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A fiber a posteriori a posteriori comparison A prime a priori a priori comparison a- (an-) A-alpha fiber A-B design A-B-A design A-B-A-C-A design A-beta fiber A-delta fiber A-not-B task A-S Scale A* search A1 A2 AA AAAP AAAPP AAAS AAASP AACP AACS AAHPERD AAI AAIDD AAMI AAMR AAP AASECT AASP AAVE ab- ABA abandonment abandonment reaction abasia abatement ABC theory ABCDE technique ABCL abdominal bloating abdominal migraine abducens nerve abducens nucleus abduction Abecedarian Project aberrant response aberration abience Abilify ability ability grouping ability level ability parameter ability test ability trait ability–achievement discrepancy abiotic abiotrophy ablation ableism ablution ABMS Abney’s effect abnormal abnormal behavior abnormal fixation abnormal grief abnormal psychology abnormality aboiement abortifacient abortion abortion laws aboulia above-average effect ABPH ABPP ABR abreaction abscess abscissa absence absence culture absence seizure absence without leave (AWOL) absent grief absent state absent-mindedness absenteeism absolute absolute difference absolute error absolute idealism absolute impression absolute judgment absolute limen (AL) absolute measurement absolute pitch absolute reality absolute refractory period absolute scotoma absolute threshold absolute value absolute-judgment method absolutism absorption absorption curve abstinence abstinence delirium abstinence rule abstinence syndrome abstract ability abstract attitude abstract conceptualization abstract idea abstract intelligence abstract learning abstract representation abstract thinking abstract word abstract-versus-representational dimension abstraction abstraction experiment absurdities test abulia (aboulia) abuse abuse excuse abuse potential abusive punishment ABX paradigm ACA academic academic achievement academic aptitude academic failure academic freedom academic intelligence academic intelligence task academic intervention academic overachievement academic problem academic self-concept academic underachievement Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW) acalculia acamprosate acarophobia acatamathesia (akatamathesia) acataphasia (akataphasia) acathisia ACC accelerated longitudinal design acceleration acceleration effects acceleration forces acceleration–deceleration injury accent accentuation theory acceptance acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) acceptance region acceptance sampling acceptance stage acceptor access accessibility accessible accessory accessory nerve accessory structure accessory symptoms accident accident analysis accident behavior accident prevention accident proneness accident reduction accident-path model accidental chaining accidental group accidental hypothermia accidental property accidental reinforcement accidental sampling acclimatization accommodation accommodation time accommodative coping accommodative insufficiency accommodative spasm accomplishment quotient accountability accreditation accretion acculturation acculturation strategies accumbens accumulated advantage accuracy accuracy motive accuracy standards accusative Accutane acenesthesia ACEP acetaldehyde acetaminophen acetanilide acetazolamide acetone acetylcholine (ACh) acetylcholine receptor (AChR) acetylcholinesterase (AChE) acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (AChEI) acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) acetylurea ACh AChE AChEI acheiria (achiria) achieved status achievement achievement age (AA) achievement battery achievement ethic achievement goal theory achievement level achievement measures achievement motivation achievement potential achievement quotient (AQ) achievement test achievement-oriented leadership achiever achieving stage achiria achondroplasia AChR achromatic achromatic interval achromatic–chromatic scale achromatism acid acid flashback acid trip acidosis acmesthesia ACoA ACOA AComA aconuresis acoria (akoria) Acosta’s syndrome acoustic acoustic cue acoustic encoding acoustic environments acoustic filter acoustic nerve acoustic neuroma acoustic phonetics acoustic pressure acoustic reflex acoustic resonance acoustic spectrum acoustic store acoustic trauma acoustic-mnestic aphasia Acoustical Society of America (ASA) acoustics acoustics as emotions ACPT acquaintance rape acquiescence acquiescent response set acquired acquired characteristic acquired color blindness acquired distinctiveness of cues acquired drive acquired dyslexia acquired dyspraxia acquired immune deficiency syndrome acquired response acquired speech disorder acquired visual impairment acquisition acquisition curve acquisition trial acquisitive stage acquisitiveness acro- acroanesthesia acrocentric chromosome acrocephalopolysyndactyly acrocephalosyndactyly acrocephaly acrocinesis acrodysostosis acroesthesia acromegaly acromicria acroparesthesia acrophobia acrotomophilia ACSI ACSM ACSW act ACT ACT Assessment act psychology ACT* ACTH ACTH-releasing factor actin acting in acting out action action at a distance action disorganization syndrome (ADS) action group action identification action orientation action painting action pattern action potential (AP) action readiness action research action slip action stream action teaching action tendency action theory action tremor action unit action-based model action-oriented therapy action-specific energy actional verb Actiq activating event activation activation hypothesis activation pattern activation theory of emotion activation–arousal theory activation–elaboration activation–synthesis hypothesis activational effect active active analytic psychotherapy active attention active avoidance active concretization active control trial active coping active deception active euthanasia active intermodal mapping (AIM) active joy active learning active listening active memory active negativism active noise cancellation active noise protection (ANP) active noise reduction (ANR) active performance active placebo active recreation active rehearsal active therapy active touch active transport active vocabulary active voice activism activities of daily living (ADLs) activities, interests, opinions (AIO) activity analysis activity cage activity cycle activity deprivation activity drive activity group therapy activity log activity record activity rhythm activity system activity theory activity therapy activity wheel activity-interview group psychotherapy activity–passivity actomyosin actor–observer effect ACTP actual actual neurosis actual self actualization actuarial actuarial prediction actuarial risk assessment actus reus acuity acuity grating aculalia acupressure acupuncture acupuncture anesthesia acute acute alcoholic myopathy acute alcoholism acute anxiety acute brain disorder acute cerebellar ataxia acute cerebrovascular accident acute confusional state acute delirium acute delusional psychosis acute depression acute dystonia acute mania acute mountain sickness acute onset acute otitis media acute preparation acute psychotic episode acute schizophrenic episode acute stress disorder (ASD) acute stress response acute tolerance ad hoc ad hoc category ad lib ad litem ad- ADA Adam ADAMHA Adapin adaptability adaptation adaptation level (AL) adaptation period adaptation stage adaptation time adapted child adaptive act adaptive behavior adaptive behavior scale adaptive control of thought theory adaptive hypothesis adaptive intelligence adaptive nonresponding theory adaptive production system adaptive sampling adaptive skills adaptive strategy choice model (ASCM) adaptive system adaptive task allocation adaptive testing adaptometer ADC ADD Adderall addict addicted athlete addiction addictive behavior addictive drug addictive personality Addison’s disease addition rule addition test additive additive bilingualism additive color mixture additive effect additive gene additive model additive scale additive task additive-factors method adduction ADE ADEA adendritic adenine adeno- (aden-) adenohypophysis adenoma adenosine adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate adenosine triphosphate adenylate cyclase adequate sample adequate stimulus ADH ADHD adherence adhesive otitis media adience adinazolam Adipex adipo- (adip-) adipocyte adipose tissue adipsia ADJ adj R 2 adjective checklist adjudication adjudicative competence adjunct adjunctive behavior adjunctive therapist adjunctive therapy adjusted effect adjusted R adjusted R 2 adjusting schedule of reinforcement (ADJ) adjustive behavior adjustment adjustment disorder adjustment inventory adjustment method adjustment process adjustment reaction adjuvant therapy Adlerian psychology Adlerian therapy ADLs administration administrative controls admission admission certification admission criteria admission procedures adolescence adolescent egocentrism adolescent growth spurt adolescent gynecomastia adolescent pregnancy adolescent psychology adolescent psychotherapy adolescent rebellion adolescent sex changes adopter categories adoption adoption study adoptive parent ADR adren- adrenal cortical hyperfunction adrenal gland adrenal hyperplasia adrenal virilism adrenalectomy adrenaline adrenarche adrenergic adrenergic blocking agent adrenergic drug adrenergic reaction adrenergic receptor adrenergic system adreno- (adren-) adrenoceptor adrenocortical insufficiency adrenocorticoid adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) adrenogenital syndrome adrenoleukodystrophy adrenoreceptor ADS ADS model adult adult attachment Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) adult day care adult development adult education adult foster care adult home adult progeria adult sensorineural lesion adult stem cell adult-onset diabetes adultery adulthood adultomorphism advance directive advanced organizers advanced placement examinations (AP) advantage by illness advantage law adventitious adventitious deafness adventitious reinforcement adventitious visual impairment adventure-recreation model adversarial system adverse drug reaction (ADR) adverse event adverse impact adverse witness advertisement advertising psychology advertising research advertising response modeling (ARM) advice giving advocacy AEA AED AEP AEq AERA aerial perspective aero- (aer-) aerobic activity aerobic exercise aesthesiometer aesthesiometry aesthetic appreciation aesthetic emotion aesthetic evolution aesthetic overshadowing aesthetic preference aesthetic taste aesthetic value aesthetics affect affect display affect intensity affect inversion affect misattribution procedure (AMP) affect regulation affect scale affect theory affect-block affection affective affective aggression affective ambivalence affective assessment affective commitment affective concordance affective development affective discharge affective discordance affective disorder affective domain affective education affective engineering affective equilibrium affective forecasting affective hallucination affective interaction affective logic affective meaning affective memory affective neuroscience affective psychosis affective rigidity affective theory affective tone affective well-being affective–cognitive consistency affective–cognitive structure affective–evaluative consistency affectively based persuasion affectivity afferent afferent nerve fiber afferent pathway afferent sensory neuron afferent stimulation affiliation affinity affirmative affirmative action affirmative defense affirmative postmodernism affirmative therapy affixation affordance affricate AFMET AFP AFQT AFR African American African American Vernacular English (AAVE) African trypanosomiasis after-nystagmus afterbirth aftercare aftercurrent afterdischarge aftereffect afterimage afterplay afterpotential agape AGCT age age calibration age cohort age crisis age dedifferentiation hypothesis age differentiation hypothesis age discrimination Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) age effect age equivalent (AEq) age norm age of consent age of onset age ratio age regression age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) age-equivalent scale age-grade scaling ageism agency agency shop agency theory agenesis agenitalism agent agentic orientation agentic state ageusia (aguesia) agglutination agglutinative language aggravated damages aggravating factor aggregate data aggregate idea aggregation aggregation problems aggression aggression–frustration hypothesis aggressive character aggressive cue aggressive instinct aggressive mimicry aggressive-rejected child aggressiveness aging aging disorder aging in place agitated depression agitation agitographia agitophasia aglossia agnosia agnosic alexia agnosticism agnus castus agonadal agonist agonist–antagonist agonistic behavior agoraphobia agrammatic comprehension agrammatism agranular cortex agranulocytosis agraphia agreeableness agreement agreement coefficient agrypnia aguesia agyria AH aha experience ahistoric therapy ahistorical AHP ahylognosia ahypnia ahypnosia AI AIC aided recall AIDS AIDS counseling AIDS dementia complex (ADC) aim AIM AIM model aim of the instinct aim-inhibited aiming test AIO air conduction Air Force Medical Evaluation Test (AFMET) air sickness air traffic control air-conduction testing air-pollution adaptation air-pressure effects air–bone gap AIS Ajzen–Fishbein model Akaike’s information criterion (AIC) akatamathesia akataphasia akathisia (acathisia) akinesia akinesia algera akinesthesia akinetic akinetic mutism akinetic seizure Akineton akinetopsia akoria AL Al-Anon alalia alanine alarm call alarm reaction alaryngeal Alateen albinism Albright’s disease Albright’s hereditary osteodystrophy alcohol alcohol abuse alcohol dependence alcohol derivative alcohol flush reaction (AFR) alcohol hallucinosis alcohol intoxication alcohol intoxication delirium alcohol myopia alcohol rehabilitation alcohol use disorder alcohol withdrawal alcohol withdrawal delirium alcohol-amnestic disorder alcohol-induced persisting amnestic disorder alcohol-induced persisting dementia alcohol-induced psychotic disorder Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA) alcoholic alcoholic blackout alcoholic brain syndrome alcoholic cerebellar degeneration alcoholic dementia alcoholic hallucinosis alcoholic Korsakoff’s syndrome alcoholic myopathy alcoholic neuropathy Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) alcoholism aldolase (ALS) Aldomet aldosterone alert inactivity alerting device alerting mechanisms alertness alexia alexia with agraphia alexithymia Alfenta alfentanil algebraic summation algedonic algedonic aesthetics algesia algesimeter algo- (alg-) algolagnia algometer algophilia algopsychalia algorithm ALI Guidelines alien abduction alien hand syndrome alien limb syndrome alienation alienation coefficient alkalosis all- all-or-none law all-or-none learning all-payer system all-possible-subsets regression allachesthesia allele allergy allesthesia (allaesthesia; alloesthesia) alley maze alley problem alliaceous alliance allied health professional (AHP) allo- (all-) allocation decision allocation rule allocator allocentric allocheiria (allochiria) allochthonous allocortex alloeroticism alloesthesia allogrooming allomone allomorph allonursing alloparenting allopathy allopatric allophasis allophone alloplasty allopregnenolone allopsychic delusion allostasis allosteric modulation allotriophagy Allport–Vernon–Lindzey Study of Values (SOV) Allport’s personality trait theory allusive thinking alogia alpha alpha alcoholism alpha biofeedback alpha blocker alpha blocking alpha coefficient alpha error Alpha examination alpha female alpha level alpha male alpha motor neuron alpha movement alpha neurofeedback alpha receptor alpha rhythm alpha state Alpha test alpha wave alpha-adrenergic receptor alpha-adrenoreceptor blocking agent alpha-block conditioning alpha-endorphin alpha-fetoprotein (α-fetoprotein; AFP) alpha-mannosidosis alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH; alpha-MSH) alpha-methylparatyrosine (AMPT) alpha-MSH (α-MSH) alpha-wave training alphabet Alport syndrome alprazolam ALS als ob Alström–Hallgren syndrome ALT alter ego alter-ego transference alteration hypothesis altercasting altered state of consciousness (ASC) alternate binaural loudness-balance test alternate form alternate-forms reliability alternate-uses test alternating personality alternating perspective alternating treatments design alternation learning alternation method alternative behavior completion alternative dispute resolution alternative distribution alternative hypothesis (AH; symbol: H1, Ha) alternative hypothesis distribution alternative medicine alternative psychology alternative psychotherapy alternative schedule of reinforcement (ALT) alternative school alternative sentencing altitude sickness altitude test altricial altruism altruistic aggression altruistic suicide alveolar alveolar ridge Alzheimer’s Association Alzheimer’s disease amacrine cell amae Amalric’s syndrome amantadine amaurosis amaurosis fugax ambenomium ambi- ambidextrous Ambien ambient awareness ambient conditions ambient optic array ambiguity ambiguity scale ambiguity tolerance ambiguous figure ambiguous genitalia ambisexual ambitendency ambivalence ambivalence of an attitude ambivalent attachment ambivalent sexism ambiversion ambly- amblyacousia amblyopia amblyoscope ambrosiac ambulation ambulatory care ambulatory schizophrenia ambulatory services ambulatory treatment amelioration amenity move amenorrhea American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, Inc. (AACS) American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) American Anorexia/Bulimia Association American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) American Association of Applied and Preventive Psychology (AAAPP) American Association of Applied Psychology (AAAP) American Association of Clinical Psychologists (AACP) American Association of Mental Retardation (AAMR) American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) American Birth Control League (ABCL) American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) American Board of Psychological Hypnosis (ABPH) American Coaching Effectiveness Program (ACEP) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) American College Testing Program (ACTP) American Counseling Association (ACA) American Educational Research Association (AERA) American Indian American Law Institute Model Penal Code insanity test American Manual Alphabet American optical H–R–R plates American Orthopsychiatric Association American Pain Society (APS) American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc. (APDA) American Philosophical Society (APS) American Psychiatric Association (APA) American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) American Psychological Association (APA) American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) American Psychological Foundation (APF) American Psychological Society (APS) American Psychosomatic Society (APS) American Sign Language (ASL) American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Ames room Ameslan amethystic ametropia AMH AMI amicus curiae amiloride amimia amine amine hormone amino acid amino acid imbalance aminoketone aminopterin aminotransferase amitriptyline Ammon’s horn amnesia amnesic syndrome amnestic aphasia amnestic apraxia amnestic disorder amniocentesis amniotic sac amobarbital amok (amuck) amorphagnosia (amorphognosia) amorphosynthesis amotivational syndrome amount of masking amoxapine AMP AMPA AMPA receptor amphetamine amphetamine abuse amphetamine dependence amphetamine intoxication amphetamine intoxication delirium amphetamine psychosis amphetamine withdrawal amphetamine-induced psychotic disorder amphetamines amphi- amplification effect amplitude amplitude distortion amplitude modulation amplitude of light wave amplitude spectrum AMPT ampulla amputation amputation fetish amputee identity disorder Amsterdam criteria Amsterdam dwarf disease amuck amurakh amusia amygdala amygdaloid stimulation amyl nitrite amyloid amyloid plaque amyloid precursor protein (APP) amyloidosis amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Amytal Amytal interview an- ana- anabolic-androgenic steroid anabolism anaclisis anaclitic depression anaclitic identification anaclitic object choice anaclitic personality anacusis (anakusis) anaerobic exercise anaesthesia Anafranil anaglyph anaglyptoscope anagogic interpretation anagram anal character anal eroticism anal intercourse anal masturbation anal personality anal phase anal sadism anal stage anal-aggressive personality anal-expulsive phase anal-retentive phase anal-sadistic phase analeptic analgesia analgesic analog analog computer analogical thinking analogies test analogue analogue observation analogue study analogy analogy of the cave analysand analysis analysis by synthesis analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) analysis of resistance analysis of transference analysis of variance (ANOVA) analysis unit analyst analytic approach analytic couch analytic group psychotherapy analytic induction analytic philosophy analytic psychology analytic rules analytic third analytical intelligence analytical psychotherapy analyzer anamnesis anancastic personality (anankastic personality) anandamide anandria anaphia anaphora anaphrodisiac anaphylaxis anaplastic astrocytoma anarthria anastomosis anatomical age anatomically detailed doll ancestor worship ancestral trait anchor anchor test anchoring anchoring bias ancillary ANCOVA and rule Andersen’s disease Andersen’s syndrome Andrade’s syndrome andro- (andr-) androcentric androgen androgen antagonist androgen-insensitivity syndrome (AIS) androgenization androgynophilia androgynous personality androgyny android andropause androstenedione androsterone anecdotal method anecdotal record anechoic chamber Anectine anencephaly anergia anesthesia (anaesthesia) anethopath aneuploidy aneurysm (aneurism) angakok angel dust Angelman syndrome anger anger control therapy anger management anger stage angio- (angi-) angioedema angiography angioma angioscotoma angiotensin angst angular gyrus angular transformation anhaphia anhedonia anhypnia aniconia anilide anilingus anima animal animal aggression animal behavior animal care and use animal cognition animal communication animal cooperation animal courtship animal defensive behavior animal dominance animal emotionality animal escape behavior animal hypnosis animal intelligence animal learning animal magnetism animal model animal open-field behavior animal phobia animal psychology animal rights animal social behavior animal spirits animal starch animal vocalization animal welfare animal-assisted therapy animal–human comparison animate noun animatism animism animus anion aniridia aniridia, cerebellar ataxia, and mental deficiency aniseikonia aniso- (anis-) anisocoria anisometropia anisometropic amblyopia anisotropy ankylo- (ankyl-) ankyloglossia ankylosis Anna O. annihilation anniversary reaction annual cycle annulment annulospiral ending annunciator anodal polarization anodyne anoetic anogenital anomalopia anomalous dichromatism anomalous experience anomalous stimulus anomalous trichromatism anomaly anomia anomic aphasia anomic suicide anomie anonymity anopia (anopsia) anorchism anorectant anorexia anorexia nervosa anorgasmia anorthopia anorthoscope anorthoscopic perception anosmia anosognosia (anosagnosia) ANOVA anovulatory menstrual cycle anoxemia anoxia ANP ANR ANS Anschauung ANT ant- Antabuse antagonist antagonistic colors antagonistic muscles ante- (ant-) antecedent antecedent variable antecedent-focused emotion regulation antergic anterior anterior cerebral artery anterior chamber anterior choroidal artery anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) anterior commissure anterior communicating artery (ACoA, AComA) anterior corticospinal tract anterior cranial fossa anterior horn anterior pituitary anterior rhizotomy anterior root anterior spinothalamic tract anterior white commissure anterior–posterior axis anterior–posterior development gradient anterograde anterograde amnesia anterograde degeneration anterograde memory anterograde transport anterolateral system anthropo- anthropocentrism anthropogenesis anthropoid anthropological linguistics anthropology anthropometry anthropomorphism anthroponomy anthroposcopy anti- (ant-) anti-intoxicant anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) Anti-Semitism Scale (A-S Scale) antiaging remedy antiandrogen antianxiety medication antibiotic antibody anticathexis anticholinergic drug anticholinergic effects anticholinergic syndrome anticholinesterase anticipation anticipation learning method anticipatory anxiety anticipatory attitude change anticipatory coping anticipatory error anticipatory grief anticipatory guidance anticipatory image anticipatory movement anticipatory nausea anticipatory pleasure anticipatory regret anticipatory response anticipatory schema anticonfirmationism anticonformity anticonvulsant antidepressant antidiuretic hormone (ADH) antidromic conduction antiepileptic antiestrogen antigen antigen–antibody reaction antigonadal action antiharassment policies antihistamine antilibidinal ego Antilirium antimanic drug antimetabolite antimetropia antimuscarinic drug antinicotinic drug antinociceptive antinodal behavior antinomy antioxidant antiparkinsonian drug antipathy antipredator behavior antipredator defense antipredatory aggression antipsychiatry antipsychotic antipyretic antisocial antisocial aggression antisocial personality disorder antispasmodic drug antiterrorist activities antithesis antitussive antiviral drug antivitamin Anton’s syndrome antonym antonym test anvil anxiety anxiety attack anxiety discharge anxiety disorder anxiety fixation anxiety hierarchy anxiety hysteria anxiety management anxiety neurosis anxiety object anxiety reaction anxiety scale anxiety sensitivity anxiety state anxiety-relief response anxiety–performance relationship anxiolytic anxious depression anxious–ambivalent attachment style anxious–avoidant attachment anxious–resistant attachment aortic arch syndrome aortic stenosis AP APA APA style APAGS APAP apareunia apastia apathy apathy syndrome APDA aperiodic reinforcement schedule Apert syndrome aperture, draw, syntax model (ADS model) APF Apgar score aphagia aphakia aphanisis aphasia aphemia aphonia aphrodisiac apical dendrite aplasia Aplysia apnea (apnoea) apo- apodia ApoE apoenzyme apolipoprotein E (ApoE) Apollonian apomorphine apoplexy apoptosis aposematic coloration apostilb apotemnophilia APP apparatus apparent apparent distance apparent magnitude apparent movement apparent size apparition appeal appearance and performance enhancing drug appearance–reality distinction appeasement behavior Appelt–Gerken–Lenz syndrome apperception apperceptive mass apperceptive visual agnosia appersonation appestat appetite appetite suppressant appetitive behavior appetitive conditioning appetitive stimulus appetitive system applied behavior analysis (ABA) applied linguistics applied psychoanalysis applied psychology applied psychophysiology applied relaxation applied research applied science applied sport psychology applied statistics applied tension applied verbal behavior apport appraisal appraisal dimension appraisal motive appraisal theory apprehension apprehension span apprehension-span test apprenticeship approach Approach Control Test approach coping approach gradient approach motivation approach response approach–approach conflict approach–avoidance conflict appropriate affect appropriate death approximation approximation conditioning appurtenance apractagnosia apraxia apraxia of gait apraxia of speech apraxic agraphia apriorism aprosexia aprosody APS APsaA aptitude aptitude measure Aptitude Research Project tests aptitude test aptitude–treatment interaction (ATI) AQ AQS Aquachloral aqueduct of Sylvius aqueous humor AR model arachidonic acid arachidonoylethanolamide (AEA) arachneophobia arachnoid arachnoid granulations arachnoid mater arachnophobia Arago phenomenon Aran–Duchenne disease ARAS arbitrary inference arbitrary matching to sample arbitrary symbol arbitration arborization arc sine transformation arch of Corti archaic inheritance archetype archicerebellum archicortex Archimedes spiral archipallium architectonic structure architectural constraints architectural determinism architectural programming architectural psychology archival research arctic hysteria arcuate fasciculus arcuate nucleus arcuate zone of the brain area postrema area sampling area under the curve (AUC) areal linguistics arecoline areflexia arginine vasopressin (AVP) argininosuccinic aciduria argot argument argument framing argument quality argument quantity Argyll Robertson pupil arhinencephaly ARI Aricept aripiprazole Aristotelian Aristotle’s illusion arithmetic disability arithmetic mean Arizona v. Fulminante ARM armamentarium armchair psychology Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) armodafinil armoring Army Alpha Test Army Beta Test Army General Classification Test (AGCT) Army Research Institute (ARI) Army tests Arnold–Chiari malformation ARO aromachology aromatase aromatherapy aromatic aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase aromatization hypothesis arousal arousal jag arousal level arousal phase arousal potential arousal regulation arousal system arousal theory arousal training arousal transfer arousal-boost mechanism arousal-reduction mechanism arousal–performance relationship ARP tests arpeggio paradox arranged marriage array arrest reaction arrested testis arrhinencephaly (arhinencephaly) arrhythmia arrowhead illusion ART art test art therapy Artane arterial circle arterio- arteriography arteriole reaction arteriopathia hypertonica arteriosclerosis arteriovenous malformation (AVM) arteritis arthritis arthro- (arthr-) arthrogryposis multiplex congenita arthrometer arthropathy article articular sensation articulation articulation disorder articulation index articulation test articulator articulatory apraxia articulatory control process articulatory loop articulatory phonetics articulatory rehearsal system articulatory store articulatory suppression artifact artificial consciousness artificial insemination (AI) artificial intelligence (AI) artificial language artificial life artificial pupil artificial selection artificialism arts and crafts arugamama as-if hypothesis as-if personality ASA ASA model asana asapholalia asb ASC ascendance ascendance–submission ascending pathway ascending reticular activating system (ARAS) ascending tract ascending–descending series ascertainment bias asceticism Asch situation ASCM ascorbic acid ascriptive responsibility ASD asemia asenapine Asendin ASEP aseptic meningitis asexual Asian American Asian influenza asitia ASL asocial asomatognosia asonia aspartate aspartate aminotransferase aspect Asperger’s disorder aspermia asphyxia asphyxophilia aspiration aspirational group aspirin aspirin combinations aspirin poisoning ASPR ASR assault assembly bonus effect assembly test assertion assertive community treatment assertiveness assertiveness training assessment assessment center assessment instrument assessment of intelligence assessment research assignment therapy assimilation assimilation effect assimilative coping assisted death assisted living assisted reproductive technology (ART) assisted suicide assistive device assistive listening device assistive software assistive technology (AT) assistive technology service associate associated movement association association analysis association by contiguity association cortex association disturbance association fiber Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Association for Psychological Science (APS) Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Association for the Advancement of Psychology (AAP) association model association nuclei association of ideas association psychology association study association value association-reaction time associationism associationist associationistic learning theory associative anamnesis associative clustering associative fluency associative illusion associative law associative learning associative linkage associative memory associative play associative strength associative thinking associative visual agnosia associative-chain theory associative–dissociative strategy assonance assortative mating assumed role assumed similarity bias assumption astasia astasia–abasia astereognosis asterixis asthenia asthenic type asthenopia asthma astigmatism astigmatoscope astral projection astroblastoma astrocyte astrocytoma astrocytosis astrology ASVAB asyllabia asylum asymbolia asymmetrical distribution asymmetry asymptomatic asymptomatic neurosyphilis asymptote asymptotic method asymptotic normality asynchronous brood asynchrony asynergia asynergic speech AT at risk at-risk mental states ataque de nervios ataractic Atarax ataraxy atavism ataxia ataxia telangiectasia ataxiagraph ataxic dysarthria ataxic feeling ataxic gait ataxic speech ataxic writing ateliosis atherosclerosis athetosis athlete-based intervention Athletic Coping Skills Inventory (ACSI) Athletic Motivation Inventory (AMI) athletic triad athletic type athymia athyreosis ATI Ativan atmosphere effect atmospheric conditions atmospheric perspective atomism atonia atonic seizure ATP atrial flutter atrium atrophy atropine atropine-coma therapy (ACT) attachment attachment and biobehavioral catch-up intervention attachment behavior attachment bond attachment disorder Attachment Q-set (AQS) attachment style attachment theory attachment-based intervention attack behavior attempted suicide attend attendance attendant care attending behavior attensity attention attention decrement attention disorder attention fluctuation attention load measure Attention Network Test (ANT) attention network theory attention overload attention shifting attention span attention training attention-control training (ACT) attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) attention-getting attention-span test attentional blindness attentional blink attentional capture attentional control of action model attentional dyslexia attentional focus attentional narrowing attentional strategy attentiveness attenuated positive symptoms attenuated psychotic symptoms attenuation attenuation theory attenuator attitude attitude accessibility attitude change attitude measure attitude object attitude scale attitude strength attitude survey attitude system attitude-congeniality effect attitude-relevant knowledge attitude–behavior consistency attitudinal involvement attitudinal reflex attitudinal types attraction attraction relations attraction–selection–attrition model (ASA model) attractor dynamics attributable risk attribute attribute model of memory attribution attribution error attribution of emotion attribution theory attribution theory of leadership attribution therapy attributional analysis of persuasion attrition attunement atypical atypical antipsychotic atypical depression atypical features atypical psychosis Aubert phenomenon AUC audibility curve audibility range audible thought audience audience effect audience task audio- audiogenic seizure audiogram audiogravic illusion audiogyral illusion audiology audiometer audiometric chamber audiometric zero audiometry audiotactile device audiovisual instruction audit audition auditory abilities auditory acuity auditory agnosia auditory aphasia auditory attributes auditory blending auditory brainstem response (ABR) auditory canal auditory closure Auditory Consonant Trigram (ACT) Auditory Continuous Performance Test (ACPT) auditory cortex auditory discrimination auditory display auditory distance cue auditory distance perception auditory evoked potential auditory fatigue auditory feedback auditory filter auditory flicker auditory fusion auditory hallucination auditory induction auditory labyrinth auditory localization auditory masking auditory memory auditory memory span auditory nerve auditory object auditory ossicles auditory pathway auditory perception auditory perceptual disorder auditory processing auditory processing disorder auditory projection area auditory sensation auditory sensation level auditory sensation unit auditory sensory memory auditory skills auditory space perception auditory span auditory spectrum auditory stimulus auditory system auditory threshold auditory thrombosis auditory training Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT) Aufgabe augmentation augmentation principle augmentation strategy augmentative communication augury aura aural aural harmonic auricle auscultation Austrian school aut- autassassinophilia autemesia authenticity authoritarian authoritarian conscience authoritarian leader authoritarian parenting authoritarian personality authoritative parenting authority authority and social order maintaining orientation authority complex authority relations autism autism spectrum disorder (ASD) autistic disorder autistic fantasy autistic savant autistic thinking autistic-contiguous position auto- (aut-) autoagonistophilia autoassassinatophilia autobiographical memory Autobiographical Memory Interview (AMI) autobiography autocentric autochthonous autochthonous gestalt autoclitic autocorrelation autocratic autocratic leader autocrine autodysomophobia autoenucleation autoerotic asphyxia autoeroticism autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome autoflagellation autogenic training autognosis autographism autohypnosis autohypnotic amnesia autoimmunity autokinesis autokinetic effect automaintenance automasochism automated assessment automated desensitization automated natural language understanding automated reasoning automated speech recognition (ASR) automatic action automatic activation automatic activation of attitudes automatic drawing automatic obedience automatic performance automatic process automatic promotion automatic reinforcer automatic speaker recognition automatic speech automatic thoughts automatic writing automaticity automatism automatism defense automatization automatograph automaton automotive telematics automutilation autonecrophilia autonoetic autonomic autonomic apparatus autonomic balance autonomic conditioning autonomic dysfunction autonomic dysreflexia autonomic ganglia autonomic hyperactivity autonomic hyperreflexia autonomic learning autonomic motor pool autonomic nervous system (ANS) autonomic neuropathy autonomic reactivity autonomic response autonomic restrictors autonomous autonomous activity autonomous depression autonomous stage autonomous states of mind autonomous syntax autonomous work groups autonomy autonomy versus shame and doubt autopagnosia autophagy autophony autoplasty autopoesis autopsy autopsychic delusion autopsychosis autoradiography autoreceptor autoregression autoregressive model (AR model) autoscope autoscopophilia autoscopy autosexuality autoshaping autosomal autosomal aberration autosomal dominant autosomal recessive autosomal trisomy of group G autosome autostereogram autostereotyping autostimulation theory autosuggestibility autosuggestion autotomy autotopagnosia auxiliary auxiliary ego auxiliary inversion auxiliary organ auxiliary therapist auxiliary verb ava availability availability heuristic available-case analysis avalanche conduction avatar Aventyl average average child average deviation average error average evoked potential (AEP) aversion aversion conditioning aversion therapy aversive conditioning aversive control aversive event aversive racism aversive stimulus aversive system aversive therapy Aveyron boy avian influenza aviation clinical psychology program aviation psychology aviophobia AVLT AVM avoidance avoidance behavior avoidance conditioning avoidance coping avoidance gradient avoidance learning avoidance of intimacy avoidance response avoidance training avoidance without warning signal avoidance–avoidance conflict avoidant attachment avoidant attachment style avoidant marriage avoidant paruresis avoidant personality avoidant personality disorder avolition AVP awareness awareness training awe awfulize AWOL Axenfeld–Rieger syndrome axial axial gradient axiom axis axis cylinder axo-axonal synapse axolemma axon axon collateral axon hillock axon reflex axonal bundle axonal myelination axonal transport axonal varicosities axoplasm axoplasmic flow (axoplasmic transport) axosomatic synapse axotomy ayahuasca Ayurveda azapirone azathioprine azoospermia

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n. a pharmaceutical preparation of L-triiodothyronine, a naturally occurring thyroid hormone, used to treat conditions associated with thyroid deficiency. It is also used as an adjunct to standard antidepressant therapy in the management of depression that has not responded to standard therapy alone. U.S. trade name (among others): Cytomel.