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H 0 H 1 H a H spread H–R–R plates Haab’s pupillary reflex habeas corpus habilitation habit habit disorder habit family hierarchy habit formation habit hierarchy habit regression habit reversal habit strength habit tic habit-forming drug habitability habitat habituation habitus haemo- hair cell hair esthesiometer hair follicle hair-pulling disorder halazepam Halcion Haldol half-life half-show halfway house Hallermann–Streiff syndrome hallucination hallucinogen hallucinogen abuse hallucinogen dependence hallucinogen hallucinosis hallucinogen intoxication hallucinogen-affective disorder hallucinogen-induced mood disorder hallucinogen-induced psychotic disorder hallucinosis halo effect haloperidol Halstead Category Test Halstead–Reitan Impairment Index Halstead–Reitan Neuropsychological Battery (HRNB) halving method Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D; HRSD) hammer hand dominance Hand Dynamometer Test hand-tool dexterity test hand-washing compulsion hand–arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) Hand–Christian–Schüller syndrome handedness handicap handicap principle handwriting analysis hanging rootogram hangover Hans haphazard sampling haplodiploidy haploid happiness happy-puppet syndrome haptic haptic hallucination haptic horizontal–vertical illusion haptic illusion haptic map haptic Müller-Lyer illusion haptic perception haptic picture haptics hard colors hard data hard determinism hard drug hard palate hard problem hard psychology hard sell hard-wired hardiness hardware Hardy–Rand–Rittler pseudoisochromatic plates (H–R–R plates) harem harm avoidance harm reduction harmaline harmine harmonic harmonic mean harmony HAROLD Harris v. Forklift Systems Inc. Harrisburg Seven Harvey Impostor Phenomenon Scale (HIPS) hashish hasty generalization hate hate crime haunted swing illusion HAVS Hawthorne effect Hay method Hayflick limit hazard hazard analysis hazard control hazard function hazard rate hazard-assessment matrix hazard-control protocol hazing Hb HCBS HCFA HD HDI head banging head injury head nystagmus head retraction head rolling Head Start head trauma head voice head-direction cell head-of-the-table effect head-related transfer function (HRTF) head-slaved head-up display (HUD) headache headshrinking headstick healing group health health activities questionnaire health anxiety health care Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) health care proxy health care psychology health care reform movement health education health home health insurance health locus of control health maintenance organization health plan Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS) health professional health promotion health psychology health risk appraisal health screening health visitor health–belief model healthcare information system (HIS) hearing hearing aid hearing disorder hearing level hearing loss hearing mute hearing protection hearing theories heart attack heart block heart rate reactivity heat heat dolorimeter heat effects heat exhaustion heat stress heat-induced asthenia heatstroke Hebbian synapse hebephrenia hebetude Hecht’s theory of vision hedge Hedges’s g HEDIS hedonic contingency hypothesis hedonic contrast hedonic level hedonic psychology hedonic relevance hedonic theory hedonic time-order error hedonic tone hedonic treadmill hedonic well-being hedonics hedonism hegemony height phobia Heinz dilemma Heisenberg principle helicotrema heliocentric theory heliotropism hellebore Helmholtz chessboard Helmholtz color mixer Helmholtz square illusion Helmholtz theory help-seeking behavior helper helping helping model helping professions helping relationship helplessness helplessness theory hem- hematoma hematophobia hemeralopia hemeraphonia hemi- hemiachromatopsia hemiamblyopia hemianalgesia hemianesthesia hemianopia (hemianopsia; hemiopia) hemianopic dyslexia hemiasomatognosia hemiballismus hemichorea hemicrania hemidecortication hemimegalencephaly hemineglect hemiopia hemiparesis hemiplegia hemispatial neglect hemispheral roles in emotion hemisphere hemispherectomy hemispheric asymmetry hemispheric asymmetry reduction in older adults (HAROLD) hemispheric communication hemispheric dominance hemispheric encoding–retrieval asymmetry (HERA) hemispheric lateralization hemlock hemo- (hem-; haemo-; haem-) hemodynamic response hemoglobin (Hb) hemoglobinopathy hemophobia hemorrhage hemorrhagic stroke hemothymia hemp henbane Henle fiber Henning’s odor prism Henning’s taste tetrahedron hepatic encephalopathy hepatitis HERA herbal ecstasy herd instinct here and now hereditarianism hereditary ataxia hereditary hyperuricemia (hereditary choreoathetosis) hereditary myopathy hereditary predisposition heredity heredity–environment controversy Hering grays Hering illusion Hering theory of color vision Hering–Breuer reflex Hering’s afterimage heritability heritage hermaphroditism hermeneutics herniation hero heroin herpes infection herpes-simplex encephalitis herpetic neuralgia hertz Heschl’s gyrus hetaeral fantasy hetero- heterochromic iridocyclitis heterochrony heteroeroticism heterogametic heterogamy heterogeneity heterogeneity of variance heterogeneous heterogeneous group heterohypnosis heterolalia heteromorphosis heteronomous heteronomous stage heteronomy heteronormativity heteronymous hemianopia heteronymous reflex heterophemy heterophilia heterophily heterophoria heteroscedasticity heterosexism Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale heterosexuality heterosis heterosociality heterostasis heterotopia heterotropia heterozygous heuristic heuristic search heuristic value heuristic-systematic model (HSM) Heymans’s law Heywood case HFA HGPRT Hi-Wa itck hibernation Hick’s law Hidden Figures Test hidden grief hidden observer hidden profile task hidden variable hidden-clue test hierarchical clustering hierarchical design hierarchical linear model (HLM) hierarchical model hierarchical model of personality hierarchical regression hierarchical theory of intelligence hierarchically nested design hierarchization hierarchy hierarchy of motives (hierarchy of needs) hierarchy of response hierarchy-legitimizing myth high high blood pressure high chromaticity high resolution high risk High School Personality Questionnaire (HSPQ) high threshold high-altitude cerebral edema high-functioning autism (HFA) high-involvement management high-pass filter high-potency antipsychotic high-risk design high-technology assistive device higher brain center higher level skill higher mental process higher order conditioning higher order consciousness higher order construct higher order correlation higher order design higher order interaction higher order processes higher order thought higher response unit highway hypnosis hilus hindbrain hindsight bias Hindu caste system Hinduism hinge hippie (hippy) hippocampal formation hippocampal gyrus hippocampus hippotherapy HIPS hircine hired gun HIS Hispanic/Latino histamine histamine antagonist histamine headache histo- (hist-) histogenesis histogram histology historical analysis historical control group historical fallacy historical linguistics historical method historical prospective study historical psychoanalysis historical trauma historicism history effect history taking histrionic personality disorder hit HIT hit rate HIV HIV dementia HIV/AIDS counseling hives HLM HM hMG HMO ho’oponopono hoarding hoarding orientation hoarseness Hoffmann’s sign hol- hold functions holding environment holdover effect holiday syndrome holism holistic education holistic healing holistic health holistic psychology Hollingshead scales hollow-square puzzle Holmes’s phenomenon Holmgren Test for Color Blindness holo- (hol-) hologram holographic brain theory holography holonomic brain theory holophrase holophrastic stage Holtzman Inkblot Technique (HIT) hom- HOME home and community-based services (HCBS) home cage home care home health aide home health care Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME) home range home schooling home visit home-based reinforcement home-service agency homelessness homemaker home health aide homeo- homeopathy homeostasis homeostatic principle homeotherm (homoiotherm) homesickness homework homicide homicidomania homicidophilia homing hominid homo- (hom-) homocystinuria homoeroticism homogametic homogamy homogeneity homogeneity of cognitive function homogeneity of covariance homogeneity of variance homogeneous homogeneous group homogenitality homograph homolateral homologous homology homonym homonymous hemianopia homonymous paracentral scotoma homonymous quadranopia homonymous reflex homophile homophily homophobia homophone homoplasy homoscedasticity homosexual behavior homosexual community homosexual love homosexual marriage homosexual panic homosexual rights movement homosexuality homovanillic acid (HVA) homozygous homunculus honest signal honestly significant difference test honesty honesty test hookup Hooper Visual Organization Test (VOT) Hoover’s sign hope hopelessness Hopkins Symptom Checklist (HSCL) Hopkins Verbal Learning Test (HVLT) horde horizontal career move horizontal cell horizontal communication horizontal décalage horizontal group horizontal job enlargement horizontal loading horizontal mobility horizontal plane horizontal section horizontal transmission horizontal–vertical illusion hormic psychology hormone hormone feedback hormone replacement therapy (HRT) Horner effect Horner’s law Horner’s syndrome horopter horoscope horseradish peroxidase (HRP) horseshoe crab horticultural therapy hospice hospital phobia hospitalism hospitalitis hospitalization hostile aggression hostile attribution bias hostile witness hostile work environment hostile–detached marriage hostile–engaged marriage hostility hostility displacement hot cognition hot flash hot plate hot-deck imputation hot-seat technique Hotelling’s T 2 test hothousing hotline houselight Hovland model HPA HPA axis HR HRNB HRP HRSD HRT HRTF HSCL HSD test HSI hsieh-ping HSM HSPQ hubris HUD hue Hull’s mathematico-deductive theory of learning human channel capacity human chorionic gonadotropin human courtship human ecology human engineering human error human factors human factors engineering human factors psychology Human Genome Project human immunodeficiency virus human information storage human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG) human nature human operator modeling human relations human relations theory human relations training human resources (HR) human strength human systems integration (HSI) human trafficking human-growth movement human-potential model human-potential movement human–machine system human–system coupling human–vehicle interface humanism humanistic communitarian socialism humanistic conscience humanistic perspective humanistic psychology humanistic therapy humanistic–existential therapy humanity humanoid humidity effects humiliation humility humor humoral immunity humoral reflex humoral theory hunger hunger center hunger drive Hunger Winter Hunter syndrome hunting behavior Huntington’s disease (HD) Hurler syndrome Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome HVA HVLT hwa-byung hyaline membrane disease hyalophagia hybrid hybrid vigor hybridization hybristophilia hydantoin hydration hydraulic model hydro- (hydr-) hydrocephalus hydrocodone hydrocortisone hydrogen-ion concentration hydrophobia hydrotherapy hydroxyzine hygiene hygiene factors hylozoism hymen hyoscine hyp- hypacusia hypalgesia hyper- hyperactivity hyperacusis hyperaggressivity hyperaldosteronism hyperalgesia hyperarousal hyperbulimia hypercalcemia hypercathexis hypercholesterolemic xanthomatosis hypercolumn hypercomplex cell hypercorrection hypercritical hyperemia hyperesthesia hyperexcitability hyperfunction hypergenitalism hypergeusia hyperglycemia hyperhedonia hyperhidrosis hypericin Hypericum perforatum hyperingestion hyperkinesis hyperkinesthesia hyperkinetic syndrome hyperlexia hyperlipidemia hyperlordosis hypermania hypermetria hypermnesia hypermobile testes hypermotility hyperobesity hyperopia hyperorexia hyperosmia hyperphagia hyperphenylalaninemia (HPA) hyperphilia hyperphoria hyperphrenia hyperplasia hyperpnea hyperpolarization hyperprosexia hypersensitivity hypersexuality hypersomnia hypersomnolence disorder hyperspecificity hypersthenia hypertelorism hypertension hypertensive crisis hyperthymia hyperthyroidism hypertonia hypertrophy hypertropia hyperventilation hypervigilance hypesthesia (hypaesthesia) hyphedonia hyphenophilia hypn- hypnagogic hypnalgia hypno- (hypn-) hypnoanalysis hypnodontics hypnodrama hypnogenic hypnogenic spot hypnoid state hypnophrenosis hypnopompic hypnosis hypnotherapy hypnotic hypnotic amnesia hypnotic analgesia hypnotic induction hypnotic regression hypnotic rigidity hypnotic susceptibility hypnotic trance hypnotism hypnotizability hypo- (hyp-) hypoactive sexual desire disorder hypoactivity hypoacusia hypoalgesia hypobaropathy hypocathexis hypochondria hypochondriasis hypodermic injection hypoesthesia (hypoaesthesia) hypofrontality hypofunction hypogastric nerve hypogeusia hypoglossal nerve hypoglossia hypoglycemia hypogonadism hypokinesis hypokinesthesia hypolipemia hypomania hypomanic episode hypomenorrhea hypometria hypomotility hyponasality hypophagia hypophilia hypophonia hypophoria hypophyseal cachexia hypophyseal fossa hypophysectomy hypophysis (hypophysis cerebri) hypoplasia hypoprosexia hyporexia hyposexuality hyposmia hyposomnia hypospadias hypotension hypothalamic hormone hypothalamic hyperphagia hypothalamic syndrome hypothalamic theory of Cannon hypothalamic–hypophyseal portal system hypothalamic–pituitary portal system hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA axis) hypothalamus hypothermia hypothesis hypothesis testing hypothetical construct hypothetical imperative hypothetico-deductive method hypothetico-deductive reasoning hypothymia hypothyroidism hypotonia hypotropia hypovolemic thirst hypoxanthine–guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPRT) hypoxemia hypoxia hypoxic hypoxia hypoxyphilia hysterectomy hysteresis hysteria hysterical amnesia hysterical blindness hysterical disorder hysterical paralysis hysterical personality disorder hysterical psychosis hysteriform hystero- (hyster-) Hz

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April 16th 2024

self-control therapy

self-control therapy

a form of behavior therapy that involves self-monitoring (e.g., diaries of behavior), self-evaluation, goal setting, behavior contracts, self-reinforcement, and relapse prevention. Also called self-management therapy. [developed by Austrian-born U.S. clinical psychologist Frederick H. Kanfer (1925–2002)]