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n. in statistics, the process of approximating a population parameter from sample data while allowing for some degree of uncertainty by giving a range of values within which the parameter will most likely fall. Estimation usually requires a large random sample, from which one can calculate point estimate values, such as the mean and standard deviation, in the larger population of interest. The process of estimation also involves building a confidence interval around the obtained sample value, plus and minus some margin of error.

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February 26th 2024

intake interview

intake interview

1. the initial interview with a client by a therapist or counselor to obtain both information regarding the issues or problems that have brought the client into therapy or counseling and preliminary information regarding personal and family history.

2. the initial interview with a patient who is being admitted into a psychiatric hospital, day treatment program, or inpatient substance abuse facility. Intake interviews are also common in government-funded mental health services, such as those provided at community mental health centers, in determining eligibility and appropriateness of the client for services offered. An intake interview may be carried out by a specialist who may not necessarily treat the patient, with the information obtained used to determine the best course of treatment and the appropriate therapist to provide it.