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conversation analysis

1. a specialty within discourse analysis that focuses upon casual discussions as well as other more formal, extended verbal exchanges between two or more speakers.

2. in ergonomics, a method of evaluating a system or product that involves the examination of conversations occurring between two or more users interacting with it. Conversation analysis can be either qualitative or quantitative. It is a form of knowledge elicitation.

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job analysis

job analysis

the collection and analysis of information about a specific job. Data are obtained through interviews with or written questionnaires from those doing or supervising the job, or through observation or audiovisual recordings of the job in action. Important classes of information include the behaviors, tools, working conditions, and skills involved in the job. Job analysis is the first step in developing effective personnel selection, employee evaluation, job evaluation, and personnel training programs. Once data have been collected, the role of the job analyst is to use statistical techniques and subjective judgment to determine the primary dimensions of a job and to identify those positions that are sufficiently similar to be classified as the same job.