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E E trisomy e-therapy EA EAHCA EAP ear ear canal ear ossicles eardrum Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) early bilingualism early experience early immersion early infantile autism early intervention early memory Early Years Cognitive Battery Early Years of Marriage Project (EYM Project) early-morning awakening insomnia early-onset Alzheimer’s disease early-selection theory earwax ease-of-learning judgment Easterbrook hypothesis eating aid eating compulsion eating disorder Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention, Inc. Ebbinghaus curve Ebbinghaus illusion Ebonics EBP EBV ECA Survey eCB eccentric projection eccyesis ECF ECG echinacea echo écho des pensées echocardiography echoencephalography echographia echoic memory echolalia echolocation echophrasia echopraxia echovirus eclampsia eclectic behaviorism eclectic counseling eclectic psychotherapy eclecticism eclima ECM ecobehavioral assessment ECochG ecofeminism ECoG ecological assessment ecological fallacy ecological momentary assessment (EMA) ecological niche ecological perception ecological perspective ecological psychology ecological study ecological systems theory ecological validity ecology ecomania economic model Economo’s disease economy economy of effort economy principle ecopathology ecopsychology ecosystem ecosystemic approach ecphory ECS ecstasy Ecstasy ecstatic trance ECT ECT-induced amnesia ecto- ectoderm ectohormone ectomorph ectopia ectopic pregnancy ectopic testis ectoplasm ectotherm ED EDA edema edge edge detector edge theory EDI Edinger–Westphal nucleus EDR edrophonium educable educable mentally retarded (EMR) education Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA; EHA) educational acceleration educational age (EA) educational attainment level educational counseling educational diagnosis educational guidance educational linguistics educational measurement educational neuroscience educational pacing educational placement educational program educational psychology educational quotient (EQ) educational retardation educational sport psychology Educational Testing Service (ETS) educational tests educational therapy eduction Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) Edwards Social Desirability Scale Edwards syndrome EE EEG EEG biofeedback EEG measures of intelligence EEOC EFA effect effect coding effect law effect size effect variable effect-size correlation effectance effective dose (ED) effective stimulus effectiveness evaluation effectiveness research effector effeminacy efference copy efferent efferent motor aphasia efferent nerve fiber efferent neuron efferent pathway Effexor efficacy efficacy research efficiency efficient cause effluvium effort after meaning effort justification effort syndrome effortful processing effortfulness effortless attention EFP EFPPA EFT egersis egg cell ego ego analysis ego anxiety ego boundary ego control ego defect ego defense ego depletion ego development ego formation ego functions ego identity ego integration ego integrity versus despair ego involvement ego orientation ego psychology ego resiliency ego resistance ego state ego strength ego stress ego structure ego transcendence ego weakness ego-alien ego-boundary loss ego-centered network ego-defensive function of an attitude ego-dystonic ego-dystonic homosexuality ego-ideal ego-splitting ego-syntonic egocentric predicament egocentric speech egocentrism egoism egoistic helping egoistic relative deprivation egoistic suicide egomania egopathy egotheism egotism EHA EHR eidetic image eigenvalue eigenvector Eigenwelt eighth cranial nerve Einstellung either–or fallacy either–or thinking ejaculation ejaculatory duct Ekbom’s syndrome EKG elaborated code elaboration elaboration-likelihood model (ELM) elaborative rehearsal élan vital elation Elavil ELBW Eldepryl elder abuse elder care elder neglect elderspeak elective elective abortion elective affinity elective bilingualism elective mutism Electra complex electric ophthalmia electric potential electric sense electric shock method electric sink electrical activity of the brain electrical intracranial stimulation electrical self-stimulation of the brain (ESSB) electrical stimulation electrical stimulation of the cortex electrical synapse electrical transcranial stimulation (ETS) electrocardiogram (ECG; EKG) electrocardiographic effect electrocochleography (ECochG) electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) electrocorticography (ECoG) electrode electrode placement electrodermal changes electrodermal response (EDR) electrodiagnosis electroencephalographic audiometry electroencephalography (EEG) electrolyte imbalance electromagnetic spectrum electromyography (EMG) electronarcosis electronic aid to daily living electronic brainstorming electronic health record (EHR) electronic nose electronystagmography electrooculography (EOG) electroolfactography (EOG) electrophysiologic audiometry electrophysiology electroplethysmography electroretinography electroshock therapy (EST) electrosleep therapy electrostimulation electrostimulation of the brain (ESB) electrostimulator electrotactile aid electrotherapy electrotonic conduction electrotonus elegant solution element element-level compatibility effect elementarism elementary cognitive task (ECT) Elephant Man’s disease elevated maze elevated mood elevated plus maze elevator phobia eleventh cranial nerve elicitation elicited behavior elimination by aspects elimination disorder elimination drive eliminativism elision elite athlete elite bilingualism ellipsis Ellis–van Creveld syndrome ELM elopement ELSI Program EMA emancipated minor emancipation disorder emasculation embalming fluid embarrassment embedded figure Embedded Figures Test (EFT) embedded sentence embeddedness of an attitude emblem embodied cognition embolic stroke embolism embolus embryo embryo transfer embryology embryonic stage embryonic stem cell EmC EMDR emergence emergency call system emergency intervention emergency psychotherapy emergency reaction emergency services emergency syndrome emergent evolution emergent feature emergent leader emergent literacy emergent property emergent-norm theory emergentism emerging adulthood emetic therapy EMG emic emic–etic distinction emitted behavior Emmert’s law emmetropia Emory Dyssemia Index (EDI) emotion emotion regulation emotion-focused coping emotion-focused couples therapy emotion-focused therapy (EFT) emotional abuse emotional adjustment emotional blocking emotional charge emotional cognition emotional conflict emotional contagion emotional content emotional dependence emotional deprivation emotional deterioration emotional development emotional disorder emotional disposition emotional dissemblance emotional disturbance emotional divorce emotional dysregulation emotional engineering emotional expression emotional flooding emotional illness emotional immaturity emotional incest emotional inoculation emotional insight emotional instability emotional insulation emotional intelligence emotional intelligence quotient emotional isolation emotional maturity emotional memory emotional processing theory emotional quotient emotional reeducation emotional release emotional response emotional security emotional stability emotional stress emotional stupor emotional support emotional tension emotional unconscious emotional valence emotionality emotionally based persuasion emotive emotive imagery emotive technique empathic failure empathy empathy training empathy-altruism hypothesis empiric-risk figure empirical empirical construct empirical grounding empirical knowledge empirical method empirical psychology empirical self empirical test empirical validity empirical-criterion keying empirical-rational strategy empirically keyed test empiricism employee appraisal employee assistance program (EAP) employee comparison technique employee evaluation Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) employee training employment at will employment counseling employment discrimination employment interview employment psychology employment test empowerment empowerment evaluation empty nest empty set empty speech empty word empty-chair technique empyreumatic EMR EMSAM emulation enabling enaction enactive representation enactment enantiodromia enantiomers encapsulated end organ encapsulation encéphale isolé encephalitis encephalitis lethargica encephalization encephalocele encephalofacial angiomatosis encephalomalacia encephalomyelitis encephalon encephalopathy encephalopsy encoding encoding specificity encoding strategy encoding variability theory encopresis encounter encounter group encounter movement enculturation end brush end feet end of life end organ end plate end spurt end-aversion bias end-stage renal disease end-stopped cell endarterectomy endemic endo- (end-) endocannabinoid endocarditis endocast endocochlear potential endocrine endocrine disruptor endocrine gland endocrinology endoderm endogamy endogenous endogenous attention endogenous cannabinoid (eCB) endogenous cue endogenous depression endogenous opioid endogenous oscillator endogenous research endogenous rhythm endogenous smile endogenous thyrotoxicosis endogenous variable endolymph endolymphatic potential endometrium endomorph endomorphin endomusia endophasia endophenotype endoplasm endoplasmic reticulum (ER) endopsychic endopsychic structure endoradiosonde endorphin endosomatic current endotherm endowment effect endurance activity enema enema addiction energization theory energy drink energy-flow system enervate engendering psychology engineering anthropometry engineering controls engineering model engineering psychology English as a second language (ESL) engram engulfment enhancement enjoyment enkephalin Enlon enmeshment enrichment enrichment program entelechy enteric virus infection enterogastrone enthusiasm entitativity entitlement entitlement program entity theory entoptic entorhinal cortex entrainment entrapment entrepreneurship entropy enucleation enuresis envelope environment environmental aesthetics environmental agnosia environmental approach environmental assessment environmental attitudes environmental attribution environmental cognition environmental constraint environmental control device environmental deprivation environmental design environmental determinism environmental education environmental enrichment environmental field environmental hazards environmental justice environmental load theory environmental manipulation environmental modifications environmental noise environmental press–competence model environmental psychology environmental psychophysics environmental sounds agnosia environmental stress environmental stress theory environmental therapy environmentalism envy enzyme enzyme induction enzyme inhibition EOG eonism EP epena ependyma ependymal cell ependymoma ephebophilia ephedra ephemeral EPI epi- epicritic epidemic epidemic catalepsy epidemic hysteria Epidemiologic Catchment Area Survey (ECA Survey) epidemiology epidermis epididymis epidural hematoma epidural hemorrhage epigastric reflex epigenesis epigenetic landscape epigenetic theory epigenetics epilepsy epilepsy surgery epileptic cry epileptic furor epileptiform epileptiform seizure epileptogenic epileptogenic focus epileptogenic lesion epimenorrhagia epinephrine epiphany epiphenomenalism epiphenomenon epiphora episode episodic amnesia episodic buffer episodic disorder episodic memory epistemic epistemic value epistemology epistemophilia epithalamus epithelioma epithelium EPP EPPS EPQ EPS EPSDT epsilon alcoholism epsilon movement EPSP Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) EQ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) equal loudness contour equal opportunity equal rights amendment (ERA) equal sense-difference method equal weighting equal-and-unequal-cases method equal-appearing-intervals method equality law equality of variance equality stage equated score equation equilibration equilibratory sense equilibrium equilibrium model of group development equilibrium potential equilibrium-point model equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) equipercentile method equipment automation equipment design equipotentiality equity stage equity theory equivalence equivalence class equivalence paradox equivalency test equivalent form equivalent stimulus equivalent-forms reliability equivalents method equivocal death analysis equivocal sign ER ERA erect erectile dysfunction eremophilia erethism ERF erg ERG ERG theory ergasiology ergative ergic trait ergodicity ergograph ergomania ergometry ergonomic traps ergonomics ergonovine ergot alkaloid ergot derivative ergotamine ergotherapy ergotropic Erhard Seminar Training (est; EST) Erichsen’s disease Ericksonian psychotherapy Eriksen flankers task Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development ERISA erogenous zone Eros erosion erotic asphyxiation erotic delusion erotic feminism erotic instinct erotic love erotic paranoia erotic plasticity erotic pyromania erotic type erotica eroticism eroticization erotism erotization erotogenesis erotogenic erotogenic masochism erotographomania erotolalia erotomania erotomanic delusion erotophonophilia ERP ERP measure of attitudes ERP measures of intelligence error error analysis error method error of anticipation error of commission error of habituation error of omission error of refraction error rate error score error sum of squares error term error variance error-choice technique errorless learning erythema multiforme major erythro- (erythr-) erythropoietin erythropsia Esalen Institute ESB escalating aggression escalating commitment escape behavior escape conditioning escape from freedom escape from reality escape into illness escape mechanism escape titration escapism Eskalith ESL ESM esophageal speech esophoria esotropia ESP ESP cards ESP forced-choice test ESP free-response test espanto esprit de corps ESS ESSB essence essential amino acid essential fatty acid essential hypertension essential property essential tremor essentialism est EST establishing operation estazolam esteem need Estes–Skinner procedure esthesiometry (aesthesiometry) estimate estimating function estimation estimator estimators estradiol estrangement estrogen estrogen antagonist estrogen replacement therapy estrone estrous cycle estrus eszopiclone eta eta squared ethanol ethchlorvynol ether ethereal ethical code ethical conflict ethical consumerism ethical determinism ethical dilemma ethical imperative ethical judgment ethical nihilism ethical principle orientation ethics ethics of animal research ethinamate ethmocephaly ethmoid fossa ethnic ethnic bias ethnic cleansing ethnic drift ethnic group ethnic identity ethnic psychology ethnic research ethnic socialization ethnicity ethnocentrism ethnographic approach ethnography ethnolinguistics ethnology ethnomethodology ethnopsychology ethnopsychopharmacology ethogram ethologically oriented universal ethology ethos ethosuximide ethotoin ethyl alcohol etic etiology Etrafon ETS etymology eu- eudaimonic well-being eudemonia (eudaemonia) eudemonism (eudaemonism) euergasia eugenic eugenics Euler diagram eumorphic eunuch euphenics euphoria euphoriant euphorogenic eureka task European Federation of Professional Psychologists’ Associations (EFPPA) European Federation of the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity eurymorph euryplastic eusociality eustachian tube eusthenic eustress euthanasia euthymia evaluability assessment evaluation evaluation apprehension evaluation interview evaluation objective evaluation research evaluation utilization evaluative priming measure evaluative ratings evaluative reasoning evaluator evaluator credibility evasion evenly hovering attention event event history analysis event memory event sampling event space event-related magnetic field (ERF) event-related potential (ERP) everyday creativity everyday intelligence everyday racism evidence-based practice (EBP) evil eye eviration evocative therapy evoked potential (EP) evolution evolution of consciousness evolution of intelligence evolution of the brain evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) evolutionary aesthetics evolutionary developmental psychology evolutionary epistemology evolutionary psychology evolutionary theory evolved mechanism ex post facto design ex post facto evaluation ex vivo ex- ex-patient club EX/RP exacerbation exact replication exact test exaggeration exaltation examination exaptation exceptional child exceptional creativity exchange relationship exchange theory exchangeability excitability excitant excitation excitation pattern excitation-transfer theory excitatory conditioning excitatory field excitatory gradient (excitation gradient) excitatory neurotransmitter excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) excitatory synapse excitatory threshold excitatory–inhibitory processes excitement excitement phase excitotoxic lesion excitotoxicity exclusion design exclusive excoriation (skin-picking) disorder excrement exculpatory evidence executive executive area executive attention executive coaching executive control structure executive dysfunction executive functions executive leadership executive organ executive self executive stage executive stress Exelon exemplar theory exemplary damages exemplification exercise exercise addiction exercise adherence exercise high exercise obsession exercise play exercise psychology exercise therapy exercise–behavior model exhaustion exhaustion death exhaustion delirium exhaustion stage exhaustive exhaustive search exhibitionism existence existence, relatedness, and growth theory (ERG theory) existential analysis existential anxiety existential crisis existential dread existential intelligence existential judgment existential living existential neurosis existential phenomenology existential psychoanalysis existential psychology existential psychotherapy existential vacuum existential–humanistic therapy existentialism exit interview exo- (ex-) exocrine gland exogamy exogenous exogenous attention exogenous cue exogenous depression exogenous variable exon exophoria exophthalmos exopsychic exorcism exosomatic method exosystem exotropia exp expanded consciousness expansion expansive delusion expansive mood expansiveness expectancy expectancy effect expectancy theory expectancy wave expectancy-value model expectation expectation-states theory expected frequency expected value experience experience-dependent process experience-expectant process experience-sampling method (ESM) experiencer experiential family therapy experiential history experiential knowledge experiential learning experiential psychotherapy experiential subtheory experiment experiment-wise alpha level experiment-wise error rate experimental aesthetics experimental analysis of behavior experimental attrition experimental condition experimental control experimental design experimental epilepsy experimental ethics experimental group experimental hypothesis experimental manipulation experimental method experimental neuropsychology experimental neurosis experimental philosophy experimental psychology experimental realism experimental research experimental treatment experimental unit experimental variable experimenter bias experimenter drift experimenter effect experimenter expectancy effect expert authority expert fallacy expert performance expert power expert system expert testimony expert witness expert–novice differences expertise expiatory punishment explained variance explanation explanatory research explanatory style explanatory variable explant explicit attitude explicit attitude measure explicit behavior explicit emotion regulation explicit memory explicit memory test explicit prejudice explicit process exploitative orientation exploratory behavior exploratory data analysis (EDA) exploratory drive exploratory factor analysis (EFA) exploratory procedure exploratory research explosive disorder explosive personality exponent exponential curve exponential distribution exponential function (exp) exposure and response prevention (ERP; EX/RP) exposure deafness exposure therapy expressed emotion (EE) expression expressionism factor expressive amimia expressive amusia expressive aphasia expressive language expressive language disorder expressive suppression expressive therapy extended care extended Cox regression model extended family extended suicide extended-family therapy extended-release preparation extended-stay review extension extension reflex extensional meaning extensor extensor motor neuron extensor posturing extensor rigidity extensor thrust exteriorization external aim external attribution external auditory meatus external boundary external capsule external chemical messenger (ECM) external control external ear external evaluator external fertilization external genitalia external granular layer external inequity external locus of control external pyramidal layer external rectus external reliability external respiration external validity external world externality effect externalization externalizing–internalizing exteroception exteroceptive stimulus exteroceptor extinction extinction burst extirpation extra- (extr-) extracellular space extradural hemorrhage extrafusal fiber extraneous variable extrapair mating extrapolation extrapsychic extrapsychic conflict extrapunitive extrapyramidal dyskinesia extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) extrapyramidal tract extrasensory perception (ESP) extraspective perspective extraspectral hue extrastriate cortex extrastriate visual area extraterrestrial kidnapping extrauterine pregnancy extraversion (extroversion) extreme capsule (EmC) extreme environments extremely low birth weight (ELBW) extremity of an attitude extrinsic eye muscles extrinsic motivation extrinsic reinforcement extrinsic religion extrinsic reward extroversion eye eye bank eye contact eye dominance eye movements eye muscles eye preference eye span eye structure eye tracker eye-movement camera eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) eye-roll sign eye–hand coordination eye–voice span eyelash sign eyelid conditioning eyewitness memory eyewitness testimony EYM Project Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) Eysenck’s dimensions

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April 16th 2024

operational sex ratio

operational sex ratio

the relative number of males and females available at the time when reproduction is possible. In nonhuman mammals with internal gestation and lactation, there are often fewer females receptive to copulation than available males, creating an operational sex-ratio bias toward males, even though adults of both sexes may be present in equal numbers. In polygynous species (see polygyny), there might be more receptive females than available males, creating an operational sex-ratio bias toward females.