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B and D B cell B coefficient B fiber B lymphocyte B wave of electroretinogram B-cognition B-love B-motivation B-value baah-ji babbling Babinski reflex Babkin reflex Babor’s Type A–Type B distinction baby blues baby brain baby talk babyfacedness BAC back-clipping back-formation back-propagation algorithms (backprop algorithms) back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot back-translation backbone backcrossing background background variable backtrack search backup reinforcer backward association backward chaining backward conditioning backward displacement backward elimination backward masking backward pairing backward reading backward search baclofen Baconian method bacteremia bacterial endocarditis bacterial meningitis bacterium bad breast bad faith bad is stronger than good bad me bad object bad trip bah-tschi (bah-tsi; baah-ji) BAI bait shyness BAL balance balance control balance theory balance training balanced bilingual balanced design balanced Latin square balanced scale Baldwin effect Baldwin’s figure Bálint’s syndrome ballet technique Ballet’s disease ballismus ballistic Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) band symmetry banding bandpass filter bandwagon effect bandwidth bandwidth selectivity bangungut banner advertisement baquet bar display bar graph bar hustler bar reflex bar- baragnosis Bárány test barber’s-pole effect barbiturate Bard–Cannon theory Bardet–Biedl syndrome (BBS) Barefoot v. Estelle baresthesia bargaining bargaining stage bariatrics barK Barnum effect baro- (bar-) barognosis Barona equation baroreceptor barotitis Barr body barrier barrier-free environment Barron–Welsh Art Scale (BWAS) BARS Barthel Index Bartholin’s glands Bartlett technique Bartlett test for equality of variance Bartley v. Kremens baryphony BAS basal age basal cell basal dendrite basal forebrain basal ganglia basal magnocellular nucleus basal metabolism basal nuclei basal nucleus of Meynert basal reader approach basal skin resistance base base pair base rate base structure base-rate fallacy baseline baseline assessment baseline characteristic baseline functioning baseline measure baseline performance bases of an attitude bashful bladder syndrome basic anxiety basic category basic conflict basic emotion basic encounter basic hostility BASIC ID basic mistake basic mistrust basic need Basic Nordic Sleep Questionnaire (BNSQ) basic personality basic reflex basic research basic rest–activity cycle (BRAC) basic rule basic science basic skills basic technique (BT) basic trust versus mistrust basic-level category basic-skills testing basilar artery basilar membrane basket cell basket ending basking in reflected glory (BIRGing) basolateral group BAT Batesian mimicry bath therapy bathy- bathyesthesia Batson v. Kentucky battered women battered-child syndrome (BCS) battered-woman syndrome (BWS) batterer’s excuses battle fatigue battle inoculation battle of the experts battle shock battle/garrison dimensions battlefield recovery Bayes theorem Bayesian Bayesian inference Bayesian information criterion (BIC) Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development BBB/G syndrome BBS BCI Bcl-2 BCS BDAE BDD BDI BDNF BDS BEAM beat beating fantasy Bechara Gambling Task Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS) Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSS) Beck therapy Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome bed-sharing bed-wetting Bedlam bedsore bee communication before–after design begging behavior behavior analysis behavior baseline behavior chaining behavior change behavior checklist behavior coding behavior contract behavior control behavior criterion behavior deficit behavior determinant behavior diary behavior disorder behavior disorders of childhood and adolescence behavior dysfunctions classification behavior episode behavior field behavior genetics behavior hierarchy behavior homeostasis behavior homology behavior integration behavior management behavior mapping behavior modification behavior observation behavior pattern behavior problem behavior rating Behavior Rating scale behavior record behavior rehearsal behavior reversal behavior sampling behavior segment behavior setting behavior shaping behavior system behavior theory behavior therapy behavior-based safety behavior-constraint theory behavioral activation behavioral approach system (BAS) behavioral approach task (BAT) behavioral assessment behavioral avoidance test behavioral baseline behavioral cardiology behavioral coaching behavioral confirmation behavioral congruence behavioral consultation behavioral contagion behavioral contingency behavioral contract behavioral contrast behavioral coping behavioral counseling behavioral couples therapy behavioral criterion behavioral deficit behavioral diagnosis behavioral disorder behavioral dynamics behavioral ecology behavioral economics behavioral embryology behavioral endocrinology behavioral engineering behavioral family therapy behavioral finance behavioral genetics behavioral geography behavioral group therapy behavioral health behavioral health care behavioral hierarchy behavioral homeostasis behavioral homology behavioral immunogen behavioral incident behavioral inhibition behavioral inhibition system (BIS) behavioral integration behavioral interview behavioral marital therapy behavioral medicine behavioral mimicry behavioral model behavioral modeling behavioral momentum behavioral neurochemistry behavioral neuropsychology behavioral neuroscience behavioral observation scale (BOS) behavioral pathogen behavioral pattern behavioral pediatrics behavioral pharmacology behavioral phenotype behavioral plasticity behavioral procedure behavioral psychology behavioral psychotherapy behavioral rehearsal behavioral relaxation training behavioral repertoire behavioral risk factor behavioral science behavioral segment behavioral self-control training behavioral sequence behavioral sex therapy behavioral sink behavioral sleep medicine (BSM) behavioral specialization behavioral study of obedience behavioral technology behavioral teratology behavioral theory of leadership behavioral toxicity behavioral toxicology behavioral weight control therapy behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) behaviorism behaviorist Behrens–Fisher problem being cognition (B-cognition) being love (B-love) being motivation being psychology being value being-beyond-the-world being-in-the-world being–not being Békésy audiometer Békésy traveling wave Bekhterev’s nystagmus bel belief belief bias belief in a just world belief perseverance belief system belief–desire reasoning belittling bell and pad bell curve Bell–Magendie law Bell’s mania Bell’s palsy Bell’s phenomenon belladonna alkaloid belladonna delirium belladonna poisoning belle indifférence Bellevue scale belonging belongingness principle below average below-average effect Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) Benadryl bench trial benchmark benchmark job Bender Visual–Motor Gestalt Test bends beneffectance Benham’s top benign benign familial macrocephaly benign senescence (benign senescent forgetfulness) benign stupor benny Benton Visual Retention Test (BVRT) Benzedrine benzene benzisoxazole benzodiazepine benzodiazepine agonist benzodiazepine antagonist benzothiadiazide benztropine berdache bereavement bereavement exclusion bereavement program bereavement therapy Bereitschaftspotential (BP) Berger rhythm beriberi Berkeley Growth Study Bernoulli distribution Bernoulli trial Berry syndrome berserk Bessel’s correction BEST best fit best frequency (BF) best interests of the child best-first search bestiality beta beta alcoholism beta blocker beta coefficient beta distribution beta error Beta examination beta level beta movement beta receptor beta rhythm Beta test beta wave beta weight beta-adrenergic receptor beta-adrenergic receptor kinase (barK) beta-adrenoreceptor blocking agent beta-amyloid (β-amyloid) beta-endorphin beta-glucuronidase deficiency beta-secretase (β-secretase) betel nut bethanechol betrayal betrayal trauma theory better-than-average effect between-dimension consistency between-groups design between-groups variance between-subjects analysis of variance between-subjects design between-subjects factor between-subjects variance Betz cell BEV Bewusstseinslage beyond reasonable doubt beyondism Bezold–Brücke phenomenon BF BFOQ bhang BHS bi- (bin-) BIA bias bias blind spot bias–variance tradeoff biased elaboration biased estimator biased sampling biased scanning biased statistic biasing factor biastophilia bibliotherapy BIC bicalutamide bicameralism bicuculline bidialectism bidirectionality of structure and function Bidwell’s ghost Bielschowsky’s disease Biemond syndrome Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Big Five personality model big lie Big Sister program bigamy bigorexia bigram BIID bilabial bilateral bilateral descent bilateral lesion Bildungsroman bilineal descent bilingual education bilingualism bilirubin bilirubin encephalopathy bilis biliteracy bill of rights bimanual coordination bimanual interference bimodal distribution bin- binary choice binary feature binary hue binary system binary trial binary variable binasal hemianopia binaural binaural beat binaural cue binaural fusion binaural hearing binaural interaction binaural masking level difference binaural summation effect binding affinity binding hypothesis binding problem Binet–Simon Scale binge drinking binge eating binge-eating disorder binocular binocular cell binocular cue binocular deprivation binocular disparity binocular flicker binocular fusion binocular parallax binocular perception binocular rivalry binocular summation binocular suppression binocular vision binomial distribution binomial nomenclature binomial probability binomial test binomial variable Binswanger’s disease bio- bioacoustics bioavailability biochemical approach biochemical defect biochemical marker biochemistry biocybernetics biodata biodynamics bioecological model bioecological theory of intelligence bioelectric potential bioenergetics bioengineering bioequivalence bioethics biofeedback biogenesis biogenic biogenic amine biogenic amine hypothesis biogram biographical data Biographical Evaluation and Screening of Troops (BEST) biographical inventory biographical method bioinformatics bioinformational theory biological age biological aging biological clock biological determinism biological drive biological factor biological fallacy biological family biological intelligence biological life events biological marker biological measures biological motion biological perspective biological psychology biological rhythm biological stress biological symbiosis biological taxonomy biological theory of aging biological therapy biological transducing system biological warfare biologically primary ability biologically secondary ability biologism biology biomarker biomechanics biomedical engineering biomedical informatics biomedical therapy biometrics (biometry) bionics biophilia biophobia biophysical system biophysics biopsy biopsychology biopsychosocial biorhythm biosocial biosocial theory biosphere biostatistics biosynthesis biotaxis biotechnology bioterrorism biotope biotransformation biotransport biotype biotypology bipedal locomotion biperiden biphasic sleep biplot bipolar bipolar cell bipolar disorder bipolar electrode bipolar neuron bipolar rating scale bipolar stimulation bipolarity bird flu birds-of-a-feather phenomenon BIRGing birth cohort birth control birth cry birth defect birth injury birth mother birth order birth parent birth rate birth ratio birth rite birth trauma BIS bisection biserial correlation coefficient bisexuality bisphenol A (BPA) bistable perceptual events bit bite bar bitemporal hemianopia bitter bivalence bivariate bivariate distribution bivariate frequency distribution bivariate probability distribution bizarre behavior bizarre delusion bizarreness effect black box black box warning Black English black sheep effect blackboard blacking out blackout bladder reflex Blake–Mouton managerial grid blaming the victim blank screen blank trial blast noise blast olfactometer blastocyst blastula blended family blending blepharospasm Blessed Dementia Scale (BDS) Bleuler’s theory blind blind alley blind analysis blind judgment blind review blind spot blind walk blindness blindsight blink response BLM (BLMS) bloating blob Bloch’s law block block design block randomization block sampling block-design test blocking blocking factor Blocq’s disease blood alcohol concentration (BAC) blood glucose blood group blood levels blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) blood phobia blood poisoning blood pressure blood sugar blood type blood–brain barrier bloodletting Bloom’s taxonomy blow blow job BLSA blue blue-collar worker blue-sighted blue–yellow blindness blues blunted affect blur blur point blurred vision blushing BMI BMLD BMR BNSQ BNT board certified boarding home Bobo doll bodily-kinesthetic intelligence body body awareness body boundaries body buffer zone body build body cell body cognitions body concept body disfigurement body distortion body dysmorphia body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) body ego body electrode placement body esteem body ideal body image Body Image Assessment (BIA) body integrity identity disorder (BIID) body language body mass index (BMI) body memory body narcissism body odor body percept body positioning body rocking body schema body temperature body therapies body type body-build index body-image avoidance body-image distortion body-image ideals body-size overestimation body–mind problem bodybuilding bodywork Bogardus Social Distance Scale bogus pipeline boilermaker’s deafness BOLD boldness bolstering of an attitude bombesin bona fide group bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) bona fide pipeline measure bond bondage bondage and discipline (B and D) bonding bone age bone conduction bone pointing bone-conduction testing Bonferroni t test Bonnet syndrome bony labyrinth Boolean algebra boomerang effect booster session bootstrapping borderline borderline case borderline disorder borderline intelligence borderline personality disorder borderline psychosis borderline schizophrenia borderline state boredom Borg scale Börjeson–Forssman–Lehmann syndrome borna disease borstal system BOS Boston Naming Test (BNT) Boston Process Approach BOT botany bottleneck model bottom-up design bottom-up processing bottoming out bouffée délirante Boulder model bound energy bound morpheme boundary boundary ambiguity boundary detector boundary issues boundary spanning boundary system bounded rationality bourgeoisie bowel disorder bowel incontinence Bowen family systems theory box-and-whisker plot box-score method Box–Cox transformation Box–Tidwell transformation boxed warning boxer’s dementia BP BPA BPRS BPS BRAC brace brachial plexus brachium brachium conjunctivum Brachmann–de Lange syndrome brachy- brachycephalic brachymorph brachyskeletal bracketed morality brady- bradyarthria bradycardia bradyesthesia bradykinesia bradylalia bradylexia bradylogia bradyrhythmia brahmacharya braid cutting fetish Braid’s strabismus braille brain brain abscess brain atlas brain atrophy brain bank brain center brain comparator brain concussion brain contusion brain damage brain death brain disease brain disorder brain electrical activity mapping (BEAM) brain fag brain fingerprinting brain graft brain growth brain imaging brain injury brain lesion brain localization theory brain mapping brain nucleus brain pathology brain plasticity brain potential brain research brain reserve brain scan brain self-stimulation brain splitting brain stimulation brain syndrome brain trauma brain tumor brain waves brain weight brain-based learning brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) brain-wave therapy brain–computer interface (BCI) brain–machine interface (BMI) brainstem brainstem auditory evoked response brainstem reticular formation brainstorming brainwashing brainwave entrainment branching brand name brand-use survey Brandeis brief branding Brattleboro rat bravery Brawner rule Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale BRCA1 and BRCA2 breadth-first search breakthrough breast breast envy breast-feeding breast-phantom phenomenon breathing breathing retraining breathing-related sleep disorder breathwork breathy voice breech birth breed breeding behavior bregma bride price bridge to reality bridging brief group therapy brief intensive group cognitive behavior therapy Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) brief psychodynamic psychotherapy brief psychotherapy brief psychotic disorder brief stimulus therapy (BST) Brief Visuospatial Memory Test bright light therapy brightness brightness adaptation brightness constancy brightness contrast brightness discrimination brightness perception brightness threshold bril scale brilliance Briquet’s syndrome Brissaud’s infantilism British associationism British Manual Alphabet British Museum algorithm British Psychological Society (BPS) broadband broadband noise Broca’s aphasia Broca’s area Brodmann’s area brofaromine broken home broken sleep bromazepam bromide bromocriptine bromosis bronchodilator bronchus brood parasitism brooding compulsion Brooklands experiment brotherliness brown fat Brown-Séquard’s syndrome Brown–Forsythe test Brown–Peterson distractor technique Brown–Spearman formula Bruce effect brucine Brugsch’s index Bruininks–Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (BOT) brujeria Brunswik faces Brunswik ratio Brushfield–Wyatt syndrome brute force bruxism BSM BSRI BSS BST BT bubble concept of personal space bubble plot buccal buccal intercourse buccal speech buccinator buccofacial apraxia buccolingual masticatory syndrome (BLM; BLMS) BuChE Buddhism buffer buffering bufotenin buggery bulb bulbar bulbar paralysis bulbar retraction reflex bulbi xanthomatosis bulbocavernosus muscle bulbocavernous reflex bulbopontine region bulbospongiosus muscle bulbotegmental reticular formation bulbourethral glands bulimia bulimia nervosa bulky color bullying bundle hypothesis bundling Bunsen–Roscoe law buphthalmos buprenorphine bupropion bureaucracy bureaucratic leader Buridan’s ass burn injuries burned out burnout burnt burst burst–pause firing Buschke–Fuld Selective Reminding Test business game business psychology business-simulation game buspirone bust-to-waist ratio butabarbital butorphanol butterfly effect butyrophenone butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) buying behavior BVRT BWAS BWS bystander effect

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