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anterior–posterior development gradient

the more rapid growth of the head region compared with posterior areas of the body during fetal development. In the early embryonic stages, the head and brain make up half of the body mass, and at birth the head represents one quarter of the infant’s total height. See cephalocaudal.

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n. the state of having an abnormally low body temperature. It can be caused by absence of normal reflexes such as shivering, sometimes associated with disease or a disorder of the brain, or by exposure to extreme cold. Accidental hypothermia is most likely to affect older people, who are less able to cope with the cooling effect of environmental temperatures in the winter months. Symptoms include listlessness, drowsiness, apathy, and indifference to progressive frostbite, progressing (if untreated) to coma and death. See also induced hypothermia. —hypothermic adj.