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V V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 VA VABS vACC vacuum activity vagabond neurosis vagal tone vagina vagina dentata vagina envy vaginal administration vaginal orgasm vaginal plethysmograph vaginal sex vaginismus vagotomy vagus nerve VAKT valence valence–instrumentality–expectancy theory validating marriage validation validity validity check validity coefficient validity criterion validity generalization validity tag Valium valor valproic acid VALS value value analysis value judgment value system value-driven care value-expressive function of an attitude value-free evaluation Values and Preferences Scale (VPS) values clarification values education Values, Attitudes, and Lifestyles vampirism van Buchem’s syndrome vandalism Vandenbergh effect vanishing cues methodology variability variable variable error variable rate theory variable stimulus variable-interval schedule (VI schedule) variable-ratio schedule (VR schedule) variable-time schedule (VT schedule) variance variance estimate variance-stabilizing transformation variance–covariance matrix variant variate variation variation coefficient variations of aging varicella varicella-zoster varied mapping variety variform universal varimax rotation vas deferens vas- vascular dementia vascular depression vascular insufficiency vascular sclerosis vasculitis vasectomy vaso- (vas-) vasoconstriction vasoconstrictor vasodilation vasodilator vasomotor vasopressin vasopressor vasovagal syncope Vater’s corpuscle VCP VD vection vector Vedanta vegetative vegetative soul vegetative state vegetotherapy velar velocity of conduction Velten technique velum velum palatinum venereal disease (VD) venesection venire venlafaxine Venn diagram venous thrombosis ventilation ventr- ventral ventral amygdalofugal pathway ventral anterior cingulate cortex ventral anterior nucleus ventral horn ventral lateral nucleus ventral posterior cingulate cortex ventral root ventral stream ventral tegmental area ventral white commissure ventricle ventricular puncture ventricular system ventricular zone ventriculoatrial shunt ventriculomegaly ventriculostomy ventriloquism effect ventro- (ventr-) ventrodorsal ventromedial hypothalamic syndrome ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) ventromedial nucleus ventromedial pathway ventroposterior nucleus venue sampling VEP verapamil veratrine verb verbal ability (V) verbal abuse verbal alexia verbal amnesia verbal aphasia verbal apraxia verbal behavior verbal behavior therapy verbal communication verbal comprehension Verbal Comprehension Index verbal conditioning verbal deprivation hypothesis verbal factor verbal fluency test verbal intelligence verbal IQ verbal leakage verbal learning verbal masochism verbal memory verbal narrative verbal overshadowing verbal paraphasia verbal protocol verbal protocol analysis verbal report verbal satiation verbal test verbal thought verbalization verbally governed behavior verbatim recall verbatim trace verbigeration vergence veridical veridical hallucination veridical perception verification verification time verisimilitude vermis vernacular Versed verstehende Psychologie vertebral artery vertebral column vertex potential vertical décalage vertical group vertical job enlargement vertical loading vertical mobility vertical transmission vertical–horizontal illusion vertigo very low birth weight (VLBW) vesicle vested interest vestibular adaptation vestibular apparatus vestibular glands vestibular illusion vestibular membrane vestibular nerve vestibular nuclei vestibular nystagmus vestibular receptors vestibular sacs vestibular sense vestibular system vestibule vestibule training vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) vestibulocochlear nerve vestibulospinal tract vestigial body image vestured genital apposition VFDT VI vibration vibration disease vibration environment vibration experience vibration receptor vibration sense vibration white finger vibrator vibrotactile aid vibrotactile masking vibrotactile threshold vicarious vicarious brain process vicarious conditioning vicarious extinction vicarious function vicarious learning vicarious reinforcement vicarious traumatization (VT) vicious circle vicious circularity Vicodin victim victim blaming victim impact statement victimization victimology video conferencing video-recall technique videotape method Vienna Circle Vienna Psychoanalytic Society Viennese School Vierordt’s law Vieth–Müller circle view invariance vigilance vigilance decrement vigor vindicatory damages Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (VABS) violation of assumptions violation-of-expectation method violence viral hypothesis viral marketing viral meningitis Virchow–Seckel syndrome virgin virginity virilism virility virilocal virtual pitch virtual reality virtual reality therapy virtual team virtue virus viscera visceral brain visceral drive visceral learning visceral reaction visceral sensation visceral sense viscerotonia viscus visible spectrum vision vision impairment vision rehabilitation visitation rights visiting nurse Vistaril visual acuity visual adaptation visual agnosia visual agraphia visual allesthesia (visual allaesthesia) visual amnesia visual analogue scale visual angle visual anomia visual anosognosia visual apperception test visual area visual area MT visual association cortex visual attention visual attention disorder visual aura visual axis visual blurring visual cache visual capture visual cliff visual closure visual comfort probability (VCP) visual communication visual consciousness visual constructional impairment visual cortex visual cycle visual discrimination visual dominance visual dyslexia visual encoding visual environment visual evoked potential (VEP) visual extinction visual fatigue visual field visual field defect visual field sparing visual fixation visual form agnosia visual form discrimination visual function visual hallucination visual hearing visual illusion visual imagery visual impairment visual indexing theory visual induction visual learning visual masking visual memory visual memory span visual narrative visual neglect visual object agnosia visual organization visual organization test visual perception visual perseveration visual persistence visual phosphene visual pigment visual preference paradigm visual processing visual projection visual purple visual pursuit visual receptive field visual receptor visual recognition visual recognition test visual reproduction visual screening visual search visual sensory memory visual space visual stimulation visual system visual texture visual threshold visual tracking visual transduction visual word-form dyslexia visual yellow visual-construction test visual-placing reflex visual-righting reflex visual-search perceptual disorder visual–motor coordination visual–spatial ability visualization visually guided reaching visuoconstructional impairment visuoconstructive test visuomotor ataxia visuomotor behavior rehearsal visuospatial agnosia visuospatial function visuospatial sketchpad visuotopic map vital capacity vital exhaustion vital functions vital spirits vital statistics vitalism vitality vitamin vitamin A vitamin A toxicity vitamin and mineral therapy vitamin D toxicity vitamin deficiency vitamin model vitex agnus castus vitreous hemorrhage vitreous humor viviparity vivisection Vivitrol VLBW VMH VMI VNO vocabulary growth vocabulary spurt vocabulary test vocal communication vocal cords vocal reaction time vocal register vocal tract vocal-image voice vocalization vocation vocational adjustment vocational appraisal vocational aptitude vocational aptitude test vocational counseling vocational education vocational guidance vocational maturity vocational rehabilitation vocational services vocational training vodun voice voice disorder voice key voice therapy voice-activated control voice-activated switch voice-onset time (VOT) voice-output system voice–stress analyzer voiced voiceless sound voiceprint voicing voir dire volatile marriage volition volitional tremor volley volley theory volt voltage-gated ion channel volubility volume color volume of distribution volumetric thirst voluntarism voluntary voluntary admission voluntary agencies and organizations voluntary attention voluntary behavior voluntary commitment voluntary dehydration voluntary hospitalization voluntary muscle voluntary response voluntary retrieval voluntary turnover volunteer volunteer bias volunteerism vomeronasal system vomiting vomiting center von Domarus principle von Economo’s disease von Frey hairs von Frey specificity theory von Recklinghausen’s disease von Restorff effect voodoo voodoo death VOR VOT vowel voyeurism vPCC VPS VR Vroom–Yetton–Jago decision model VT vulnerability vulnerability factor vulva vulval orgasm vulvectomy Vygotskian theory of intelligence Vyvanse

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1. the practice of taking committed action to achieve an end, particularly as it relates to a political or social goal. See also community action group; social action program.

2. in philosophy, the doctrine that any relationship between thought and reality is characterized by continuous activity on the part of the mind, rather than passive receptivity. —activist adj., n.