex partial seizure complex reaction time complex schedule of reinforcement complex sentence complex tone complex trauma complexity factor complexity hypothesis complexity of an attitude complexity theory compliance compliant character complicated grief complication complication experiment component evaluation component instinct componential analysis componential subtheory components of an attitude compos mentis composite figure composite hypothesis composite reliability composition of movement compound compound action potential compound bilingual compound eye compound probability compound reaction time compound reflex compound schedule of reinforcement compound sentence compound stimulus comprehension comprehension test comprehensive functional assessment comprehensive mental health center compressed speech compression compression of morbidity compromise formation compulsion compulsion to repeat compulsive character compulsive disorder compulsive drinker compulsive eating compulsive exerciser compulsive gambling compulsive laughter compulsive orderliness compulsive personality compulsive personality disorder compulsive repetition compulsive stealing compulsiveness compunction computational epistemology computational formula computational linguistics computational metaphor computational model computed tomography (CT) computer adaptive testing (CAT) computer addiction computer anxiety computer literacy computer model computer network computer of averaged transients computer phobia computer programming computer simulation computer slanguage computer-assisted diagnosis computer-assisted instruction (CAI) computer-assisted psychotherapy computer-assisted testing computer-managed instruction computerized assessment computerized diagnosis computerized therapy Comrey Personality Scales (CPS) COMT COMT gene Comte’s paradox CON conarium conation conative concaveation Concealed Figures Test concealed measure concentration concentration-camp syndrome concentrative meditation concept concept acquisition concept formation concept hierarchy concept learning concept-discovery task concept-formation test concept-identification task conception ratio conceptual apraxia conceptual classification conceptual complexity conceptual dependency conceptual disorder conceptual disorganization conceptual formula conceptual imagery conceptual model conceptual nervous system conceptual replication conceptual system conceptual tempo conceptual test conceptualization conceptually driven processing conceptually guided control Concerta conciliation concinnity conclusion concomitance concomitant variable concordance concordance rate concordant identification concrete attitude concrete image concrete intelligence concrete operation concrete operational stage concrete picture concrete thinking concrete word concreteness effect concretism concretization concurrence seeking concurrent medical audit concurrent operants concurrent review concurrent schedules of reinforcement concurrent therapy concurrent validity concurrent-chains procedure concussion condensation condition conditional clause conditional discharge conditional discrimination conditional positive regard conditional probability conditional reasoning conditional strategy conditioned conditioned aversion conditioned avoidance response (CAR) conditioned emotional response (CER) conditioned escape response conditioned inhibition conditioned place preference (CPP) conditioned reflex conditioned reinforcement conditioned reinforcer conditioned response (CR) conditioned stimulus (CS) conditioned stimulus preexposure effect conditioned stimulus–unconditioned stimulus interval (CS–US interval) conditioned suppression conditioned taste aversion conditioning conditioning apparatus conditioning of attitudes conditioning therapy conditions of worth condom conduct disorder (CD) conduction conduction aphasia conduction deafness conduction time (CT) conduction velocity conductivity cone cone opsin confabulation confederate conference method confidence interval (CI) confidence level confidence limit confidentiality configural display configural learning configural superiority effect configural-cue approach configuration configurational analysis confinement study confirmable proposition confirmation confirmation bias confirmatory data analysis confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) confirmatory research conflict conflict behavior conflict of interest conflict resolution conflict spiral conflict theory conflict-free sphere confluence confluence model conformity confound confounded comparison confounded effects confounding variable confrontation confrontation naming confrontational method confusability index confusion confusion effect confusion matrix confusion of responsibility confusional arousal confusional psychosis confusional state congener congenital congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) congenital anomaly congenital cataract congenital character congenital color blindness congenital deafness congenital defect congenital glaucoma congenital hypothyroidism congenital oculomotor apraxia congenital rubella syndrome congenital sensory neuropathy with anhidrosis congenital trichomegaly congenital visual agnosia congenital visual impairment congruence congruent validity congruity theory CONJ conjoined twins conjoint analysis conjoint behavioral consultation conjoint schedule conjoint therapy conjugate movements conjugate reinforcement conjunction conjunction search conjunctival reflex conjunctive concept conjunctive motivation conjunctive reinforcement (CONJ) conjunctive task Conn’s syndrome connate connected discourse connectionism connectionist model connector neuron Conners’ Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales (Conners CBRS) Conners’ Rating Scales (CRS) connotative meaning CONOPS consanguineous family consanguinity conscience conscientious objector conscientiousness conscious (Cs) conscious access hypothesis conscious automatism conscious intention conscious memory conscious mentalism conscious moment conscious process conscious resistance consciousness consciousness of freedom consciousness raising consciousness studies consciousness-altering substance consensual drift consensual eye reflex consensual validation consensus consent consentience consequate consequent consequent variable conservation conservation psychology conservation withdrawal conservatism conservative conservatorship consideration consilience consistency check consistency motive consistency theory consistent estimator consistent mapping consistent missing consolidation consolidation hypothesis consolidation period consolidation theory consonance consonant consonant trigram Consonar conspecific conspicuity conspicuous consumption constancy constancy law constancy of the IQ constancy principle constancy scaling constant constant comparative analysis constant error constant stimulus method constellation constipation constituent constitution constitutional disorder constitutional factor constitutional psychopathic inferior constitutional type constrained association constraint commitment construal construct construct validity constructional apraxia constructional praxis constructionism constructive alternativism constructive conflict resolution constructive confrontation constructive coping constructive memory constructive obedience constructive play constructive theory of perception constructive thinking Constructive Thinking Inventory (CTI) constructivism Constructivist Learning Environment Survey (CLES) constructivist psychotherapy constructivist theory of emotion consultant consultee consultee-centered consultation consulting consulting psychology consumer consumer activism consumer behavior consumer characteristics consumer counseling consumer education consumer innovator consumer neuroscience consumer psychology consumer research consumer survey consumer-driven health care consumer-jury technique consumer-run drop-in center consumerism consummatory pleasure consummatory response consummatory response theory of reinforcement contact behavior contact comfort contact desensitization contact hypothesis contact language contagion containment contamination contamination obsession contemporaneity contempt content content analysis content psychology content validity content word content-addressable store content-referenced test content-thought disorder Contention Scheduling System (CSS) contentiousness contents of consciousness contentual objectivism versus contentual subjectivism context context clues context reinstatement context shifting context theory of meaning context-independent learning context-specific learning contextual analysis contextual association contextual interference effect contextual subtheory contextualism contextualize contiguity contiguity learning theory contiguity of association contiguity principle continence continental philosophy contingencies of self-worth contingency contingency awareness contingency contract contingency management contingency model contingency table contingency theory of leadership contingency-governed behavior contingent contingent aftereffect contingent negative variation (CNV) contingent probability contingent reinforcement continuance commitment continued-stay review (CSR) continuing bond continuing care retirement community (CCRC) continuing care unit (CCU) continuing education continuing medical education (CME) continuity continuity hypothesis continuity of germ plasm continuity theory continuity versus discontinuity continuous continuous avoidance continuous control continuous distractor task continuous distribution continuous group continuous improvement continuous movement task continuous operations (CONOPS) continuous panel continuous performance test (CPT) continuous rating scale continuous recognition task continuous reinforcement (CRF) continuous spectrum continuous variable continuum approach continuum of care contra- contraception contract contract plan contractility contraction contracture contradictory representation contralateral contralateral control contralateral deficit contralateral eye contralateral hemisphere contraprepared learning contrast contrast analysis contrast coding contrast detector contrast effect contrast error contrast illusion contrast polarity contrast sensitivity contrast-sensitivity function (CSF) contrastive analysis contrastive rhetoric contravolitional contrecoup contributing cause control control adoptees control analysis control condition control device control discriminability control experiment control function logic control group control of action model control order control procedure control processes control question test (CQT) control theory control variable control-mastery theory control–display ratio controllable turnover controlled association controlled attention controlled drinking controlled observation Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) controlled processing controlled sampling Controlled Substances Act (CSA) controlled trial controlled-exposure technique controlling goal controversial child contusion convalescent center convenience sampling conventional antipsychotic conventional level conventionalism convergence convergence theory convergent evolution convergent production convergent strabismus convergent thinking convergent validity conversation conversation analysis conversational inference conversational maxims conversational repair converse accident conversion conversion anesthesia conversion disorder conversion hysteria conversion nonepileptic seizure conversion paralysis conversion seizure conversion symptom conversion therapy conviction convolution convoy model of social relations convulsant convulsion convulsive disorder convulsive therapy cooing Cook’s distance (Cook’s D) cookies Coolidge Assessment Battery (CAB) Coolidge effect Cooper–Harper Handling Qualities Rating Scale cooperating teacher cooperation cooperative breeding cooperative education cooperative goal structure cooperative learning cooperative motive cooperative play cooperative reward structure cooperative training cooperativeness cooperativity coordinate bilingual coordination coordination loss coordination of secondary circular reactions coordinative structure coparenting COPD Copernican theory copicide coping coping behavior coping imagery coping mechanism coping potential coping strategy coping style coping-skills training copro- (copr-; kopro-; kopr-) coprolagnia (koprolagnia) coprolalia coprophagia coprophemia (koprophemia) coprophilia coprophrasia copula copulation copulatory lock cordocentesis core area core conflictual relationship theme (CCRT) core emotion core gender identity core hours core knowledge core relational themes core temperature coreometer CORFing Coricidin Corino de Andrade’s paramyloidosis cornea corneal reflection technique corneal reflex Cornelia de Lange syndrome Cornell Medical Index (CMI) cornu ammonis corollary discharge corona glandis coronal plane coronal section coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) coronary heart disease (CHD) coronary thrombosis coronary-prone behavior corp- corpora corporal corporal punishment corporeal corpse phobia corpus corpus callosum corpus callosum agenesis corpus cavernosum corpus luteum corpus mammillare corpus planning corpus spongiosum corpus striatum correct detection correct rejection correction correction for attenuation correction for continuity correction for guessing correction procedure correctional facility correctional psychology corrective advertising corrective emotional experience corrective lens corrective therapy correlate correlated samples correlation correlation analysis correlation barrier correlation coefficient correlation matrix correlation ratio correlational fallacy correlational redundancy correlational research correspondence correspondence bias correspondence problem correspondence training correspondent inference theory corridor illusion corroboration cortex cortical activation cortical amaurosis cortical amnesia cortical area cortical barrel cortical blindness cortical center cortical column cortical control cortical deafness cortical dementia cortical dysplasia cortical evoked potential cortical hearing loss cortical inhibition cortical lamina cortical layers cortical lesion cortical localization cortical magnification factor cortical map cortical neuron cortical potential cortical process cortical sensory aphasia cortical-arousal factor cortical–subcortical motor loop corticalization cortico- corticobasal ganglionic degeneration (CBGD) corticobulbar fiber corticofugal corticomedial group corticonuclear fiber corticopetal corticopontine corticospinal fiber corticospinal tract corticosteroid corticosteroid therapy corticosterone corticostriatonigral degeneration corticotropin corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) cortisol cortisone corumination coryza COSC cosleeping cosmetic surgery cosmic consciousness COSR cost analysis cost containment cost of concurrence cost-effectiveness analysis cost-offset analysis cost–benefit analysis cost–reward analysis cot death Cotard’s syndrome cotherapy cotwin control couch cough suppressant coulrophobia counseling counseling process counseling psychology counseling relationship counseling services counselor counterargument counterattitudinal advocacy counterattitudinal behavior counterattitudinal role play counterbalancing countercathexis countercompulsion counterconditioning counterconformity counterculture counterfactual counterfactual thinking counteridentification countermeasure countermeasure-intervention program counterphobic character counterproductive work behavior (CWB) countershading countershock countershock phase countersuggestion countertransference coupled oscillators couples counseling couples therapy coupon-return technique courage course course modifier court-ordered treatment courtesan fantasy courtship couvade covariance covariance matrix covariate covariation covariation principle covenant marriage cover memory cover story coverage covering-law model covert covert attention covert behavior covert conditioning covert desensitization covert extinction covert incest covert modeling covert negative reinforcement covert orienting covert positive reinforcement covert rehearsal covert reinforcement covert response covert sensitization covert speech COWAT Cowper’s glands Cox regression analysis CP CPA CPI CPP CPQ CPR fees CPRT CPS CPT CPZ CQT CR CR10 scale crack crack baby cracking facades Cramér’s V cramp cranial cranial anomaly cranial bifida cranial capacity cranial diameter cranial division cranial electrical stimulation cranial index cranial nerve cranial pia mater cranial reflex craniofacial anomaly craniofacial dysostosis craniography craniology craniometry craniosacral system craniostenosis craniosynostosis syndrome craniotelencephalic dysplasia craniotomy cranium crank crash craving craze CRB creatine kinase (CK) creationism creative arts therapy creative dramatics creative genius creative imagination creative intelligence creative synthesis creative thinking creativity creativity measurement credentialing credible interval cremasteric reflex creole crepitation crepuscular animals Crespi effect cretinism Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) CRF CRH cri du chat syndrome crib death cribriform plate crime control model criminal anthropology criminal commitment criminal conviction criminal intent criminal profiling criminal psychopath criminal responsibility criminal type criminally insane criminology crisis crisis center crisis counseling crisis intervention crisis intervention service crisis management crisis team crisis theory crista (crysta) criteria of evaluation criteria of the psychic criterion criterion contamination criterion cutoff criterion data criterion dimensions criterion group criterion problem criterion score criterion validity criterion variable criterion-based content analysis (CBCA) criterion-referenced test critical critical band critical care unit (CCU) critical flicker frequency (CFF) critical life event critical period critical point critical range critical region critical thinking critical value critical-incident stress debriefing (CISD) critical-incident technique (CIT) CRM Cro-Magnon Crocker–Henderson odor system Cronbach’s alpha cross section cross-activation theory cross-adaptation cross-addiction cross-classification cross-classification table cross-conditioning cross-correlation cross-correlation mechanism cross-correspondence cross-cuing cross-cultural approach cross-cultural psychology cross-cultural research cross-cultural testing cross-cultural treatment cross-dependence cross-dimension attitude consistency cross-dressing cross-education cross-eye cross-fostering cross-functional team cross-gender behavior cross-lagged panel design cross-linkage theory cross-modal association cross-modal matching cross-modal perception cross-modal transfer cross-modality matching cross-nasal adaptation cross-product cross-sectional analysis cross-sectional design cross-sectional sampling cross-sequential design cross-situational consistency cross-tabulation cross-talk cross-tolerance cross-training cross-validation crossbreeding crossed aphasia crossed disparity crossed dominance crossed reflex crossed-extension reflex crossed-factor design crossing over crossover design Crouzon syndrome crowd crowd behavior crowd psychology crowding CRS crus crus cerebri crutch crying-cat syndrome cryo- cryogenics cryonic suspension cryostat crypsis cryptarithmetic cryptesthesia (cryptaesthesia) cryptic female choice crypto- (crypt-) cryptogram cryptomnesia cryptophasia cryptophoric symbolism cryptophthalmos syndrome cryptorchidism crysta crystal gazing crystal healing crystallization crystallized intelligence (crystallized ability) Cs CS CS–US interval CSA CSAI CSERP CSES CSF CSI effect CSR CSS CT CT scan CTD CTI CTS CTT CTZ cube model cubic difference tone cubicle etiquette cuckoldry cuddling cue cue exposure cue reversal cue-controlled relaxation cue-dependent forgetting cue-overload principle cued panic attack cued recall cued speech cul-de-sac culpability cult cult of personality cultural absolutism cultural adaptability cultural anthropology cultural assimilation cultural bias cultural blindness cultural competence cultural conserve cultural deprivation cultural determinism cultural diversity cultural drift cultural epoch theory cultural ergonomics cultural genocide cultural heritage cultural learning cultural memory cultural monism cultural neuroscience cultural norm cultural parallelism cultural pluralism cultural process cultural psychology cultural relativism cultural residue cultural sensitivity cultural specificity of emotions cultural tailoring cultural test bias cultural transmission cultural turn cultural universalism culturally loaded item culture culture bound culture change culture clash culture complex culture conflict culture lag culture lead culture of children culture of honor culture pattern culture shock culture trait culture-bias theory culture-bound syndrome culture-fair test culture-free test culture-relevant tests culture-specific syndrome cumulant cumulative continuity cumulative distribution function (CDF) cumulative educational advantage cumulative frequency (CF) cumulative frequency distribution cumulative percentage cumulative probability cumulative probability distribution cumulative record cumulative rehearsal cumulative relative frequency cumulative response curve cumulative scale cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) cuneate cuneate fasciculus cuneate nucleus cuneate tubercle cuneus cunnilingus cupula curare curative damages curative factors curiosity current material curricular field experience curriculum curriculum development curriculum-based assessment curriculum-based measurement curve fitting curvilinear curvilinear regression Cushing’s syndrome cusp catastrophe model custodial care custodial case custom customary, prevailing, and reasonable fees (CPR fees) customer relationship management (CRM) cutaneous cutaneous experience cutaneous perception cutaneous perception of color cutaneous rabbit illusion cutaneous receptive field cutaneous receptor cutaneous sense cutaneous-pupillary reflex cutoff score cutting cutting off reflected failure (CORFing) CV CVA CVLT CVS CWB cyanopsia cyberbullying cybernetic epistemology cybernetic theory cybernetics cycle cycle of violence cyclic cyclic adenosine monophosphate cyclic AMP (cAMP; cyclic adenosine monophosphate) cyclic data cyclic GMP (cGMP; cyclic guanosine monophosphate) cyclic nucleotide cyclical vomiting syndrome cyclobenzaprine cycloid psychosis cyclopean eye cyclophoria cyclopia cyclosporine (cyclosporin) cyclothymic disorder cyclotropia Cylert CYP cyproheptadine cystathionine synthetase deficiency cystathioninuria cyto- cytoarchitecture cytochrome oxidase cytochrome oxidase blob (CO blob) cytochrome P450 (CYP) cytogenetic map cytokine cytology cytomegalovirus Cytomel cytoplasm cytosine cytoskeleton

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n. a pharmaceutical preparation of L-triiodothyronine, a naturally occurring thyroid hormone, used to treat conditions associated with thyroid deficiency. It is also used as an adjunct to standard antidepressant therapy in the management of depression that has not responded to standard therapy alone. U.S. trade name (among others): Cytomel.