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electrotonic conduction

the passive flow of a change in electric potential along a nerve or muscle membrane. It occurs in response to stimulation that is inadequate to trigger an actively propagated action potential (i.e., subthreshold stimulation) but instead generates depolarization in a small area of membrane. This localized depolarization travels to neighboring areas via the drifting fluid within the cell, rapidly attenuating as it spreads.

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1. an error in reasoning or argument that leads to a conclusion that may appear valid but is actually invalid. A fallacy may be formal or informal. A formal fallacy involves a violation of a principle of formal logic. An informal fallacy leads to an invalid conclusion because it is misleading in its language or appears to apply to a situation when it does not really apply. See also either–or fallacy; false analogy; false authority; false cause; historical fallacy.

2. more generally, any mistaken idea. —fallacious adj.