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n. the layer of cells lining the uterus. It varies in thickness during the menstrual cycle, reaching a peak of cellular proliferation approximately 1 week after ovulation, in preparation for implantation of a fertilized ovum, and sloughing off as menstrual flow 2 weeks after ovulation if the ovum is not fertilized. —endometrial adj.

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June 16th 2024

conversational maxims

conversational maxims

the four basic rules governing interpersonal communications. The rules state that such communications should be (a) truthful; (b) as informative as is required; (c) relevant to the matter under discussion; and (d) clear, orderly, and brief. Violations of these maxims are usually presumed to be deliberate or indicative of a cognitive disturbance. [introduced by British-born U.S. philosopher H. Paul Grice (1913–1988)]