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n. the discipline that applies a knowledge of human abilities and limitations drawn from physiology, biomechanics, anthropometry, and other areas to the design of systems, equipment, and processes for safe and efficient performance. A practitioner in the field is sometimes called an ergonomist. Speciality areas include cognitive ergonomics, communication ergonomics, cultural ergonomics, industrial ergonomics, macroergonomics, and occupational ergonomics. This term is often used synonymously with human factors. See also human systems integration. —ergonomic adj.

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March 1st 2024

body-size overestimation

body-size overestimation

the specific tendency to overestimate the size of body features (e.g., width of waist, hips, or thighs) in relation to objective size measurements. It was once thought to be an essential feature of anorexia nervosa. See body-image distortion.