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equal opportunity

under U.S. federal law, the principle that all individuals should have the opportunity to find employment and to succeed in their jobs regardless of race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, and national origin. The principle of equal opportunity also applies to education, health care, and social and other services, and in some states and municipalities, it has been extended to include sexual orientation. See also affirmative action; Age Discrimination in Employment Act; Americans With Disabilities Act; four-fifths rule; reverse discrimination; Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures.

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March 2nd 2024

ascertainment bias

ascertainment bias

error in selecting individuals or units for a sample, such that those units selected are not representative of the relevant population. For example, a medical researcher who studies a sample of patients that omits certain types of people who have the disorder of interest is likely to obtain results having an ascertainment bias. The term is often preferred over sampling bias in clinical contexts.