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conversation analysis

1. a specialty within discourse analysis that focuses upon casual discussions as well as other more formal, extended verbal exchanges between two or more speakers.

2. in ergonomics, a method of evaluating a system or product that involves the examination of conversations occurring between two or more users interacting with it. Conversation analysis can be either qualitative or quantitative. It is a form of knowledge elicitation.

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December 3rd 2023

consulting psychology

consulting psychology

the branch of psychology that provides expert psychological guidance to business and industry, federal and state agencies, the armed forces, educational and scientific groups, religious groups, and volunteer and public service organizations. Consulting psychologists specialize in a variety of approaches—clinical, community, school, education, and industrial and organizational—and offer a wide variety of services, the most common of which are individual assessment, individual and group-process consultation, organizational development, education and training, employee selection and appraisal, research and evaluation test construction, management coaching, and change management.