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complex sentence

in linguistics, a sentence consisting of a main clause and one or more subordinate clauses, as contrasted with a simple sentence consisting of a single main clause or a compound sentence consisting of several main clauses linked by coordinating conjunctions (see coordination). See also embedded sentence.

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June 16th 2024

sexual aversion disorder

sexual aversion disorder

in DSM–IV–TR, negative emotional reactions (e.g., anxiety, fear, disgust) to sexual activity, leading to active avoidance of it and causing distress in the individual or his or her partner. This can be lifelong or acquired, and although it usually applies to all sexual activity (generalized type), it may be specific to some activities or some partners (situational type). This aversion is not caused by a medical condition, a medication, or a drug side effect. DSM–5 has eliminated this diagnosis with the explanation that it is rarely used and not supported by research.