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vitamin model

a model proposing nine attributes of work that influence employee satisfaction. As with vitamins, employees will require some minimal amount or dosage of each attribute to be satisfied with their jobs. In the case of three attributes (money, physical security, and valued social position), employees can have an overabundance with no negative effects. However, too much of the remaining six attributes (externally generated goals, variety, clarity, control, skill use, and interpersonal contact) can lead to problems. [proposed by British organizational psychologist Peter B. Warr]

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1. n. an objective, observable indication of a disorder or disease. See also soft sign.

2. n. in linguistics and semiotics, anything that conveys meaning; a sign may be either verbal (e.g., a spoken or written word) or nonverbal (e.g., a hairstyle). The term is now mainly associated with approaches deriving from the theory of Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure (1857–1913), who emphasized the arbitrary nature of linguistic signs (i.e., the lack of any necessary relationship between the material signifier and the idea signified). The application of this idea to nonlinguistic sign systems provided the basic method of structuralism in the social sciences.

3. vb. to communicate using sign language.