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f F F -to-enter F -to-remove F distribution F max statistic F ratio F Scale (Fascism Scale) F statistic F test F value F1 F2 FA FAAH FABBS fabrication fabulation face perception face recognition face saving face validity face-ism face-to-face group face-to-face interaction face–hand test facework Facial Action Coding System (FACS) facial affect program facial angle facial disfigurement facial electromyography facial expression facial feedback hypothesis facial muscle facial nerve facies facilitated communication facilitation facilitative anxiety facilitator FACM FACS fact finder fact memory fact retrieval factitious disorder factitious disorder by proxy factor factor analysis factor loading factor method factor of similarity factor reflection factor rotation factor score factor theory factor theory of intelligence factor theory of personality factor-comparison method factorial analysis of covariance factorial analysis of variance factorial design factorial invariance factual knowledge facultative polyandry faculty faculty psychology fad fading FAE fail-safe failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) failure to thrive (FTT) failure-to-inhibit hypothesis fainting faintness Fairbairnian theory fairness faith faith healing faithful participant faking fallacy fallacy of personal validation falling out falling sickness fallopian tube fallopian-tube pregnancy false alarm false analogy false authority false belief false cause false dementia false detection false memory false negative false positive false pregnancy false rejection false self false-belief task false-consensus effect false-uniqueness effect falsetto falsifiability falsificationism familial dysautonomia familial factor familial Portuguese polyneuritic amyloidosis familial tremor familial Turner syndrome familiar familiarity familism family Family and Medical Leave Act family bed family constellation family counseling family dynamics family group psychotherapy family interaction method family intervention family leave family life cycle family life education family mediation family medicine family mythology family of origin family pattern family planning family psychology family resemblance family romance family sculpting family study family support services family systems theory family therapy family values family-wise alpha level family-wise error rate fan effect Fanapt fanaticism fantasy fantasy play FAP FAR far point Farber’s lipogranulomatosis farsightedness fartlek training FAS FAS Test fascia fasciculus fasciculus cuneatus fasciculus gracilis fascination fasciolus gyrus Fascism Scale fashion fast mapping fast muscle fiber fastigial nucleus fat fat cell fat metabolism fatal familial insomnia fatalistic suicide fate control fate neurosis father figure father fixation father surrogate father-ideal fatigability fatigue fatigue checklist fatigue effect fatigue studies fatty acid fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) fault tree analysis (FTA) FBA FDA fear fear appeal fear drive fear of commitment fear of darkness fear of failure fear of flying fear of rejection fear of strangers fear of success fear response fear structure Fear Survey Schedule (FSS) fear-induced aggression feared self fearful attachment feasibility standards feasibility test feature feature abstraction feature attention feature detection theory feature detector feature indicator feature model feature-integration theory (FIT) feature-negative discrimination feature-positive discrimination febrile delirium febrile seizure fecal incontinence feces Fechner’s colors Fechner’s law Fechner’s paradox fecundity Federation of Associations in Brain and Behavioral Sciences (FABBS) fee-for-service feeblemindedness feedback feedback device feedback evaluation feedback loop feedback system feedforward feeding and eating disorders of infancy or early childhood feeding behavior feeding center feeding disorder of infancy or early childhood feeding problem feeling feeling of knowing (FOK) feeling of reality feeling of unreality feeling tone feeling type Feighner criteria felbamate Feldenkrais method fellatio felt need felt sense female choice female circumcision female ejaculation female genital mutilation (FGM) female genitalia female Oedipus complex female orgasmic disorder female sexual arousal disorder female sexual dysfunction (FSD) female sperm female–female competition femaleness femininity femininity complex femininity phase feminism feminist family therapy feminist psychology feminist therapy feminization feminization of poverty feminizing testes syndrome fenestration fenfluramine fentanyl FEPSAC feral children Fernald method Ferree–Rand double broken circles Ferry–Porter law fertility fertilization FES festinating gait fetal activity fetal age fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) fetal cephalometry fetal distress fetal hypoxia fetal infection fetal monitoring fetal presentation fetal programming fetal response fetal stage fetal tobacco syndrome (FTS) fetal–maternal exchange fetation feticide fetish fetishism fetoscopy fetus fetus at risk (FAR) FFA FFDE FFFS FFM FFS FGM FI fiat fibril fibrillation fibromyalgia fiction fictional finalism fidelity fidgetiness fiduciary field field defect field dependence field experiment field independence field memory field notes field of consciousness field of regard field research field survey field theory field theory of personality field work fifth cranial nerve fight-or-flight response fight–flight system (FFS) fight–flight–freeze system (FFFS) fighting figural aftereffect figural cohesion figural fluency test figural synthesis figurative knowledge figurative language figure figure-drawing test figure–ground figure–ground distortion file-drawer analysis file-drawer problem filial anxiety filial generation filial imprinting filial maturity filial responsibility filicide filiform papillae fill-in questions filled-space illusion film color filopodium filter filter theory filtered speech FIM fimbria final cause final common path final free recall finasteride fine motor fine tremor finger agnosia Finger Localization Test Finger Oscillation Test Finger Tapping Test fingerspelling finite-state grammar FINST theory fire-setting behavior FIRO theory FIRO-B first admission first cranial nerve first impression first moment first quartile first sleep first-degree relative first-episode schizophrenia first-generation antipsychotic first-impression bias first-line medication first-order factor first-order interaction first-order neuron first-person perspective first-person perspective memory first-rank symptoms fishbowl technique Fisher exact test Fisher least significant difference test Fisher’s r to z transformation fission fissure fissure of Rolando fissure of Sylvius fistula fit FIT fit index Fit to Win Health Promotion Program fitness fitness for duty evaluation (FFDE) Fitts movement task Fitts’s law five-factor personality model (FFM) five-number summary five-to-seven shift fixation fixation pause fixation point fixation reflex fixed action pattern (FAP) fixed belief fixed class society fixed effect fixed factor fixed idea fixed parameter fixed variable fixed-alternative question fixed-effects analysis of variance fixed-effects model fixed-interval schedule (FI schedule) fixed-ratio schedule (FR schedule) fixed-time schedule (FT schedule) fixedness FJA flaccid paralysis flagellation flanker task flapping tremor flash card flashback flashbulb memory flat affect flat organizational structure flavor flehmen Flesch index Flexeril flexibilitas cerea flexible correction model flexion flexion reflex flexor flextime flicker discrimination flicker fusion frequency flicker stimulus flight flight from reality flight into disease flight into fantasy flight into health flight into illness flight into reality flight of colors flight of ideas floaters floating-limb response floccillation flocculonodular lobe flocking flooding floor effect floral flotation tank flotation-REST flourishing flow flow pattern flower-spray ending flowery fluctuating asymmetry fluctuation fluctuation of attention fluctuation of perception fluency fluent aphasia fluent speech fluid intelligence (fluid ability) flumazenil flunitrazepam fluorescein angiography fluoxetine fluphenazine flurazepam flutamide flutter flutter dysmetria fluttering hearts fluvoxamine fly agaric flying flies Flynn effect FMEA fMRI fMRI measures of intelligence FMS focal attention focal consciousness focal degeneration focal dermal hypoplasia focal length focal lesion focal motor seizure focal pathology focal psychotherapy focal seizure focal symptoms focus focus gambling focus group focus of attention focus of convenience focused attention focusing focusing effect focusing mechanism focusing power FOK foliate papillae folie à deux folium folk bilingualism folk medicine folk psychology folk soul folklore folkways follicle follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) follicular phase follow-back study follow-up counseling follow-up history follow-up study follow-up test following behavior Folstein Mini-Mental State Examination fontanel (fontanelle) food addiction food caching food faddism food-intake regulation foot anesthesia foot drop foot fetishism foot-candle foot-in-the-door technique footedness foraging foramen foramen of Monro foraminotomy force field forced compliance effect forced copulation forced distribution forced treatment forced-choice question forceps injury forebrain foreclosure foreground–background foregrounding foreigner talk forensic assessment forensic neuropsychology forensic neuroscience forensic psychiatry forensic psychology forensic social work foreplay foreshortening foreskin forest plot forethought forewarning of persuasive intent forewarning of persuasive position forget cue forgetting forgetting curve forgiveness form discrimination form distortion form perception form quality form–function distinction formal cause formal discipline formal fallacy formal grammar formal group formal language formal logic formal operational stage formal organizational structure formal parallelism formal reasoning formal theory formal thought disorder formal universal formalism formants formative evaluation formative tendency formboard test formication formicophilia forms of address formula fornication fornix FORTRAN forward association forward chaining forward conditioning forward displacement forward masking forward pairing forward selection forward-conduction law fossa fossil fossilization foster care foster-child fantasy fostering foul founder effect FOUR Four As four-card problem four-fifths rule fourfold table Fourier analysis Fourier spectrum fourth cranial nerve fourth moment fourth ventricle fovea centralis foveal sparing foveal vision FR fractal fractile fractional antedating goal response fractional escape fractional factorial design fractionation fragile X syndrome fragmentary delusion fragmentation fragrant frail elderly frame frame of reference frame problem frame-of-reference training framing framing effect Framingham Heart Study Franceschetti–Zwahlen–Klein syndrome Fraser syndrome (Fraser–François syndrome) fraternal twins fraternalistic relative deprivation free and appropriate public education free association free energy free field free love free morpheme free nerve ending free operant free parameter free play free radical free recall free rider free variation free will free-association test free-feeding weight free-floating anxiety free-floating attention free-floating emotion free-operant avoidance free-response question free-running rhythm freebase Freedom From Distractibility Index freedom from harm freedom to withdraw freezing behavior Fregoli’s phenomenon French kiss frenulum frenzy frequency frequency analysis frequency discrimination frequency distribution frequency judgment frequency law frequency modulation frequency of response frequency polygon frequency principle frequency selectivity frequency table frequency test frequency theory frequentist frequentist inference Freudian approach (Freudianism) Freudian slip Freudian theory of personality Frey esthesiometer fricative Friedreich’s ataxia friend with benefits friendship fright frigidity fringe consciousness fringe–focus structure fringer Fröbelism frog-pond effect Fröhlich’s syndrome front-clipping frontal frontal association area frontal cortex frontal eye field frontal gyrus frontal lisp frontal lobe frontal lobe syndrome frontal lobotomy frontal plane frontal release signs frontal section frontalis muscle frontometaphyseal dysplasia frontonasal dysplasia frontotemporal dementia (FTD) frotteurism frozen form frozen noise fruity frustration frustration effect frustration tolerance frustration–aggression hypothesis frustrative nonreward hypothesis fry Frye test FSD FSH FSS FT FTA FTD FTS FTT fugitive literature fugue fulfillment fulfillment model full inclusion full model Full Outline of Unresponsiveness Score (FOUR) full term Fullerton–Cattell law fully functioning person fulvestrant fun fun-seeking function function allocation function coefficient function word functional functional activities functional age functional amblyopia functional amnesia functional analysis functional analytic causal model (FACM) functional analytic psychotherapy (FAP) functional approach to attitudes functional asymmetry functional autonomy functional behavioral assessment (FBA) functional blindness functional brain imaging functional classification functional communication training functional conformance functional connectivity mapping functional data analysis (FDA) functional deafness functional disorder functional distance functional dyspareunia functional dyspepsia functional dyspnea functional electric stimulation (FES) functional family therapy functional fixedness functional grammar functional hyperinsulinism functional illiteracy Functional Independence Measure (FIM) functional invariant functional job analysis (FJA) functional leader functional level functional limitation functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI; functional MRI) functional measurement functional moneme functional neurological symptom disorder functional operant functional pain functional plasticity functional plateau functional psychology functional psychosis functional reorganization functional selection functional skills functional status functional stimulus functional types functional unity functional universal functional vaginismus functionalism functionalist approach to emotion fundamental attribution error fundamental frequency fundamental interpersonal relations orientation theory (FIRO theory) Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation–Behavior Scale (FIRO–B) fundamental lexical hypothesis fundamental need fundamental rule fundamental science fundamental skill fundamental symptoms fundamental tone fungiform papillae funnel interview furor fusiform gyrus fusion fusion frequency fusional language future lives future orientation future shock future-mindedness fuzzy logic fuzzy set theory fuzzy trace theory