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p P P factor analysis p value P-cell P-O-X triads P-technique factor analysis p-zombie P–P plot p.i. basis P1 component P2 component P200 P3 component P300 P4P (PFP) p53 PA Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT) pacemaker pachygyria Pacinian corpuscle package insert package testing padded cell paedo- PAG pain pain disorder pain drawing pain management pain mechanisms pain pathway pain perception pain receptor pain scale pain sense pain threshold painful bruising syndrome painful sexual intercourse paint sniffing pair bond PAIR Project paired comparison paired sample paired-associates learning paired-samples t test pairing pairing hypothesis pairmate pairwise comparison pairwise deletion palatal lisp palate palatum durum paleo- (palaeo-) paleocerebellum paleocortex paleologic thinking paleopallium paleopsychology (palaeopsychology) paleostriatum palilalia palin- (pali-) palinopsia palinphrasia palliative care palliative sedation pallidotomy palmar palmar conductance palmar reflex palmistry palpebral fissure palpitation palsy Pamelor PAN pan- panacea panarteritis PANAS pancreas pancreatitis pandemic panel data panel study panentheism panic panic attack panic control treatment panic disorder (PD) panpsychism pansexualism pantheism pantomime pantry-check technique Panum phenomenon Panum’s fusional area papaverine Papez circuit Papez–MacLean theory of emotion Papez’s theory of emotion papilla papilledema PAQ para I para- (par-) Para-Time S.R. parabiosis parabiotic preparation paracentral scotoma paracentral vision paracetamol parachlorophenylalanine parachromatopsia paracinesia paracontrast paracrine paracusia paracyesis paradigm paradigm clash paradigm shift paradox paradox of freedom paradoxical cold paradoxical directive paradoxical intention paradoxical motion paradoxical reaction paradoxical sleep paradoxical technique paradoxical thinking paradoxical warmth parafovea parageusia paragigantocellular nucleus (PGN) paragrammatism paragraph-meaning test paragraphia parahippocampal gyrus parakinesia (paracinesia) parakinesis paralalia paralanguage paraldehyde paralexia paralinguistic cue (paralinguistic feature) parallax parallel distributed circuit parallel distributed processing (PDP) parallel fiber parallel form parallel play parallel processing parallel search parallel-forms reliability parallel-groups design parallelism paralogia paralogism paralysis paralysis agitans paralytic dementia paramedic parameter parameter space parametric parametric statistics parametric test paramimia paramnesia paranoia paranoia querulans paranoid paranoid condition paranoid delusion paranoid disorder paranoid ideation paranoid litigious state paranoid personality disorder paranoid pseudocommunity paranoid psychosis paranoid schizophrenia paranoid state paranoid-schizoid position paranormal paranormal cognition paranosic gain paraphasia paraphemia paraphilia paraphonia paraphrase paraphrasia paraphrasic error paraphrenia paraplegia parapraxis paraprofessional parapsychology parareaction parasite parasitism parasomnia parasuicide parasympathetic drug parasympathetic nervous system parasympatholytic drug parasympathomimetic drug parataxic distortion parataxis parathyroid gland parathyroid hormone paratype paratypic paraventricular nucleus (PVN) paraverbal therapy paraworld paregoric parenchyma parens patriae parent effectiveness training (PET) parent management training (PMT) parent teachers association (PTA) parent–child interaction therapy (PCIT) parent–child psychotherapy parent–offspring conflict parental alienation syndrome (PAS) parental alliance parental behavior parental investment parental investment theory parental leave parental perplexity parental rejection parental separation parenting Parenting Stress Index (PSI) parenting style parenting training Parents Anonymous Parents Without Partners parergasia paresis paresthesia paretic paretic psychosis Pareto principle parica parietal cortex parietal drift parietal lobe parieto-occipital sulcus Paris Medical School Parkes–Weber syndrome Parkinson’s disease (PD) parkinsonian parkinsonian tremor parkinsonism Parlodel parole parorexia parosmia paroxetine paroxysm paroxysmal sleep parse parsimony part correlation part method of learning part-list cuing inhibition part-object part-set cuing effect part–whole problem parthenogenesis partial partial agonist partial agraphia partial correlation partial decussation partial hospitalization partial insanity partial instinct partial least squares regression partial lipodystrophy partial reinforcement partial reinforcement effect (PRE) partial replication partial report partial schedule of reinforcement partial seizure partial sight partial-interval recording partialing partialism partially ordered scale participant participant modeling participant observation participants’ rights participation participative decision making (PDM) participative leadership participative management participative research participatory action research participatory design participatory ergonomics participatory evaluation participatory research particularism partition partner abuse partner swapping parturition paruresis parvocellular system PAS PASAT pascal pasmo PASS model passband passion passionate love passionflower passive passive attention passive avoidance passive coping passive deception passive euthanasia passive joy passive learning passive listening passive management by exception passive negativism passive noise protection passive recreation passive rehearsal passive resistance passive suicide passive touch passive transport passive vocabulary passive voice passive-aggressive passive-aggressive personality disorder passive-avoidance learning passive-dependent personality passivism passivity passivity phenomena past-life regression past-pointing pastoral counseling PAT Patau syndrome patch-clamp technique patellar reflex paternal attitudes paternal behavior paternalism path analysis path coefficient path constraint path diagram path modeling path–goal theory of leadership patho- (path-) pathoclisis pathogen pathogenesis pathogenic family pattern pathogeny pathognomonic pathognomy pathological aggression pathological aging pathological doubt pathological fallacy pathological gambling pathological grief pathological inertia pathological intoxication pathological jealousy pathological lying pathology pathomimicry pathomiosis pathomorphism pathophysiology pathway patient patient abuse patient history Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) patient variable patient violence patient-centered medical home patient–client issue patients’ rights patriarchy patricide patrilineal patrilocal pattern pattern analysis pattern coding pattern discrimination pattern recognition pattern theory pattern theory of taste coding pattern vision patterned interview patterning patulous eustachian tube pause Pavlovian conditioning pavor Paxil Paxipam pay equity pay-for-performance (P4P; PFP) Payne v. Tennessee payoff evaluation payoff matrix PBA PCA PCC PChE PCIT PCP PCR Pcs PD PDAT PDE PDF PDM PDP Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT) peak clipping peak experience peak performance peak procedure peak shift Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient Pearson’s r pecking order pectus carinatum ped- pedagogy pederasty pedestrian movement pediatric pediatric neuropsychology pediatric psychology pediatric psychopharmacology pediatric therapy pedigree pedigree method pedo- (ped-; paedo-; paed-) pedology pedomorphism pedomorphosis pedophilia peduncle peduncular hallucinosis peeping Tom peer peer counseling peer facilitation peer group peer pressure peer rating peer review peer tutoring peg-word mnemonic system pegboard test Pelizaeus–Merzbacher disease pellagra pemoline PEN penalty function pendular knee jerk pendulum problem penetrance penetrating head injury penetration penile plethysmograph penile prosthesis penis penis envy Pennhurst Consent Decree penology Penrose staircase Penrose triangle pentazocine pentobarbital Pentothal people-first language pepsinogen peptic ulcer peptide peptide hormone per se exclusion rule per-comparison error rate perceive perceived behavioral control perceived competence Perceived Fraudulence Scale (PFS) perceived reality perceived risk perceived self perceived self-efficacy perceived simultaneity perceived susceptibility percentage reinforcement percentile percentile reinforcement percept perception perception deafness perception of spatial relations perceptive perceptron perceptual perceptual aftereffect perceptual anchoring perceptual classification perceptual closure perceptual constancy perceptual cues perceptual cycle hypothesis perceptual defense perceptual deficit perceptual development perceptual distortion perceptual disturbance perceptual expansion perceptual extinction perceptual field perceptual filtering perceptual fluency perceptual learning perceptual maintenance perceptual masking perceptual measure perceptual neglect perceptual organization perceptual organizational deficit perceptual representation system (PRS) perceptual restructuring perceptual rivalry perceptual schema perceptual segregation perceptual sensitization perceptual set perceptual speed perceptual style perceptual synthesis perceptual test perceptual training perceptual transformation perceptual user interface perceptual–motor coordination perceptual–motor learning perceptual–motor match perceptualization percipient percutaneous umbilical cord blood sampling (PUBS) perdida del alma peregrination peremptory challenge perfect correlation perfect pitch perfectionism perforant path performance performance anxiety performance appraisal performance assessment performance contract performance enhancement performance enhancing drug performance evaluation performance goal performance imagery performance intensity performance IQ performance management performance review performance routine performance test performance-operating characteristic (POC) performative peri- Periactin periamygdaloid cortex periaqueductal gray (PAG) perikaryon perilymph perimenopause perimeter perimetry perinatal herpes-virus infection period period effect period prevalence periodic reinforcement periodicity periodicity pitch periodicity theory peripheral peripheral anticholinergic syndrome peripheral auditory system peripheral cue peripheral dysarthria peripheral dyslexia peripheral dysostosis with nasal hypoplasia peripheral nerve fiber classification peripheral nervous system (PNS) peripheral neuropathy peripheral route to persuasion peripheral vision peripheralism periphery perirhinal cortex perisylvian language zone peritraumatic dissociation periventricular white matter Perky effect perlocutionary act permanency planning permanent vegetative state permastore permeability permeable family permissible exposure level permission schema permissive parenting permissiveness permutation permutation test peroneal muscular atrophy perphenazine persecution delusional disorder persecutory delusion perseverance perseverance effect perseveration perseveration–consolidation hypothesis perseverative error persistence persistence of an attitude persistence of vision persistent complex bereavement disorder persistent depressive disorder persistent noncognitive state persistent puberism persistent vegetative state (PVS) person in the patient person perception person-centered planning person-centered team person-centered therapy person-needs analysis person-years person–environment interaction person–machine system persona personal adjustment personal attribution personal audit personal commitment personal construct personal construct therapy personal data sheet personal disjunction personal disposition personal distance zone personal documents personal equation personal fable personal identity personal involvement Personal Orientation Inventory (POI) personal plan personal probability personal projects personal protective equipment personal space personal space invasion personal strivings personal unconscious personal-care attendant personal-growth group personal-growth laboratory personal-history questionnaire personalism personalistic psychology personality personality assessment personality change personality correlates personality cult personality deterioration personality development personality disintegration personality disorder (PD) personality dysfunction personality inventory personality processes personality profile personality psychology personality structure personality study personality test personality trait personality type personality-based integrity test personality-guided therapy Personalized Implicit Association Test personalized instruction personification personnel personnel data personnel placement personnel psychology personnel selection personnel specification personnel test personnel training personology perspective perspective taking perspective theory perspectivism perspiration persuasion persuasion therapy persuasive arguments theory persuasive communication pertinence model perturbation pertussis pervasive developmental disorder perversion perverted logic (perverted thinking) pessimism PET pet therapy pet-assisted therapy petechial hemorrhage Peter principle pethidine petit mal seizure petrification petting behavior peyote Pfaundler–Hurler syndrome Pfeiffer’s syndrome PFS PG PGN PGO spikes PGR pH phacomatosis Phaedra complex phago- (phag-) phagocytosis phagomania phakomatosis (phacomatosis) phakoscope (phacoscope) phallic phallic character phallic mother phallic personality phallic phase phallic pride phallic sadism phallic stage phallic symbol phallicism phallism phallocentric phallus phallus worship phanerothyme phantasm phantasmagoria phantasticum phantasy phantom phantom breast phantom color phantom limb phantom-lover syndrome phantosmia pharmacodynamic tolerance pharmacodynamics pharmacogenetics pharmacogenomics pharmacokinetics pharmacological antagonism pharmacology pharmacopeia (pharmacopoeia) pharmacotherapeutic regimen pharmacotherapy pharynx phase phase locking phase modulation phase shift phase spectrum phasic activation phasic receptor phatic communication phencyclidine phencyclidine intoxication phencyclidine intoxication delirium phenelzine Phenergan phenobarbital phenocopy phenomena phenomenal absolutism phenomenal field phenomenal motion phenomenal self phenomenal space phenomenalism phenomenistic causality phenomenological analysis phenomenological death phenomenological field phenomenological theory phenomenological therapy phenomenology phenomenon phenothiazine phenotype phentermine phentolamine phenylalkylamine phenylcyclohexyl derivative phenylethylamine phenylketonuria (PKU) phenylpyruvic acid phenytoin pheochromocytoma pheromone phi coefficient phi phenomenon phi–gamma function Phillips Rating Scale of Premorbid Adjustment in Schizophrenia philo- (phil-) philology philopatry philosophical psychology philosophical psychotherapy philosophical zombie (p-zombie) philosophy philosophy of mind philosophy of science phimosis Phineas Gage phlebotomy phlegmatic type PHO phobia phobic anxiety phobic attitude phobic avoidance phobic character phocomelia Phoenix House phon phon- phonasthenia phonation phone phoneme phoneme–grapheme correspondence phonemic awareness phonemic disorder phonemic restoration effect phonemics phonetic symbolism phonetics phonics phonism phono- (phon-) phonogram phonological awareness phonological buffer phonological disorder phonological dysgraphia phonological dyslexia phonological loop phonological paraphasia phonological recoding phonological store phonology phonopathy phonopsia phonosurgery phoria phosphene phosphoinositide phosphorylation photic driving photism photo- (phot-) photoaging photobiology photocoagulation photocounseling photogenic epilepsy photographic memory photoma photomania photometer photometry photon photoperiodism photophobia photopic photopic luminosity photopic stimulation photopic vision photopic-sensitivity curve photopigment photopsia photopsin photoreceptor photosensitivity phototaxis phototherapy phototropism PHR phrase phrase marker phrase-structure grammar (PSG) phratry phrenic nerve phreno- (phren-) phrenology phthalate phthinoid phthisic type phylogenetic principle phylogeny phylum physiatrics (physiatry) physical abilities physical abuse physical activity physical age physical anthropology physical dependence physical determinism physical disorder physical examination physical extension device physical map physical medicine and rehabilitation physical modality physical symbol system hypothesis physical therapy (PT) physicalism physician assistant (PA) physician-assisted suicide physician–hospital organization (PHO) physiogenic physiognomic perception physiognomy physiologic nonepileptic seizure physiological age physiological antagonism physiological arousal physiological assessment physiological correlate physiological cycle physiological dependence physiological factors physiological measure physiological motive physiological need physiological nystagmus physiological paradigm physiological psychology physiological response specificity physiological saline physiological zero physiology physiopathology physiotherapy physique type physostigmine phytoestrogen PI pia mater pia-arachnoid Piagetian task Piagetian theory piblokto pica Pick’s disease Pickwickian syndrome picrotoxin pictophilia pictorial imagery pictorial realism picture superiority effect picture-anomalies test picture-arrangement test picture-completion test picture-interpretation test picture-world test pidgin pie chart piecewise regression piecework Pierre Robin sequence pigeon breast pigment bleaching pigment epithelium pigment regeneration Pike’s Peak model pilocarpine pilocytic astrocytoma piloerection pilot selection pilot study Piltz’s reflex pimozide pincer grip pineal gland Pinel’s system pink noise pink-collar worker pinna Piper’s law piperidinedione piriform area pitch pitch discrimination pithiatism Pitres’ rule pituitarism pituitary adenoma pituitary cachexia pituitary gland pituitectomy pituri pity pivot grammar pivotal variable PK PKU place attachment place cell place conditioning place learning place theory placebo placebo control group placebo controlled trial placebo effect placebo group placement counseling placement test placenta Placidyl placing plain English law plan PLAN plan-continuation bias Planck’s principle plane symmetry planned behavior planned comparison planned group planned obsolescence theory Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) planning fallacy plantar reflex planum temporale plaque plastic surgery plastic tonus plasticity plateau plateau phase Plateau’s spiral Platonic idealism Platonic love platycephaly platykurtic play play group psychotherapy play therapy playacting playfulness playground design playing possum pleasantness pleasure pleasure center pleasure principle pleniloquence pleonasm pleonexia plethysmography plexiform layer plexiform molecular layer plexus PLISSIT plosive Plummer’s disease plural marriage pluralism pluralistic ignorance plus maze plutomania PM PMS PMT PNC PNES pneumo- pneumoencephalography pneumogastric nerve pneumograph PNS POC POE poetry therapy Poetzl phenomenon Poggendorf illusion POI poikilotherm point biserial correlation coefficient point estimate point localization point method point mutation point of subjective equality (PSE) point prevalence point scale point-light display point–hour ratio (PHR) pointing Poisson distribution Poisson regression polar body polar continuum polarization polarized membrane polarized thinking police psychology police-assisted suicide policy analysis policy research polio polioencephalitis poliomyelitis politeness political correctness political genetics political psychology political science political socialization political sociology pollution poltergeist poly- polyandry polychoric correlation coefficient polychotomous variable polydipsia polydrug abuse polydrug dependence polyestrous polyethism polygamy polygenic polygenic inheritance polygenic trait polyglot polyglot reaction polygraph polygynandry polygyny polymerase chain reaction (PCR) polymicrogyria polymodal polymorphic fusiform layer polymorphic layer polymorphism polymorphous perversity polyneuritis polyneuropathy polynomial polynomial contrast polynomial regression polyopia polyorchidism polypeptide polyphagia polypharmacy polyphasic activity polyphasic sleep polysemy polysensory unit polysomnography polysubstance dependence polysurgical addiction polysynaptic arc polysynaptic reflex polytomous variable POMC POMR POMS pons pontine nucleus pontine sleep pontine–geniculo–occipital spikes pontocerebellar pathway Ponzo illusion pooled estimate pooled interdependence pooling poor premorbid schizophrenia pop-out popular child popular psychology population population correlation coefficient population density population distribution population mean population psychology population research population standard deviation population stereotype population validity population variance population vector POR porencephaly poriomania pornographomania pornography pornolagnia porphyria PORT port-wine stain portal-systemic encephalopathy Porter–Lawler model of motivation Porter’s law Porteus Maze Test Portman Clinic portmanteau neologism Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) position effect position power positional alcohol nystagmus (PAN) positional cloning positive acceleration positive addiction positive affect Positive Affect Scale positive afterimage positive afterpotential Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) positive attitude positive contingency positive contrast positive correlation positive discrimination positive discriminative stimulus positive emotion positive eugenics positive exercise addiction positive family history positive feedback positive hallucination positive hit rate positive illusion positive incentive positive motivation positive practice positive psychology positive punishment positive regard positive reinforcement positive relationship positive reward theory positive schizophrenia positive self-talk positive skew positive stereotype positive symptom positive transfer positive transference positive tropism positive–negative asymmetry positivism positivist criminology positivity effect positron emission tomography (PET) possession possession trance possessiveness possible self post hoc comparison post hoc test postcaptivity health problems postcentral area postcentral gyrus postchiasmatic visual deficit postcognition postcolonialism postcompetition anxiety postconcussion syndrome postconventional level postcopulatory behavior postcreolization continuum postdictive validity postemployment services postencephalitic amnesia postencephalitis syndrome posterior posterior cerebral artery posterior chamber posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) posterior commissure posterior communicating artery posterior cortex posterior cranial fossa posterior distribution posterior horn posterior nucleus posterior pituitary posterior probability posterior rhizotomy posterior root postfigurative culture postformal thought postganglionic autonomic neuron postherpetic neuralgia posthypnotic amnesia posthypnotic suggestion postictal postlingually deafened postmodernism postmortem examination postnatal period postoccupancy evaluation (POE) postpartum blues postpartum depression postpartum period postpartum psychosis postpositivism postreconstructive surgery postreinforcement pause postrotational nystagmus postschizophrenic depression poststructuralism postsynaptic postsynaptic potential (PSP) postsynaptic receptor posttest posttest counseling posttest-only control-group design posttetanic potentiation (PTP) posttraumatic amnesia (PTA) posttraumatic disorders posttraumatic epilepsy posttraumatic personality disorder posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) posttreatment follow-up postulate postural aftereffect postural arm drift postural control postural hypotension postural mirroring postural reflex postural set postural tremor posture posturing postvention postventral nucleus postvoluntary attention pot potassium channel potency potential potential-stress score potentiation potlatch Pötzl phenomenon (Poetzl phenomenon) Pötzl’s syndrome poverty of content of speech poverty of ideas poverty of speech POW power power analysis power base power distance power elite power function power grip power law power of the situation power play power spectral density power spectrum power test power transformation power-coercive strategy powerlessness PPA PPACA PPFA PPO PPVT PQ4R PR practical intelligence practical intelligence task practical significance practice practice effect practice guidelines practice theory of play practice trial practicum Prader–Willi syndrome (PWS) pragmatic aphasia pragmatic language pragmatic reasoning schema theory pragmatics pragmatism Prägnanz prana prandial drinking praxiology praxis prayer PRE pre–post design preadolescence preafference preattentive processing preaversive stimulus precategorical acoustic storage (PAS) precausal thinking precedence effect precentral gyrus prechiasmatic visual deficit precipitating cause precision precision grip precision of process preclinical psychopharmacology precocial precocious puberty precocity precognition precompetition anxiety precompetition imagery preconception preconscious (Pcs) preconscious thinking preconventional level precue precuneus precursor predation predator predator pressure predatory aggression predatory paraphilia predecisional negative shift predestination predicate predicate analysis predicate thinking prediction predictive discriminant analysis predictive efficiency predictive research predictive testing predictive validity predictive value predictor variable predisposing cause predisposition PREE preeclampsia preening preestablished harmony preexperimental design preference preference for consistency preference method preference test preferential effect preferential looking technique preferential matching preferred noise criterion (PNC) preferred provider arrangement (PPA) preferred provider organization prefigurative culture prefix preformism prefrontal cortex prefrontal lobe prefrontal lobotomy preganglionic autonomic neuron pregenital organization pregenital phase pregnancy pregnancy brain prehension prejudice prekindergarten prelingually deafened prelinguistic preliterate preloading prelogical thinking Premack’s principle premarital counseling premarital sex premature adrenarche premature aging premature ejaculation premature termination prematurity premeditation premenstrual dysphoric disorder premenstrual syndrome (PMS) premise premonitory dream premoral stage premorbid premorbid abilities premorbid adjustment premorbid functioning premorbid personality premortem clarity premotor area premotor theory of attention prenatal prenatal care prenatal counseling prenatal developmental anomaly prenatal diagnosis prenatal influence prenatal masculinization prenatal period prenatal stress preoccupation preoccupied attachment preoedipal preoperational stage preoptic area preorgasmic preparadigmatic science preparation preparatory adjustment preparatory response preparatory set preparedness preperceptual processing prephallic prepotency prepotent response prepotent stimulus prepsychotic panic prepsychotic personality prepubertal stage prepuberty prepubescence prepuce prepulse inhibition preputium prepyriform area presbycusis presbyopia preschool program prescribing prescribing information (PI) prescribing psychology prescription drug prescription privilege prescriptive authority (RxP) prescriptive eclectic psychotherapy prescriptive grammar prescriptive norm prescriptivism preselection presenile dementia presenile dementia of the Alzheimer’s type (PDAT) presenilin Present State Examination (PSE) presentation presenteeism presenting presenting symptom presentist presolution variability prespeech development press pressor effect pressure pressure gradient pressure of activity pressure of ideas pressure of speech pressure sense pressure spot pressure ulcer pressure-threshold test pressured speech prestige prestige suggestion prestriate cortex presupposition presynaptic pretend play preterm infant preterm viability preternatural pretest pretest counseling pretest sensitization pretest–posttest design pretraumatic stress disorder pretrial publicity prevalence prevention prevention design prevention research preventive care preventive coping preventive counseling preventive stress management preverbal preverbal construct prevocational training prey priapism Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins price–quality relationship prick experience pride prima facie primacy effect primal anxiety primal envy primal fantasy primal father primal repression primal sadism primal scene primal therapy primal trauma primal-horde theory primary ability primary aging primary amenorrhea primary anxiety primary appraisal primary attention primary auditory cortex (A1) primary behavior disorder primary care primary care provider (PCP) primary care psychology primary caregiver primary caretaker standard primary cause primary circular reaction primary colors primary consciousness primary control primary coping primary cortex primary data primary deviance primary drive primary emotion primary empathy primary environment primary factor primary familial xanthomatosis primary gain primary group primary gustatory cortex primary health care primary hypersomnia primary identification primary insomnia primary line of sight primary masochism primary maternal preoccupation primary memory (PM) primary mental ability primary microcephaly primary mood disorder primary motivation primary motor cortex primary narcissism primary narcissistic identification primary need primary obsessional slowness primary odor primary oocyte primary personality primary physician primary position primary prevention primary process primary quality primary reinforcement primary reinforcer primary relationship primary repression primary reward primary sensory area primary sensory ending primary sex characteristic primary skin senses primary sleep disorder primary somatosensory area (S1) primary spermatocyte primary stuttering primary suggestibility primary symptoms primary task primary taste primary taste cortex primary territory primary thought disorder primary tone primary visual cortex (V1) primary visual system primate primidone primigravida priming primiparous primitive primitive defense mechanism primitive reflex primitive superego primitivization primordial image principal components analysis (PCA) principal components regression principal factor analysis principal-axis factor analysis principle principle of belongingness principle of beneficence principle of closure principle of common fate principle of common region principle of constancy principle of continuity principle of double effect (PDE) principle of economy principle of equipotentiality principle of good continuation principle of good shape principle of inclusiveness principle of independent assortment principle of least effort principle of mass action principle of nonmaleficence principle of optimal stimulation principle of parsimony principle of Prägnanz principle of primacy principle of proportionality principle of proximity principle of recency principle of segregation principle of similarity principle of symmetry principled negotiation print enlargement system prion prion disease prior distribution prior entry prior probability prison psychologist prison psychosis prisoner abuse prisoner of war (POW) prisoner’s dilemma privacy private acceptance private adoption private event private mental hospital private practice private self private self-consciousness private speech privation privilege privileged access privileged communication pro-choice pro-life proactive aggression proactive coping proactive interference (PI) proattitudinal behavior probabilism probabilistic functionalism probabilistic hypothesis probability probability curve probability density function (PDF) probability distribution probability learning probability level (p value) probability plot probability ratio probability sampling probability table probability theory probability value probabilogical model proband probation probe technique probing probit probit analysis problem behavior problem box problem checklist problem drinking problem finding problem isomorphs problem representation problem solving problem space problem-focused coping problem-oriented record (POR) problem-solving approach problem-solving interview problem-solving skills training (PSST) problem-solving therapy (PST) problems in living procaine procedural justice procedural knowledge procedural learning procedural memory procedural rationality proceptivity process analysis process approach process conflict process consultation process evaluation process experiential psychotherapy process loss process model of emotion regulation process observer process research process schizophrenia process study process variable process-dissociation procedure (PDP) process–reactive Processes of Adaptation in Intimate Relationships Project Processing Speed Index processing-efficiency theory processor prochlorperazine procreative sex Procrustes analysis procyclidine prodigy prodromal myopia prodromal syndrome prodrome prodrug product appeal product champion product image product rule product testing product-moment correlation coefficient production deficiency production effect production method production rules production system production task productive language productive love productive orientation productive thinking productive vocabulary productivity proecological behavior proestrus profession professional development professional ethics professional labeling professional licensing professional manager professional standards professional-aptitude test professional–client sexual relations profile profile analysis profile matching system profile of a disorder Profile of Mood States (POMS) profiling profound mental retardation progeria progesterone progestogen prognosis program effectiveness program efficacy program evaluation Program for Learning in Accordance With Needs (PLAN) program impact program integrity program monitoring program outcome programmed cell death programmed instruction programmed practice programming programming language Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) progressive bulbar palsy progressive education progressive lipodystrophy Progressive Matrices progressive muscle relaxation progressive muscular atrophy progressive myopia progressive relaxation progressive spinal muscular atrophy progressive supranuclear palsy progressive teleologic regression progressive-interval schedule (PI schedule) progressive-ratio schedule (PR schedule) Project Follow Through Project Head Start project method project team projected jealousy projection projection area projection fiber projection neuron projective device projective doll play projective identification projective method projective play projective psychotherapy projective technique prolactin prolapsed intervertebral disk proliferation Prolixin PROLOG prolonged exposure therapy promethazine promiscuity prompt prompting pronation prone pronoun pronoun reversal proof proofreader’s illusion proopiomelanocortin (POMC) propaedeutic propaganda propaganda analysis propanediol propensity prophase prophecy formula prophylactic maintenance prophylactic surgery prophylaxis propinquity propinquity effect proportion of variance index proportional proportional hazards model proportional sampling proposita proposition propositional analysis propositional knowledge propositional network propositus propoxyphene propranolol propriate striving proprietary drug propriety standards proprioception proprioceptive stimulus proprioceptor proprium propulsive gait prosencephalon prosocial prosocial aggression prosodic prosody ProSom prosopagnosia prospect theory prospective memory prospective research prospective sampling prospective validity prostaglandin (PG) prostate prosthesis prosthetics Prostigmin prostitution prot- protagonist protanomaly protanopia protean career protected class protected relationship protected t test protective factor protective reflex protein protein deficiency protein hormone protein kinase protein metabolism protensity Protestant work ethic Proteus syndrome prothetic proto- (prot-) protocol protocol analysis protolanguage protopathic protoplasm prototypal approach to classification prototype prototype model prototypicality protriptyline Proust phenomenon proverb test provider Provigil provocative testing provocative victim proxemics proximal proximal response proximal stimulus proximate cause proximate explanation proximity proximity compatibility proximodistal proxy variable Prozac PRP PRS prudence prudery pruning prurient interest pruritus PSE pseudesthesia pseudo- (pseud-) pseudoachondroplasia pseudoangina pseudoasthma pseudobulbar affect (PBA) pseudocholinesterase (PChE) pseudochromesthesia pseudocommunication pseudocommunity pseudoconditioning pseudoconversation pseudoconvulsion pseudocyesis pseudodementia pseudoephedrine (pseudephedrine) pseudoepilepsy pseudoesthesia pseudoforgiveness pseudogroup pseudohallucination pseudohermaphroditism pseudohydrocephalus pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy pseudohypoparathyroidism pseudoidentification pseudoinsomnia pseudoisochromatic charts pseudologia fantastica pseudomemory pseudomutuality pseudoneurological pseudoneurotic schizophrenia pseudonomania pseudoparalysis pseudoparkinsonism pseudopersonality pseudophone pseudoprecocious puberty pseudopregnancy pseudoprodigy pseudopsychology pseudopsychopathic schizophrenia pseudorandom pseudoretardation pseudoscience pseudoscope pseudoseizure pseudosenility pseudoword PSG psi PSI Psi Beta Psi Chi psi-hitting psi-missing psilocin psittacism PSP PSST PST psychache psychalgia psychasthenia psyche psychedelic drug psychedelic therapy psychiatric classification psychiatric diagnosis psychiatric disability psychiatric disorder psychiatric evaluation psychiatric hospital psychiatric illness psychiatric nosology psychiatric nursing psychiatric pharmacogenomics psychiatric rehabilitation psychiatric unit psychiatrist psychiatry psychic psychic apparatus psychic blindness psychic conflict psychic determinism psychic energizer psychic energy psychic healing psychic link psychic numbing psychic pain psychic paralysis of visual ideation psychic reality psychic seizure psychic suicide psychic tension psychic trauma psyching out psyching up psychism psycho- psychoacoustics psychoactive drug psychoanalysis psychoanalyst psychoanalytic group psychotherapy psychoanalytic play technique psychoanalytic psychotherapy psychoanalytic theory psychobiography psychobiology psychocardiology psychochemistry psychocutaneous disorder psychodiagnosis psychodrama psychodynamic approach Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM) psychodynamic group psychotherapy psychodynamic psychotherapy psychodynamic theory psychodynamics psychoeducational diagnostician psychoeducational problems psychoendocrinology psychogalvanic reflex (PGR) psychogenesis psychogenetics psychogenic psychogenic amnesia psychogenic cardiovascular disorder psychogenic disorder psychogenic hypersomnia psychogenic mutism psychogenic nocturnal polydipsia psychogenic nonepileptic seizure (PNES) psychogenic pain disorder psychogenic polydipsia psychogenic pruritus psychogenic purpura psychogenic seizure psychogenic vertigo psychographics psychography psychohistory psychokinesis (PK) psycholinguistics psychological abuse psychological acculturation psychological aesthetics psychological assessment psychological atomism psychological autopsy psychological contract psychological counseling psychological debriefing (PD) psychological deficit psychological dependence psychological determinism psychological disorder psychological distance psychological distress psychological dysfunction psychological examination psychological factors psychological factors affecting medical condition psychological field psychological intervention psychological kidnapping psychological masquerade psychological maturity psychological me psychological model psychological moment psychological need psychological network psychological rapport psychological reactance psychological refractory period (PRP) psychological rehabilitation psychological resilience psychological scale Psychological Screening Inventory (PSI) psychological significance psychological skills training (PST) psychological social psychology psychological statistics psychological test psychological testing psychological time psychological treatment psychological tremor psychological universal psychological warfare psychologism psychologist psychologistic psychology psychology of religion psychometric psychometric examination psychometric function psychometric model psychometric research psychometric scale psychometric scaling Psychometric Society psychometric test psychometric theories of intelligence psychometrician psychometrics psychometry psychomimetic psychomimic syndrome psychomotility psychomotor psychomotor agitation psychomotor disorder psychomotor domain psychomotor epilepsy psychomotor excitement psychomotor hallucination psychomotor retardation psychomotor seizure psychomotor skill psychomotor test psychoneuroendocrinology psychoneuroimmunology psychoneuromuscular theory psychoneurosis psychonomic Psychonomic Society psychonomics psychonosology psychooncology psychopath psychopathia sexualis psychopathic personality psychopathology psychopathy psychopharmacological drug psychopharmacology psychopharmacotherapy psychophysical psychophysical dualism psychophysical function psychophysical law psychophysical method psychophysical parallelism psychophysical properties psychophysical relationship psychophysical research psychophysical scaling psychophysical tuning curve (PTC) psychophysics psychophysiological assessment psychophysiological research psychophysiology psychopolitics psychoscience psychosexual psychosexual development psychosexual disorders psychosexual dysfunction psychosexual stages psychosexual trauma psychosis psychosocial psychosocial deprivation psychosocial development psychosocial factors psychosocial mental retardation (psychosocial mental developmental delay) psychosocial rehabilitation psychosocial stressor psychosocial support psychosocial therapy psychosomatic psychosomatic disorder psychosomatic medicine psychostimulant psychosurgery psychosynthesis psychotechnics psychotechnology psychotherapeutic process psychotherapy psychotherapy by reciprocal inhibition psychotherapy integration psychotherapy matching psychotherapy research psychotic psychotic disorder psychotic episode psychotic feature psychoticism psychotogenic psychotomimetic psychotoxic psychotropic drug PT PTA PTC Ptolemaic theory ptosis PTP PTSD ptyalism pubertas praecox puberty puberty rite pubescence pubescent growth spurt public adoption public distance zone public health approach public health nurse public health services public mental hospital public residential facility public self public self-consciousness public service psychology public sociology public territory public-speaking anxiety publication bias publication ethics Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association PUBS pudendal nerve pudendum puer aeternus puerilism puerperal disorder puerperium Puerto Rican syndrome Pulfrich effect pull model pull-out program pulmonary embolism pulse pulvinar pun punch-drunk punctate sensitivity punctuated equilibrium pungent punishment punishment and obedience orientation punitive damages punitive parenting pupil pupillary reflex pupillary-skin reflex pupillometry puppetry therapy puppy love Purdue Pegboard Test pure alexia pure color pure consciousness pure research pure science pure tone pure word deafness pure-stimulus act pure-tone audiometry purging purging disorder Purkinje afterimage Purkinje cell Purkinje figures Purkinje shift Purkinje–Sanson images purple purpose purpose in life purposeful behavior purposeless hyperactivity purposive accident purposive behaviorism purposive psychology purposive sampling purposivism pursuit rotor pursuitmeter push model push switch push-down stack putamen putrid puzzle box PVS PWS pycnodysostosis (pyknodysostosis) Pygmalion effect pygmalionism pygmyism pyknic type pyknodysostosis pyknolepsy pyloric stenosis pyr- pyramid pyramidal cell pyramidal tract pyramidotomy pyridostigmine pyriform area (piriform area) pyro- (pyr-) pyrogen pyrolagnia pyromania

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April 16th 2024

operational sex ratio

operational sex ratio

the relative number of males and females available at the time when reproduction is possible. In nonhuman mammals with internal gestation and lactation, there are often fewer females receptive to copulation than available males, creating an operational sex-ratio bias toward males, even though adults of both sexes may be present in equal numbers. In polygynous species (see polygyny), there might be more receptive females than available males, creating an operational sex-ratio bias toward females.