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T T -squared test T 2 T cell T data t distribution T lymphocyte T maze t ratio T score t test T-group T-scope T-unit T3 T4 TA tabanka (tabanca) tabes dorsalis table table-tilting taboo (tabu) tabula rasa tachisme tachistoscope tachy- tachyathetosis tachycardia tachyphemia tachyphylaxis tachypsychia tacit knowledge tacrine tact- tactic tactile agnosia tactile aid tactile amnesia tactile circle tactile communication tactile encoding tactile extinction Tactile Finger Recognition Tactile Form Perception tactile form recognition tactile hallucination tactile illusion tactile perception tactile perceptual disorder tactile receptor tactile sense tactile sensory aid tactile stimulation tactual display tactual hallucination tactual localization Tactual Performance Test (TPT) tactual shape discrimination tactual size discrimination tactual stimulation Tadoma method TAE TAF Taft–Hartley Act TAG tag question tagging taijin kyofusho tail flick test TAIS Takayasu’s disease talbot Talbot–Plateau law talent talented and gifted (TAG) talion talipes talk therapy talking book talking cure taming of the instinct tamoxifen tandem reinforcement tandem therapy tangent screen tangential speech tangentiality tangible support tangible user interface (TUI) tantric sex tantrum Taoism (Daoism) tapering tapetum taphophilia tapping test Taractan Tarasoff decision tardive tardive dyskinesia tardive dysmentia target target behavior target device target language target patient target population target response target stimulus Tartini’s tone TAS task task analysis task cohesion task complexity task conflict task demands task identity task orientation task role task significance task specificity of language task structure task switching task-motivated task-oriented group task-specific tremor task-unrelated images and thoughts (TUITs) task-unrelated thoughts (TUTs) tastant taste taste adaptation taste aversion taste blindness taste bud taste cell taste cortex taste pore taste stimulus taste system taste transduction taste-aversion learning TAT tau effect tau test taurine tautology Tavistock Clinic taxis taxonomic assumption taxonomic classification taxonomy taxonomy of educational objectives Tay–Sachs disease (TSD) Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale Taylorism TBI TBR items TCA TCD TCI TDD teacher-effectiveness evaluation teaching games teaching machine teaching model teaching style team team building team mental model technical technical eclecticism technical term technological gatekeeper technostress tectal nucleus tectorial membrane tectospinal tract tectum teenage pregnancy teeth grinding teething tegmentum Tegretol tele- (tel-) telecommunication device (TDD) telecommuting teleconferencing telegnosis telegraphic speech telehealth telekinesis telemedicine telemetry telencephalon teleologic regression teleology teleonomy teleoperator teleopsia telepathic dream telepathy telephone counseling telephone scatologia telephone theory teleplasm telepresence telepsychotherapy telergy telesis telesthesia (telaesthesia) telesupervision Telfaire instructions telic telic continuum Tellegen Absorption Scale (TAS) telodendron telomere temazepam temper temper tantrum temperament Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) temperament theory temperament trait temperance temperature illusion temperature sense temperature spot template-matching theory temporal temporal appraisal theory temporal arteritis temporal aspects of consciousness temporal bone temporal coding temporal coherence temporal conditioning temporal consistency temporal construal theory temporal discounting temporal discrimination temporal frequency temporal gradient temporal hallucinations temporal lobe temporal lobe amnesia temporal lobe epilepsy temporal lobe illusions temporal lobe syndrome temporal lobectomy temporal modulation transfer function (TMTF) temporal perceptual disorder temporal precedence temporal stability temporal summation temporal validity temporal-frequency discrimination temporary commitment temporary lesion temporary threshold shift (TTS) temporomandibular joint syndrome temptation ten–twenty system tend-and-befriend response tendentious apperception tender years doctrine tender-mindedness tendinitis tendon tendon reflex tendon sensation Tenex Tennessee Self-Concept Scale (TSCS) TENS tense tension tension headache tension law tension reduction tensor tympani tenth cranial nerve tenting tentorial herniation tentorium cerebelli Tenuate tenure teratogen teratological defect teratology term Terman–McNemar Test of Mental Ability Terman’s giftedness study terminal terminal assessment terminal behavior terminal button (terminal bouton) terminal care terminal decline terminal event terminal insomnia terminal link terminal threshold termination TerraNova CAT territorial aggression territorial dominance territorial marking territoriality terror terror management theory terrorism tertiary care tertiary circular reaction tertiary prevention tertiary suggestibility test test age test analysis test anxiety test battery test bias test cutoff test for contrasts test for equality of variance test for independence test for normality test interpretation test marketing test norm Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI) test of significance test of simple effects Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA) test profile test selection test sensitization test sophistication test statistic test theory test-operate-test-exit (TOTE) test-tube baby test–retest correlation test–retest reliability test–study–test method testability testamentary capacity testicle testicular atrophy testicular feminization syndrome testimony testing effect testing the limits testis testis-determining factor testosterone testwise testwise alpha level testwise error rate tetanic contraction tetanizing shock tetanoid paraplegia tetany tetartanopia tetra- (tetr-) tetrabenazine tetrachoric correlation coefficient tetrachromatism tetrahydrocannabinol (THC; delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) tetraparesis tetraplegia tetrasomy X tetrodotoxin (TTX) text telephone (TTY) textons textual narrative texture gradient texture perception texture segregation task TFT strategy TGA thalamic lesion thalamic nucleus thalamic pacemaker thalamic sensory gating thalamic taste area thalamic theory of Cannon thalamocortical system thalamotomy thalamus thalidomide thanato- (thanat-) thanatology thanatomania thanatomimesis thanatophobia Thanatos that’s-not-all technique THC theater of consciousness Theater of Spontaneity thebaine theism thema thematic analysis Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) thematic classification thematic paralogia thematic paraphasia thematic test theobromine theomania theophagy theophylline theorem theoretical construct theoretical distribution theoretical integration theoretical orientation theoretical prediction theoretical probability theoretical sampling theoretical statistics theory theory begging theory of aging theory of evolution theory of forms theory of mental self-government theory of mind theory of misapplied constancy theory of personal investment theory of planned behavior theory of reasoned action theory theory Theory X and Y Theory Z theory-laden therapeutic therapeutic abortion therapeutic alliance therapeutic atmosphere therapeutic camp therapeutic communication therapeutic community therapeutic crisis therapeutic exercise therapeutic factors therapeutic group therapeutic group analysis therapeutic index therapeutic jurisprudence therapeutic matrix therapeutic process therapeutic ratio therapeutic relaxation therapeutic role therapeutic soliloquy therapeutic storytelling therapeutic touch therapeutic window therapeutist therapist therapist–patient relationship Theraplay therapy therapy group climate therapy outcome research therapy puppet therapy supervision therblig there-and-then approach thermal comfort thermal discrimination thermal illusion thermal sensitivity thermal stimulation thermalgesia thermalgia thermistor thermo- (therm-) thermoanesthesia thermode thermoesthesia (thermesthesia) thermography thermoreceptor thermoregulation thesis theta feedback theta wave they-group thiamine (thiamin) thiazide diuretic thick description thick stripes thienobenzodiazepine thigmesthesia thin slices of behavior thin stripes think-aloud protocol thinking thinking style thinking through thinking type thinning thiopental thioridazine thioxanthene third cranial nerve third moment third quartile third variable third ventricle third-party administrator (TPA) third-party payer third-person effect third-person perspective third-person perspective memory third-variable problem thirst Thomas S. class action Thomistic psychology thoracic thoracic nerve thoracolumbar system Thorazine Thorndike Puzzle Box Thorndike–Lorge list thought thought avoidance thought broadcasting thought deprivation thought derailment thought disorder thought echoing thought experiment thought insertion thought intrusion thought monitoring thought obstruction thought pressure thought process thought record thought reform thought sampling thought stopping thought suppression thought transference thought withdrawal thought–action fusion (TAF) threat threat appraisal threat display threat to self-esteem model three-burst pattern three-component theory three-mountains test three-parameter model three-stage model three-stage sampling three-stage theory three-stratum model of intelligence three-term contingency three-way analysis of variance three-way design three-way interaction threshold threshold effect threshold model threshold of consciousness threshold shift threshold theory threshold traits analysis (TTA) thrombosis thrombotic stroke thrombus thumb opposition thumb sucking Thurstone attitude scales thymine thymus thyro- thyroid gland thyroid hormone thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) thyroplasty thyrotoxicosis thyrotropin thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) thyroxine (T4) TIA tianeptine tic tic disorder tic douloureux tickle experience tight culture tightrope test tigroid bodies tilt aftereffect (TAE) timbre time time agnosia time and motion study time and rhythm disorders time discounting time distortion time error time estimation time out (TO) time sampling time score time sense time series time sharing time-compressed speech time-extended therapy time-lag design time-lagged correlation time-limited day treatment time-limited psychotherapy (TLP) time-of-measurement effect time-out theory time-sequential design time-series analysis time-series design time–location sampling time–space synesthesia timed test timeless moment timidity timing-of-events model tinnitus tip node tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon (TOT phenomenon) tissue tissue damage tit-for-tat strategy (TFT strategy) Titchener circles titration TLP TM TMA TMI TMJ syndrome TMS TMTF TO to-be-remembered items (TBR items) tobacco tobacco dependence tobacco use disorder tobacco withdrawal Tobit analysis toe drop Tofranil toilet training token economy token identity theory token reinforcer Token Test tokenism tolerance tolerance interval tolerance limit toloache toluene Tolvon tomato effect tomboyism tomography tomomania ton- tonal attribute tonal chroma tonal fusion tonal gap tonal island tonal language tonal sensation tonal spectrum tonal volume tonality tone tone color tone deafness tongue kiss tongue tie TONI tonic tonic activation tonic contraction tonic epilepsy tonic immobility tonic labyrinth reflex tonic pupil of Adie tonic receptor tonic reflex tonic spasm tonic–clonic seizure tono- (ton-) tonometer tonometry tonotopic organization tonus tool design tool-using behavior tools of intellectual adaptation top-down design top-down processing topagnosis topalgia Topamax topdog topectomy topical application topiramate topo- (top-) topoanesthesia topographagnosia topographic topographic model topographic organization topographical amnesia topographical disorientation topographical memory topographical psychology topography of response topological psychology topology toremifene torpor Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) torsades de pointes torsion tort torticollis torture TOT phenomenon total color blindness total degrees of freedom total effect total hysterectomy total immersion total institution total lipodystrophy total quality management (TQM) total recall total sum of squares total variance total-package arbitration TOTE model totem touch touch blends touch fiber touch sense touch spot touch therapy toucherism tough love tough-mindedness Tourette’s disorder TOVA Tower of Hanoi tox- (toxic-; toxo-; toxico-) toxemia of pregnancy toxic delirium toxic disorder toxic epidermal necrosis toxic psychosis toxic-metabolic encephalopathy toxicity toxicology toxicomania toxicosis toxin toxo- toxoplasmosis toy test TPA TPD TPQ TPT TQM trace trace conditioning trace-decay theory tracer tracheotomy trachoma tracking tract tractotomy trade union trademark tradition tradition-directed traditional authority traditional marriage traditional medicine traditionalism trafficking tragedy of the commons Trail Making Test (TMT) train trainability trainable mentally retarded trainer training training analysis training evaluation training group training log training school training study training systems design training validity trait trait anxiety trait negativity bias trait organization trait profile trait rating trait rumination trait self-focus trait theory trait theory of leadership trait validity trait–treatment interaction (TTI) trajectories of dying trajectory trance trance and possession disorder (TPD) trance disorder trance logic tranquilizer tranquilizer chair transaction transactional analysis (TA) transactional contingent reward transactional evaluation transactional leadership transactional model of development transactional psychotherapy transactionalism transactive memory system transcendence transcendence need transcendence therapy transcendent counseling transcendental meditation (TM) transcendental state transcendentalism transcortical transcortical aphasia transcortical motor aphasia (TMA) transcortical sensory aphasia (TSA) transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (TCD) transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) transcription transcultural psychotherapy transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation Transderm-Scop transdermal patch transducer transduction transductive reasoning transection transfer transfer by generalization transfer function model transfer of principles transfer of training transfer RNA transfer validity transfer-appropriate processing transferase transference transference analysis transference cure transference distortion transference neurosis transference remission transference resistance transformation transformation theory transformational generative grammar transformational leadership transformational rules transgender transgenerational design transgenerational patterns transgenic transience transient global amnesia (TGA) transient ischemic attack (TIA) transient monocular blindness transient tic disorder transient tremor transition probability transitional bilingual education transitional employment transitional living transitional object transitional phenomenon transitive inference task transitivism transitivity translation translation and back-translation translocation transmarginal inhibition (TMI) transmission transmitter transmuting internalization transneural degeneration transneuronal degeneration transorbital lobotomy transparency transpersonal psychology transplacental transmission transplantation transporter transposition transposition of affect transsexualism transsynaptic degeneration transtentorial herniation transtheoretical model (TTM) transverse plane transvestic fetishism transvestism Tranxene tranylcypromine trapezoid body trauma trauma management therapy traumagenic traumagenic psychosis traumatic brain injury (TBI) traumatic disorder traumatic encephalopathy traumatic fistula traumatic grief traumatic gynecologic fistula traumatic hemorrhage traveling salesperson problem (TSP) traveling wave traveling wave theory trazodone Treacher Collins syndrome treatment treatment audit treatment bias treatment effect treatment effectiveness evaluation treatment facility treatment integrity treatment level treatment outcome research treatment plan treatment process research treatment protocol treatment refusal treatment resistance treatment trial treatment validity treatment variable treatment withholding treatment-seeking behavior tree tree diagram tremor trend analysis trend study trephination treppe TRH triad triad training model triage trial trial consultant trial design trial lesson trial marriage trial therapy trial-and-error learning triangular test triangular theory of love triangulation triarchic theory of intelligence Triavil triazolam tribade tribar TRICARE tricho- (trich-) trichobezoar trichomegaly-retinal degeneration syndrome trichophagia trichotillomania trichromatic theory trichromatism tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire (TPQ) tridimensional theory of feeling trier of fact trifluoperazine trigeminal chemoreception trigeminal nerve trigeminal neuralgia trigeminal nucleus trigeminal rhizotomy trigger trigger feature trigger zone triggering cause trigram trigraph trihexyphenidyl triiodothyronine (T3) Trilafon trimester trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA) trimipramine trimmed mean trimming trinucleotide repeat trip tripa ida tripartite model of attitudes triphasic pattern triple blind triple-code model of imagery triple-X condition triptan trisomy trisomy 13 trisomy 18 trisomy 21 trisomy X tritanopia triune brain trochlear nerve troilism troland trophic trophic hormone trophic nerve trophotropic tropia tropic hormone (trophic hormone) tropism troposmia tropotaxis truancy true experiment true schizophrenia true score true self true variance true–false test Truman Show delusion truncated data truncated distribution trust trust exercise trust versus mistrust truth bias truth serum truth value tryptamine tryptamine derivative tryptophan tryptophan hydroxylase TSA TSCS TSD TSH TSP TSS TTA TTCT TTI TTM TTR TTS TTX TTY tubal ligation tubal pregnancy tubectomy tuberculous meningitis tuberoinfundibular tract tuberomammillary nucleus tubular vision tufted cell TUI TUITs Tukey test of additivity Tukey–Kramer procedure Tukey’s honestly significant difference test (Tukey’s HSD test) tulipmania tumescence tumor tuning curve tunnel vision turbinate Turing machine Turing test turn taking Turner syndrome turnover TUTs twelfth cranial nerve twelve-step program twilight state twilight vision twin control twin study twinning twins twinship transference twitching two-by-two contingency table two-by-two factorial design two-by-two table two-chair technique two-dimensional leader behavior space two-factor analysis of variance two-factor design two-factor theory two-factor theory of emotion two-factor theory of work motivation two-neuron arc two-parameter model two-person psychology two-plus-two phenomenon two-point discrimination two-point threshold two-process model of recall two-sample t test two-sample test two-sided message two-spirit two-stage memory theory two-stage sampling two-stage stopping rule two-tailed hypothesis two-tailed test two-way analysis of covariance two-way analysis of variance two-way design two-way factorial design two-way interaction two-way table two-word stage Tylenol tympanic cavity tympanic membrane tympanic reflex tympanometry tympanoplasty Type 1 diabetes Type 2 diabetes Type A personality Type B personality Type D personality Type I cell Type I conditioning Type I error type identity theory Type II cell Type II conditioning Type II error Type III cell Type III error Type IV cell Type R conditioning Type S conditioning Type T personality type theory type-changing plastic surgery type–token distinction type–token ratio (TTR) typical antipsychotic typical schizophrenia typicality effect typing typology tyramine tyrosine tyrosine hydroxylase

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genetic linguistics

genetic linguistics

an approach to linguistics in which languages are classified according to their historical “family” relationships. The world’s 4,000 or so languages are conventionally divided into some 18 families, each of which is presumed to have developed from a common ancestral protolanguage. The larger families, such as Indo-European, are further divided into subfamilies, such as Celtic, Germanic, Aryan, and so on. See comparative linguistics; diachronic linguistics.