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Vroom–Yetton–Jago decision model

a model that can be used by leaders in judging how much they should allow followers to participate in decision making in different situations. The model consists of a set of decision rules and a decision tree in which the leader assesses several key situational attributes, such as the nature of the task (e.g., whether high or low in task structure), the degree of conflict expected among followers over preferred solutions, the degree of confidence that followers will accept decisions they do not agree with, and the extent to which such acceptance is important. On the basis of this assessment, the leader chooses from among several degrees of employee participation, ranging from autocratic decision making by the leader, through consultative approaches, to full participation and delegation. [Victor H. Vroom (1932–  ), Canadian organizational psychologist; Philip W. Yetton (1942–  ), Australian management expert; Arthur G. Jago (1949–  ), U.S. organizational psychologist]

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test interpretation

the clinical, educational, vocational, or other practical inferences given to a particular test result. Such conclusions are typically drawn by an expert in testing or by suitable computer software.