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I I statement I–It I–Thou I/E ratio I/O psychology IAAP IACUC IADLs IAT iatro- iatrochemical school of thought iatrogenic iatrogenic schizophrenia iatrophysical school of thought ibogaine ibotenic acid IBS ICC ICD ice iceberg metaphor iceberg principle iceberg profile ICF icon (ikon) iconic content iconic gesture iconic memory iconic representation iconic symbol iconicity iconoclast iconolatry iconomania ICP ICS ICSH icterus ictus ICU id id anxiety id psychology id resistance IDA IDDM idea IDEA idea of influence idea of reference ideal observer ideal performance state (IPS) ideal self idealism idealistic monism idealization idealizing transference ideation ideational agnosia ideational apraxia idée fixe identical elements theory identical points identical twins identifiable neuron identification identification test identification transference identification with the aggressor identification–production distinction identified patient identity identity achievement status identity confusion identity crisis identity diffusion identity disorder identity foreclosure identity matrix identity need identity politics identity principle identity status model identity style identity theory identity versus identity confusion identity, negation, reciprocal, and correlative operations (INRC group) ideogram ideology ideomotor activity ideomotor apraxia ideomotor compatibility ideomotor principle ideomotor suggestion ideomotor theory idio- idiocentric idiocy idiodynamics idiogamist idiogenesis idioglossia idiographic idiolalia idiolect idiom idiopathic idiopathic epilepsy idiophrenic idioretinal light idiosyncrasy idiosyncrasy-credit model idiosyncratic classification idiosyncratic intoxication idiosyncratic reaction idiot idiot savant idioverse IDRA IDS IEP if…then profiles IFSP IGT IHS iich’aa IKBS ikota ILD iliohypogastric nerve ilioinguinal nerve illegitimacy illicit Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities (ITPA) illiteracy illness illness anxiety disorder illness behavior illocutionary act illogicality illuminance illumination illumination conditions illumination standards illumination unit illuminism illusion illusion of agency illusion of control illusion of doubles illusion of orientation illusion of unique invulnerability illusion of will illusory conjunction illusory contour illusory correlation illusory covariation illusory memory illusory movement illy (illie) iloperidone im image imageless thought imagery imagery code imagery cue imagery effect imagery rehearsal therapy imagery technique imagery training imaginal exposure Imaginary imaginary audience imaginary companion imagination imagination inflation imaging imago imago therapy imbecility imipramine imitation imitation game imitative learning immanent justice immaterialism immature science immaturity immediacy behavior immediate experience immediate gratification immediate memory immediate recall test immobility immune response immune system immunity immunization immunocytochemistry immunology Imodium impact analysis impaired judgment impairment impairment index impeachment evidence imperative imperceptible impersonation impingement implantation implanted memory implemental mind-set implementation evaluation implicature Implicit Association Test (IAT) implicit attitude implicit attitude measure implicit behavior implicit causality implicit cognition implicit emotion regulation implicit knowledge implicit leadership theories implicit learning implicit measure implicit memory implicit memory test implicit personality theories implicit prejudice implicit process implicit response implicit self theory implosive therapy importance of an attitude impossible figure impostor phenomenon impostor syndrome impotence impoverished impression impression formation impression management impressionism factor imprinting improvement rate improvisation IMPS impuberism impulse impulse control impulse-control disorder impulse-timing model impulsion impulsive impulsive character imputation imu Imuran in absentia in re Gault in situ hybridization in utero in vitro in vitro fertilization (IVF) in vivo in vivo desensitization in vivo exposure in-basket test in-home respite in-house evaluation inaccessibility inadvertent plagiarism inanimate noun inappetence inappropriate affect inappropriate stimulus Inapsine inattention inattentional blindness inborn inborn error of metabolism inbreeding inbreeding avoidance incantation incendiarism incentive incentive motivation incentive system incentive theory incentive value incest incest barrier incestuous ties incidence incident process incidental learning incidental memory inclusion inclusion–exclusion criteria inclusion/exclusion model inclusive fitness inclusiveness incoherence incompatibility incompatible response incompatible response method incompetence incompetency plea incompetent reservoir incomplete block design incomplete counterbalancing incomplete factorial design incomplete spinal cord injury incomplete-pictures test incomplete-sentence test incongruence incongruity incongruity theory of humor incontinence incoordination incorporation incorporation dream incremental incremental learning incremental theory incremental validity incubation incubation of anxiety incubus incus indecency indefinite article indemnity plan independence independent events independent groups independent living independent phenomena independent practice association (IPA) independent random sampling independent random variables independent samples independent sampling independent self-construal independent variable (IV) independent-groups design independent-living aid independent-living program independent-samples t test Inderal indeterminacy indeterminacy principle indeterminate sentencing indeterminism index index adoptees index case index of discrimination index of reliability index of validity index of variability Indian Health Service (IHS) indicative indicator variable indictment indifference of indicator indigenous researcher indirect agonist indirect associations indirect attitude measure indirect measurement indirect memory test indirect method of therapy indirect object indirect odor effect indirect relationship indirect scaling indirect speech act indirect suggestibility individual accuracy individual differences Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) individual program individual psychology individual psychotherapy individual response stereotypy individual selection Individual Service Plan (ISP) individual therapy individual-differences scaling (INDSCAL) individualism individualist feminism individualistic reward structure individuality individualization individualized education program (IEP) individualized instruction individualized reading Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) individuation indoctrination indole indolealkylamine indoleamine INDSCAL induced abortion induced aggression induced color induced compliance effect induced hallucination induced hypothermia induced movement induced psychotic disorder induced tonus induction induction test inductive problem solving inductive reasoning inductive statistics inductive teaching model industrial and organizational psychology (I/O psychology) industrial democracy industrial efficiency industrial ergonomics industrial psychology industrial psychopath industrial relations industriousness industry versus inferiority ineffability infancy infant and preschool tests infant at risk Infant Behavior Record infant consciousness infant massage therapy infant reflex infant states of arousal infant test infant-directed speech infanticide infantile amnesia infantile autism infantile myxedema infantile paralysis infantile sexuality infantile speech infantilism infantilization infarction infecundity inference inferential statistics inferential test inferential validity inferior inferior colliculus inferior frontal gyrus inferior function inferior longitudinal fasciculus inferior oblique inferior olivary complex (inferior olivary nucleus; inferior olive) inferior rectus inferior temporal gyrus inferiority inferiority complex inferotemporal cortex (IT cortex) infertility infibulation infidelity infinite-valued logic infix inflection influence analysis influence tactics influencing machine informal communications informal fallacy informant informatics information information feedback information hypothesis information overload information processing (IP) information science information systems information technology (IT) information test information theory information-error technique information-processing model informational cascade informational influence informational power informed consent infra- infradian rhythm infrahuman infrared infrared theory of smell infrasonic communication infrasound infundibulum ingenuity ingratiation ingroup ingroup bias ingroup extremity effect inguinal INH inhabitance inhalant inhalant abuse inhalant dependence inhalant intoxication inhalation of drugs inheritance inheritance of acquired characteristics inherited disorder inhibition inhibition mechanisms inhibition of delay inhibition of return (IOR) inhibitor inhibitory aftereffect inhibitory conditioning inhibitory gradient (inhibition gradient) inhibitory neurotransmitter inhibitory postsynaptic potential (IPSP) inhibitory potential inhibitory process inhibitory synapse initial cry initial data analysis (IDA) initial insomnia initial interview initial link initial spurt Initial Teaching Alphabet (ITA) initial value dependency initial values law initiating structure initiation deficit initiative versus guilt injunctive norm injury deceitfulness injury denial injury feigning inkblot test INL inlier innate innate behavior innate ideas innate releasing mechanism (IRM) inner audience inner conflict inner dialogue inner ear inner estrangement inner hair cells inner language inner nuclear layer (INL) inner plexiform layer (IPL) inner psychophysics inner scribe inner speech inner-directed innervation innervation ratio innovation diffusion innovative therapies inoculation theory Inocybe inositol inositol phosphates inpatient Inpatient Multidimensional Psychiatric Scale (IMPS) inpatient services input input-process-output model (IPO model) input–output mechanism inquiry training model inquisitorial system INRC group insane asylum insanity insanity defense Insanity Defense Reform Act (IDRA) insect phobia insecure attachment insecurity insemination insensible insert headphone insight insight learning insight therapy insomnia insomnia disorder inspection time (IT) inspectionalism inspective exploration inspiration inspiration–expiration ratio (I/E ratio) inspirational motivation instability instance theory instant gratification instigation therapy instinct instinctive behavior instinctive drift instinctive knowledge instinctual aim instinctual drive instinctualization of smell institution Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) institutional care institutional neurosis institutional release institutional research institutional review board (IRB) institutionalism institutionalization institutionalized racism instructed learning instructional set instructional theory of development instructional treatment instrument instrument drift instrumental instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) instrumental aggression instrumental behavior instrumental conditioning instrumental dependence Instrumental Enrichment instrumental learning instrumental orientation instrumental relativist orientation instrumental response instrumentalism instrumentality theory instrumentation instrumentation effect insufficient justification effect insufflation insula insulin insulin lipodystrophy insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) insulin-shock therapy intake interview integral integrated care integrated delivery system (IDS) integrated display integrated model integrated system integration integrative agnosia integrative bargaining integrative behavioral couples therapy integrative complexity integrative learning integrative medicine integrative psychotherapy integrity integrity group psychotherapy integrity testing integrity versus despair intellect intellectual detachment intellectual disability intellectual function intellectual impoverishment intellectual insight intellectual maturity intellectual operation intellectual plasticity intellectual stimulation intellectual subaverage functioning intellectualism intellectualization intelligence intelligence knowledge-based system (IKBS) intelligence measure intelligence quotient intelligence test intelligent design intensional meaning intensity intensive care syndrome intensive care unit (ICU) intensive psychotherapy intent analysis intention intention movement intention tremor intentional accident intentional agent intentional behavior intentional forgetting intentional inexistence intentional learning intentional stance intentionality interaction interaction analysis interaction effect interaction process analysis (IPA) interactional model of anxiety interactional synchrony interactional territory interactionism interactionist view of intelligence interactive advertising interactive group psychotherapy interactive sport Interamerican Society of Psychology interattitudinal consistency interaural difference interaural rivalry interbehavioral psychology interblobs intercept interclass correlation intercoder reliability intercorrelation intercourse interdecile range interdental interdental lisp interdependence interdependence theory interdependent self-construal interdisciplinary approach interest interest factors interest test interestingness interfemoral sex interference interference sensitivity interference theory intergenerational trauma intergluteal sex intergroup competition intergroup conflict intergroup dynamics intergroup-contact hypothesis interhemispheric fissure interhemispheric interaction interhemispheric transfer interim behavior interindividual differences interitem correlation interitem interval interjudge reliability interlanguage interlocking pathologies interlocking reinforcement schedule intermale aggression intermarriage intermediary variable intermediate care facility (ICF) intermediate cell intermediate need intermediate nerve intermediate precentral area intermetamorphosis syndrome intermission intermittent explosive disorder intermittent insomnia intermittent processing intermittent reinforcement intermodal matching intermodal perception internal aim internal attribution internal boundary internal capsule internal carotid artery internal clock internal conflict internal consistency internal control internal culture conflict internal environment internal evaluator internal fertilization internal frustration internal granular layer internal inequity internal locus of control internal object internal pyramidal layer internal respiration internal rhythm internal saboteur internal validity internal working model of attachment internal-state ratings internalization internalized speech internalizing behavior International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) International Classification of Diseases (ICD) International Council of Psychologists International Military Testing Association International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) International Pilot Study of Schizophrenia (IPSS) International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) International Society for Sport Psychology (ISSP) International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) Internet addiction Internet meme interneuron interobserver reliability interoception interoceptive conditioning interoceptive stimulus interoceptive system interoceptor interocular distance interocular transfer interpersonal interpersonal accommodation interpersonal attraction interpersonal competition interpersonal concordance orientation interpersonal conflict interpersonal distance interpersonal gap interpersonal group psychotherapy interpersonal influence interpersonal intelligence interpersonal learning group interpersonal perception interpersonal process recall (IPR) interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) interpersonal reconstructive psychotherapy interpersonal relations interpersonal theory interpersonal zone interphase interpolated task interpolation interposition interpret interpretation interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) interpretive response interpretive therapy interpretivism interquartile range (IQR) interrater reliability interresponse time (IRT) interrogative interrogative suggestibility interrogatories interrole conflict interrupted time-series design interscorer reliability intersegmental arc reflex intersegmental reflex intersegmental tract intersensory perception intersex interspecies interaction interstimulus interval (ISI) interstitial cell interstitial cell-stimulating hormone (ICSH) interstripes intersubjectivity interthalamic adhesion interval interval data interval estimate interval of uncertainty interval reinforcement interval sampling interval scale interval variable intervening variable intervention intervention program for children intervention research interventionist interventricular foramen interview interview group psychotherapy interview schedule interviewer effect interviewer stereotype interviewer training intestinal lipodystrophy intimacy intimacy problem intimacy versus isolation intimate partner violence intimate zone intonation intoxicant intoxication intoxication defense intra-attitudinal consistency intracarotid amobarbital procedure intracarotid sodium Amytal test (ISA) intracellular fluid intracellular thirst intracerebral hemorrhage intraclass correlation intraconscious personality intracranial intracranial hemorrhage intracranial pressure (ICP) intracranial stimulation (ICS) intradimensional discrimination intrafamily dynamics intrafusal fiber intragroup competition intragroup conflict intragroup territorial behavior intraindividual differences intralaminar nucleus intralaminar system intramaze cue intramuscular injection (im injection) intransitivity intraocular pressure (IOP) intrapersonal intrapersonal conflict intrapersonal intelligence intrapsychic intrapsychic ataxia intrapsychic conflict intrarole conflict intrauterine device (IUD) intravenous drug use intravenous injection (iv injection) intraverbal intrinsic activity intrinsic behavior intrinsic eye muscles intrinsic motivation intrinsic reinforcement intrinsic religion intrinsic reward introception introitus introjection introjective depression introjective personality intromission intron intropunitive introspection introspectionism introspective method introversion introversion–extraversion intrusion error intrusive thoughts intuition intuitionism intuitive judgment intuitive knowledge intuitive stage intuitive type Intuniv invalid invariance invariant feature invariant sequence invasive invention of new means through mental combination inventory inverse agonist inverse correlation inverse derivation inverse dynamics inverse factor analysis inverse kinematics inverse relationship inverse transformation inverse-square law Inversine inversion inversion of affect inverted retina inverted U-shaped distribution inverted-U hypothesis investigatory behavior investment investment model invincibility fable invisible displacement invisible playmate invisible support involuntary involuntary attention involuntary civil commitment involuntary confession involuntary hospitalization involuntary muscle involuntary nervous system involuntary response involuntary retrieval involuntary treatment involuntary turnover involutional involved grandparent iodopsin ion ion channel ion pump Ionamin ionotropic receptor IOP IOR Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) ip IP IPA IPD IPL IPO model IPPA IPR iproniazid IPS ipsative ipsative method ipsative scale ipsilateral ipsilateral deficit ipsilateral eye IPSP IPSS IPT IQ IQR IRB iridocyclitis iridology iris iris coloboma irkunii IRM ironic mental control irradiation irradiation effects irradiation theory of learning irrational irrational belief irrational type irrationality irregular irrelevant language irresistible impulse rule irreversible coma irreversible MAOI irritability irritable aggression irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) IRT ISA ischemia ischemic penumbra Ishihara Test for Color Blindness ISI island deafness island of Reil islands of knowledge islets of Langerhans iso- isocarboxazid isochrony isohedonic trap isolate isolate monkey isolated brain isolated explosive disorder isolating language isolating mechanism isolation isolation effect isolation experiment isolation of affect isolation syndrome isolation tank isomerization isomers isometric contraction isometric control isometric tremor isomorphism isoniazid isophilia isopropyl alcohol Isopto Carpine Isopto Eserine isosensitivity function isotonic contraction isotonic control isotretinoin isotropy ISP ISSP issue-relevant knowledge IT IT cortex ITA ITBS itch ITD item analysis item characteristic curve (ICC) item discriminability item response theory (IRT) item scaling item validity iterated bootstrapping iteration iterative design itinerancy itinerant teacher ITPA IUD IUPsyS iv IV IVF

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1. the practice of taking committed action to achieve an end, particularly as it relates to a political or social goal. See also community action group; social action program.

2. in philosophy, the doctrine that any relationship between thought and reality is characterized by continuous activity on the part of the mind, rather than passive receptivity. —activist adj., n.