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M M-Cat M-cell M–C SDS M’Naghten rule (McNaghten rule; McNaughten rule; McNaughton rule) MA MacArthur Scale of Subjective Social Status mace Mach bands Mach card Mach scale Mach–Dvorak stereoillusion Machian positivism Machiavellian hypothesis Machiavellianism machine consciousness Machover Draw-a-Person Test (DAP Test) mAChR MacLean’s theory of emotion macro- (macr-) macrobiotics macrocephaly macroelectrode macroergonomics macroglia macroglossia macrogyria macromastia macropsia macroskelic macrosplanchnic type macrosystem macula macula lutea macular degeneration macular sparing macular splitting maculopathy Mad Hatter’s disease MADD Maddox rod test madness MAE MAF magazine training magic magic circle magic mushroom magical number magical thinking MAGL magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnetic sense magnetic source imaging (MSI) magnetoencephalography (MEG) magnification factor magnification power magnitude effect magnitude estimation magnitude of effect magnitude production magnitude scaling of attitudes magnocellular system main clause main diagonal main effect mainlining mainstreaming maintaining cause maintenance function maintenance rehearsal maintenance therapy major depressive disorder major depressive episode major histocompatibility complex (MHC) major neurocognitive disorder major tranquilizer majority influence majority vote technique majority-minority mal de ojo mal de pelea mal puesto mal- maladaptation maladjustment malaise malapropism Malcolm horizon maldevelopment male chauvinism male climacteric male continence male erectile disorder male genitalia male homosexual prostitution male hypoactive sexual desire disorder male menopause male orgasmic disorder male pseudohermaphroditism male–male competition maleness malevolent transformation malformation malfunction mali-mali malice aforethought malignant malignant hypertension malingering malleation malleus malnutrition malpractice Malthusian theory maltreatment malum malum in se malum prohibitum mammalingus mammary gland mammillary body mammillothalamic tract mammography man–machine system managed behavioral health organization (MBHO) managed care management by objectives (MBO) management development management fashion management information systems (MIS) management psychology management-simulation game managerial grid managerial psychology MANCOVA mand mandate phenomenon mandated reporting mandibular reflex mandibulofacial dysostosis mandrake mania mania a potu maniac manic manic episode manic-depressive illness manifest anxiety Manifest Anxiety Scale manifest content manifest goal manifest variable manifestation manipulandum manipulation manipulation check Mann–Whitney U test mannerism manners manning theory manoptoscope MANOVA mantle layer mantra manual arts therapy manual communication manual dominance manual-assisted therapy manual-based therapy manual-control effects manualism manualized therapy MAO MAOI (MAO inhibitor) MAP map-tracing test maple-syrup urine disease (MSUD) maprotiline MAR marasmus marathon group Marbe’s law marche à petits pas Marfan’s syndrome margin of error (MOE) marginal marginal consciousness marginal frequency marginal group marginal intelligence marginal sulcus marginal value theorem marginalization marianismo marijuana (marihuana) Marinesco–Sjögren syndrome Marinol marital adjustment marital conflict marital counseling marital schism marital separation marital skew marital subsystem marital therapy mark-and-recapture sampling marker market research marketing orientation Markov chain Marlowe–Crowne Social Desirability Scale (M–C SDS) Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome Marplan marriage marriage counseling marriage-enrichment group marsupial Marxism Marxist feminism masculinity masculinity–femininity test masculinization masked audiogram masked depression masking masking level difference (MLD) masking pattern Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) Maslow’s motivational hierarchy Maslow’s theory of human motivation masochism masochistic fantasies masochistic personality disorder mass action mass contagion mass hysteria mass media mass murder mass psychology mass reflex mass suicide mass-spring model mass-to-specific development massa intermedia massage massed practice massed repetition masseter reflex Masson disk MAST mastery goal mastery learning mastery orientation mastery play mastery tests mastery training mastoid masturbation masturbatory reconditioning masturbatory satiation MAT mata elap matched samples matched-pairs design matched-pairs t test matching Matching Familiar Figures Test (MFF) matching hypothesis matching law matching patients matching to sample mate guarding mate poaching mate selection mate swapping mate value material cause material feminism material self materialism materialization maternal aggression maternal attitudes maternal behavior maternal brain maternal deprivation maternal drive maternal environment maternal memory maternal PKU maternal reverie maternity blues mathematical ability mathematical biology mathematical learning theory mathematical model mathematical psychology mathematical statistics mathematico-deductive method mathematics anxiety mathematics disorder mating behavior mating system matriarchy matricide matrifocal matrilineal matrilocal matrix matrix algebra matrix organization Matthew effect maturation maturation hypothesis maturational crisis maturational lag maturity Maximally Discriminative Facial Movement Coding System (MAX) maximin strategy maximizer maximum likelihood maximum-security unit Maxwell disks Maxwellian view maze maze learning maze task maze-bright and maze-dull rats MBD MBE MBHO MBI MBO MBT MBTI MC4-R MCA McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities McCarthy Screening Test (MST) McCollough effect MCE MCI MCL MCM MCMI McNaughton rule (McNaghten rule; McNaughten rule) MCO MCS MD MDA MDMA MDS me mean mean deviation mean difference mean effect size mean length of utterance (MLU) mean square mean square error mean square residual mean-gradation method meaning meaning-centered therapy meaningful learning meaninglessness means object means–ends analysis measure measure of association measurement measurement error measurement invariance measurement level measurement model measurement scale measurement theory measures of intelligence mecamylamine mechanical aptitude mechanical causality mechanical intelligence mechanical-aptitude test mechanical-comprehension test mechanical-man concept mechanism mechanistic interactionism mechanistic theory mechanoreceptor Meckel’s syndrome Medea complex media psychology media richness medial medial amygdala medial bundle medial forebrain bundle medial geniculate nucleus medial lemniscus medial prefrontal cortex medial preoptic area (mPOA) medial rectus medial temporal amnesia medial temporal gyrus (median temporal gyrus) medial temporal lobe medial temporal lobe epilepsy median median effective dose median lethal dose median nerve median test median-cleft-face syndrome mediate experience mediated generalization mediated response mediating behavior mediation mediation process mediation theory mediational deficiency mediational learning mediator Medicaid Medicaid Waiver medical anthropology medical audit medical care evaluation (MCE) medical family therapy medical food medical history medical home medical model medical psychology medical psychotherapy medical rehabilitation medical social worker medical tourism Medicare medication medication-induced movement disorder mediodorsal nucleus meditation medium medium trance medium-wavelength pigment medulla medulla oblongata medullary reticular formation medullary sheath medullation mefloquine MEG mega- megadose pharmacotherapy megalencephaly megalomania megalopsia Megan’s law megavitamin therapy meiosis Meissner’s corpuscle mel melancholia melancholia agitata melancholic features melancholic type melano- (melan-) melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4-R) melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) melatonin melioration Mellaril Melnick–Needles syndrome melodic intonation therapy (MIT) member check membership group membrane membrane potential membranous labyrinth meme memorandum as a whole memorize memory memory abilities memory aid memory attribution memory color memory consolidation memory curve memory decay memory disorder memory distortion memory drum memory illusion memory impairment memory retraining memory span memory storage memory system memory trace memory-enhancing drug memory-operating characteristic curve (MOCC) men’s liberation movement menacme ménage à trois menarche Mendelian inheritance Ménière’s disease meninges meningioma meningitis meningocele meningococcal meningitis meningoencephalitis meningomyelocele menkeiti menopausal depression menopause menorrhagia mens rea Mensa menses menstrual age menstrual cycle menstrual synchrony menstrual taboo menstruation mental mental aberration mental abilities mental accounting mental age (MA) mental apparatus mental asymmetry mental ataxia mental balance mental block mental chemistry mental chronometry mental claudication mental coaching mental combination mental confusion mental defective mental deficiency mental development mental diplopia mental disease mental disorder mental effort mental energy mental examination mental faculty mental fog mental function mental growth mental handicap mental healing mental health Mental Health America (MHA) mental health care mental health clinic mental health consultation mental health counselor mental health nursing mental health parity mental health program mental health services mental health support organization mental health worker mental history mental hospital mental housecleaning hypothesis mental hygiene mental illness mental imagery mental institution mental lexicon mental load mental map mental maturity mental measurement mental mechanics mental mechanism mental model mental paper-folding test mental practice mental process mental rehearsal mental representation mental retardation (MR) mental rotation Mental scale mental set mental shift mental status mental status examination (MSE) mental synthesis mental test mental testing mental topography mental workload mentalese mentalism mentality mentalization mentally defective mentation mentor mentoring meperidine mephedrone (4-methyl-N-methylcathinone) mephenytoin meprobamate mercury switch mercy mercy killing mere-exposure effect mere-thought polarization Meridia meridional amblyopia Merital meritocracy Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson Merkel’s corpuscle Merkel’s law Merkel’s tactile disk merycism mescal buttons mescaline mesencephalic nucleus mesencephalic tegmentum mesencephalon mesial temporal lobe epilepsy mesmerism meso- (mes-) mesocephalic mesocortical system mesoderm mesokurtic mesolimbic system mesomorph mesontomorph mesopic vision mesoridazine mesoskelic mesosomatic mesostriatal system mesosystem message factors message-learning approach messenger RNA (mRNA) Messiah complex Mestinon MET meta- (met-) meta-analysis meta-attention metabolic anomaly metabolic defect metabolic disorder metabolic encephalopathy metabolic equivalent metabolic rate metabolic screening metabolic syndrome metabolic tolerance metabolic–nutritional model metabolism metabolite metabotropic receptor metachromatic leukodystrophy metacognition metacognitive model of attitudes (MCM) metacommunication metacontrast metacriterion Metadate metaemotion metaesthetic range metaethics metaevaluation metagnomy metalanguage metalinguistic awareness metamemory metamorphopsia metamorphosis metamotivation metaneed metapathology metaphor metaphor therapy metaphoric symbolism metaphysics metapsychics metapsychological profile metapsychology metastasis metatheory metathetic metaworry metempirical metempsychosis metencephalon meth methadone methadone maintenance therapy methamphetamine methaqualone methocarbamol method of absolute judgment method of adjustment method of agreement method of agreement and difference method of average error method of choice method of concomitant variation method of constant adjustment method of constant stimuli method of difference method of equal and unequal cases method of equal-appearing intervals method of equivalents method of exclusion method of just noticeable differences method of limits method of loci method of moments method of opposition method of ratio estimation method of residues method of right and wrong cases method of selective adaptation method of serial exploration method of single stimuli method of successive approximations method of successive intervals method of triads methodological behaviorism methodological individualism methodological objectivism versus methodological subjectivism methodological pluralism methodological solipsism methodological triangulation methodology methods analysis methotrimeprazine methoxyhydroxyphenylglycol (MHPG) methyldopa methylphenidate methylphenyl-tetrahydropyridine methylxanthine methysergide metonymy Metrazol shock treatment metric metronomic pacing Meyer’s loop Meyer’s theory Meynert’s nucleus MFF MHA MHC MHPG MHV mianserin Michelangelo phenomenon Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) Mickey Finn micro- (micr-) microaggression microcephaly microcounseling microdata microdialysis microelectrode microergonomics microfilament microgenetic development microgenetic method microglia microglossia micrographia micromastia micromelia microorchidism microphonia micropolygyria micropsia micropsychosis microptic hallucination microsaccades microscopic level microsleep microsmia microsocial engineering microspectrophotometer microsplanchnic type microsystem microtome microtraining microtubule microvillus micturition micturition reflex midazolam midbrain middle cerebral artery middle class middle cranial fossa middle ear middle insomnia middle knowledge middle temporal gyrus (MTG) middle-child syndrome midget midget bipolar cell midlife crisis midline midparent midpoint midrange midspread midwife Mignon delusion migraine headache Migranal migration migratory restlessness MIH mild cognitive impairment (MCI) mild mental retardation milieu milieu therapy military environment military officer selection military peacekeeping Military Personnel Management military psychology military stress factors Military Testing Association milk letdown reflex Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale (MHV) Mill’s canons millenarianism Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Miller–Mowrer shuttle box milling crowd Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI) Miltown mimetic mimicry min strategy mind mind control mind reading mind stuff mind wandering mind-set mind–body intervention mind–body problem mind–brain–education (MBE) mind’s eye mindblindness mindfulness mindfulness meditation mindsight mineralocorticoid MINERVA 2 Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) miniature end-plate potential miniature system minimal audible field (MAF) minimal audible pressure (MAP) minimal brain dysfunction (MBD) minimal group minimal intergroup situation minimal pair minimally conscious state (MCS) minimax strategy minimization minimum power theory minimum resource theory minimum separable minimum visible Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) minor minor depression minor depressive disorder minor tranquilizer minority group minority influence minority stress minty miosis (myosis) Miranda warning mirror drawing mirror imaging mirror neuron mirror phase mirror reading mirror sign mirror technique mirror transference mirror writing mirror-box technique mirror–touch synesthesia mirroring mirtazapine MIS mis- misandry misanthropy misarticulation misattribution misattunement miscarriage miscegenation misclassification cost misdiagnosis miseducation misidentification misidentification syndrome misinformation effect miso- (mis-) misocainia (misocainea) misogamy misogyny misologia misoneism misopedia misorientation effect miss missing at random (MAR) missing fundamental missing-parts test missionaries and cannibals problem misspecification mistress mistrust MIT mitigating factor mitochondrion mitosis mitral cell mittelschmerz Mitwelt mixed cerebral dominance mixed deafness mixed design mixed distribution mixed dysarthria mixed emotions mixed episode mixed laterality mixed model mixed receptive-expressive language disorder mixed reinforcement schedule mixed schizophrenia mixed transcortical aphasia (MTcA) mixed-design analysis of variance mixed-effects design mixed-effects model mixed-function antidepressant mixed-methods research mixed-model analysis of variance mixed-motive game mixed-standard scale mixoscopia mixoscopia bestialis MLD MLE MLH1 MLU MMECT MMPI MMSE MMT mneme mnemonic mnemonic trace mnemonist mnestic mob mob psychology Moban mobbing mobility MoCA MOCC moclobemide modafinil modal modal action pattern (MAP) modal frequency modal model of memory modality modality effect mode MODE theory model model human processor model psychosis modeling modeling effect modeling theory moderate mental retardation moderating effect moderator modern racism modernism modernization modes of learning modesty modified replication Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) modifier modularity modulation modulation threshold modulatory role modulatory site module modulus modus operandi MOE Mogadon mogigraphia mogilalia moiré interference model molar molecular molecular genetics molecular layer molecularism molestation molilalia molindone Molyneux’s question moment moment about the mean mommy track mon- monad monaural monestrous mongolism moniliasis monism mono- (mon-) monoacylglycerol lipase (MAGL) monoamine monoamine hormone monoamine hypothesis monoamine oxidase (MAO) monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI; MAO inhibitor) monochorial twins monochromatic light monochromatism (monochromacy; monochromasy; monochromatopsia) monocular monocular cell monocular cue monocular deprivation monocular rearing monocular suppression monocular vision monodrama monogamy monogenism monoideism monomania monomorphism monopediomania monophagism monophasic sleep monoplegia monopolar neuron monorchidism monorhinic monosomy monosomy 5p monosymptomatic monosynaptic arc monosynaptic stretch reflex monosynaptic transmission monotherapy monotic monotonic monozygotic twins (MZ twins) Monte Carlo research Montessori method Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) mood mood congruent mood disorder mood incongruent mood induction mood stabilizer mood swing mood-altering drug mood-as-information theory mood-as-resource model mood-congruent memory mood-congruent psychotic feature mood-dependent memory mood-incongruent psychotic feature moon illusion moon-phase studies moral moral absolutism moral code moral commitment moral consistency moral determinism moral development moral dilemma moral exclusion moral independence moral judgment moral masochism moral nihilism moral philosophy moral realism moral relativism moral therapy morale morality morality of constraint morality of cooperation morals moratorium morbid morbid dependency morbid jealousy morbid obesity morbidity morbidity rate morbidity risk Morel’s syndrome mores Morgan’s canon moria Morita therapy morning sickness morning-after pill morning-glory seeds Moro reflex moron morpheme morphine morpho- (morph-) morphogenesis morphological index morphology morphometrics morphophilia morphophoneme morphophonemics Morris water maze morsicatio buccarum morsicatio labiorum mort douce mortality mortality effect mortality rate mortality salience morula mosaic test mosaicism mossy fiber most comfortable loudness (MCL) mother archetype mother figure mother substitute mother surrogate motherese mothering Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) motility motion aftereffect (MAE) motion agnosia motion and time study motion detection motion economy motion in limine motion parallax motion sickness motivated forgetting motivation motivation research motivational enhancement therapy motivational factor motivational hierarchy motivational interviewing motivational selectivity motivational style motivators motive motoneuron motor motor agraphia motor amimia motor amusia motor aphasia motor aprosodia motor area motor behavior motor control motor conversion symptoms motor coordination motor cortex motor development motor disorder motor disturbance motor dominance motor end plate motor equivalence motor evoked potential motor function motor homunculus motor imitation motor impersistence motor learning motor memory motor milestones motor neglect motor nerve motor neuron motor neuron disease motor neuron lesion motor neuron pool motor overflow motor pathway motor planning motor primacy theory motor program motor root Motor scale motor set motor speech disorder motor strip motor system motor tension motor test motor theory of speech perception motor tract motor unit mouches volantes mountain-climber’s syndrome (mountain sickness) mourning mouse-movement adapter mouthstick movement movement chaining movement disorder movement illusion movement learning movement perspective movement sense movement therapy movement-sensitive retinal cells moving-edge detector moving-window technique Mowat sensor Mozart effect mPOA MPS MPTP MR MRH MRI mRNA MRT MS MSE MSH MSH2 MSI MSIS MSLT MSP MSQ MSR MST MSUD MT (middle temporal) MTcA MTG MTMM mu mu opioid receptor mucocutaneous skin mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) mucous colitis mucous ophthalmia muina muliebrity Müller cell Müller-Lyer illusion Müller–Urban process Müller–Urban weights Müllerian duct Müllerian mimicry Müllerian-inhibiting hormone (MIH) multa loca tenens principle multi-infarct dementia multiattribute utility analysis multiaxial classification multicollinearity multicultural education multicultural psychology multicultural therapy multiculturalism multidetermination multidetermined behavior Multidimensional Scale for Rating Psychiatric Patients multidimensional scaling multidimensionality multidisciplinary approach multidisciplinary team multifactorial multifactorial inheritance multifactorial model multiform layer multifunctional antidepressant multigenerational transmission multigenerational trauma multigravida multilevel model Multilingual Aphasia Examination (MAE) multilingualism multimethod approach multimethod–multitrait model multimodal distribution multimodal therapy (MMT) multimodal treatment multinomial multinomial distribution multinormal distribution multiparous multipayer system multiphilia multiple baseline design multiple causation multiple classification multiple comparison test multiple comparisons multiple correlation coefficient multiple correlation coefficient squared multiple cutoff model of selection multiple delusions multiple determination multiple discriminant analysis multiple drafts hypothesis multiple family therapy multiple hurdle model of selection multiple imputation multiple linear regression multiple marital therapy multiple mating multiple monitored electroconvulsive treatment (MMECT) multiple orgasm multiple personality disorder multiple R multiple range test multiple regression multiple regression model of selection multiple reinforcement schedule multiple relationship multiple roles in persuasion multiple sclerosis (MS) multiple selves Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) multiple trace hypothesis multiple-aptitude test multiple-choice experiment multiple-choice question multiple-impact therapy multiple-intelligences theory multiple-resource model multiple-role playing multiple-spike recording multiple-task performance multiplex multiplication rule multiplicative model multiplicity-versus-unity dimension multipolar neuron multisensory learning multisensory method multiskilled (multiskill) multistage sampling multistage theory multistate information system (MSIS) multistore model of memory multisynaptic arc multitrait–multimethod matrix (MTMM) multitrait–multimethod model (MTMM) multivariate multivariate analysis multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA) multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) multivariate distribution multivariate normal distribution multivariate normality multivariate research multivariate statistics multivariate test mum effect Münchausen syndrome Münchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) mundane realism Munsell color system murder murder–suicide muscae volitantes muscarine muscarinic receptor (mAChR) muscimol muscle muscle action potential muscle contraction muscle dysmorphia muscle fiber muscle memory muscle relaxant muscle relaxation muscle sensation muscle spindle muscle tonus muscle twitch muscle-contraction headache muscle-tension gradient muscular dystrophy (MD) muscular rigidity muscular type musculocutaneous nerve musculoskeletal disorder musculoskeletal system music therapy musical intelligence musical interval musician’s cramp musicogenic epilepsy mussitation musturbation musty mutation mutilation mutism muttering delirium mutual exclusivity assumption mutual gaze mutual help mutual masturbation mutual pretense mutual reward theory mutual storytelling technique mutual support group mutualism mutuality mutually exclusive events my- myasthenia myasthenia gravis mydriasis myel- myelencephalon myelin myelin sheath myelinated fiber myelination myelitis myelo- (myel-) myeloarchitecture myelocele myelomeningocele myenteric plexus Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) myesthesia myo- (my-) myocardial infarction myoclonic myoclonic epilepsy myoclonic movements myoclonic seizure myoclonus myoclonus epilepsy myoelectric prothesis myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) myography myoneural junction myopathy myopia myosin myosis myositis myotatic reflex myotonia myotonic disorder myotonic muscular dystrophy myriachit Mysoline mysophilia mystic union mystical participation mysticism Mytelase mythology mythomania myxedema MZ twins

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