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L data L-alpha-acetyl-methadol L-dopa L-methylfolate la belle indifférence LAAM labeled lines labeled-line theory of taste coding labeling labeling theory labia labial labile labile affect labio- labiodental labor Labor Management Relations Act labor relations labor turnover labor union laboratory research laboratory-method model labyrinth labyrinthine sense labyrinthitis laceration lack of fit lacrimal gland (lachrymal gland) lacrimal reflex lacrimation lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) lactation lacto- lactogenesis lactogenic hormone lactotroph lactotropic hormone lactotropin lacuna lacunar amnesia lacunar stroke LAD Ladd-Franklin theory laddering lag lag effect lagophthalmos (lagophthalmus) laissez-faire leader lalling lalopathy Lamarckism Lamaze method lambda lambda model (λ model) Lambert’s law lamellipodium laminar organization lamotrigine LAMP Land effect Land theory of color vision Landau reflex Landau–Kleffner syndrome landmark Landmark Forum Landolt circles landscaped office Langdon Down’s disease Langerhans cells language language acquisition language acquisition device (LAD) language acquisition support system (LASS) language arts language center language contact language death language deficit language delay language development language disability language disorder language learning disability (LLD) language localization language loyalty language maintenance language pathology language planning language retardation language shift language socialization language therapy language transfer language universal language-experience approach language-origin theory languishing Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act lapsus linguae large-sample method Lariam Larodopa laryngeal framework surgery laryngeal neoplasm laryngeal paralysis laryngeal reflex laryngectomy laryngopharynx larynx LASS Lasthénie de Ferjol syndrome LAT latah (lattah) latchkey children late bilingualism late luteal phase dysphoric disorder late paraphrenia late-onset schizophrenia late-selection theory latency stage latent addition period latent class analysis (LCA) latent construct latent content latent factor latent goal latent homosexuality latent inhibition latent learning latent need latent stage latent structure analysis latent trait theory latent variable later life adjustment lateral lateral bundle lateral cervical nucleus lateral confusion lateral corticospinal tract lateral difference lateral dominance lateral fissure lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) lateral gyrus lateral hypothalamic syndrome lateral hypothalamus (LH) lateral inhibition lateral lemniscus lateral lisp lateral olfactory tract lateral posterior nucleus lateral preoptic area (lPOA) lateral rectus lateral social comparison lateral specialization lateral spinothalamic tract lateral sulcus lateral thalamic nucleus lateral thinking lateral ventricle lateral-line system laterality lateralization lateralized readiness potential (LRP) lateropulsion lateroventral nucleus Latin square latitude of acceptance latitude of noncommitment latitude of rejection lattah Latuda laudanum laughing gas laughter Launois–le Cleret syndrome Laurence–Moon–Bardet–Biedl syndrome law law of advantage law of assimilation law of closure law of combination law of common fate law of common region law of constancy law of contiguity law of continuity law of contrast law of disuse law of effect law of equality law of equipotentiality law of exercise law of filial regression law of forward conduction law of frequency law of good continuation law of good figure law of good shape law of inclusiveness law of initial values law of large numbers law of least action law of mass action law of neurobiotaxis law of parsimony law of Prägnanz law of precision law of primacy law of prior entry law of proximity law of recency law of similarity law of specific nerve energies law of sufficient reason law of symmetry law of use law-and-order orientation laws of grouping laws of learning laws of thought laxative addiction lay analysis lay psychology layperson personality theories lazy eye LBW LCA LCU LD LDH LE lead-pipe rigidity leader leader categorization theory leader match leader prototype leader–member exchange theory (LMX theory) leaderless group discussion leaderless group therapy leadership leadership emergence leadership labyrinth leadership role leadership style leadership substitute leadership theories leaf node leaf switch leakage lean medium learned helplessness learned optimism learned response learned taste aversion learned treatise exception learning Learning Abilities Measurement Program (LAMP) learning by doing learning center learning curve learning difficulties learning disabilities specialist learning disability (LD) learning disorder (LD) learning goal learning model learning paradigm Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD) learning set learning skills learning strategy learning style learning support center learning technologies learning theory learning to learn learning trial learning types learning without awareness least effort principle least perceptible duration Least Preferred Coworker Scale (LPC Scale) least restrictive alternative least restrictive environment (LRE) least significant difference (LSD) least squares criterion least squares regression leaving the field Leber’s disease Leboyer technique lecanomancy Lectopam lecture method Lee–Boot effect left brain left censoring left hemisphere left-handedness left-hemisphere consciousness legal blindness legal capacity legal psychiatry legal psychology legal testimony legasthenia legend legibility legitimate authority legitimate power leisure lifestyle Lejeune syndrome lek mating lemma lemniscal system length of stay (LOS) leniency error lens lens model lenticular nucleus Leonardo’s paradox leptin leptokurtic leptomorph leptosome type LEQ LES lesbian feminism lesbian separatism lesbianism Lesch–Nyhan syndrome Lesch’s alcoholism typology (LAT) lesion less-is-more hypothesis lethal catatonia lethal dose (LD) lethality lethality scale lethargy letter cancellation test letter-by-letter reading Letter–Number Sequencing letting go leuco- (leuc-; leuko-; leuk-) leukocyte (leucocyte) leukotomy (leucotomy) leuprolide level Level I–Level II theory level of analysis level of measurement level of significance level-of-aspiration theory levels of consciousness levels of intelligence levels-of-processing model of memory Levene test for equality of variance lever switch Levinson’s adult development theory levitation Levo-Dromoran levodopa (L-dopa) levomepromazine Levoprome levorphanol Lewy body dementia lexical access lexical agraphia lexical ambiguity lexical decision lexical hypothesis lexical memory lexical word lexical-selection rules lexical–gustatory synesthesia lexicology lexicon LFA LGBTQ LGN LH liability liberalism liberation psychology libidinal development libidinal stage libidinal transference libidinal types libidinization libido libido-binding activity Librium license licensed practical nurse (LPN) licking behavior lickometer lid apraxia lie lie detector lie scale Liebmann effect life coaching life crisis life cycle life events Life Events Rating Scale life expectancy life force life goal life history life instinct life lie life plan life review life rhythm life satisfaction life space life stress life-change unit (LCU) life-history method life-space interview lifeline lifespan lifespan contextualism lifespan developmental psychology lifespan perspective lifestyle Lifetime of Experiences Questionnaire (LEQ) lifetime personality lifetime risk ligand ligand-gated ion channel light adaptation light cell light induction light pointer light reflex light sensitivity light therapy light trance light–dark cycle lightness constancy lightness contrast lightning calculator likelihood likelihood function likelihood principle likelihood ratio (LR) Likert scale liking scale Lilliputian hallucination limb kinetic apraxia limbic cortex limbic epilepsy limbic lobe limbic system Limbitrol limen limerence liminal limited competency limited guardianship limited hold limited responsibility limited-capacity system limophthisis Limulidae line graph line management line of beauty line of fixation line of regard line spectrum linear linear causation linear correlation linear model linear perspective linear program linear regression linear relationship linear system linear transformation linear type linearizing lineup lingering trajectory lingua franca lingual lingual frenulum lingual gland lingual gyrus lingual nerve lingual papilla linguist linguistic approach linguistic awareness linguistic determinism linguistic intergroup bias linguistic minority linguistic relativity linguistic typology linguistic universal linguistic–kinesic method linguistics link analysis linking verb Lioresal liothyronine lip biting lip eroticism lip pursing lipid-metabolism disorders lipodystrophy lipostatic hypothesis lipotrophic diabetes mellitus Lipps illusion theory lipreading liquid liquidation of attachment lisdexamfetamine lisp LISP lissencephaly listening listening attitude listening strategy listwise deletion literacy literacy test literal alexia literal paraphasia literal replication literalism lithium litigious paranoia Little Albert Little Hans living will LLD Lloyd Morgan’s canon LLR LMX theory LNNB lobe lobectomy lobotomy LOC local circuit local circuit neuron local enhancement local excitatory state (LES) local independence local potential local regression (loess; lowess) local–global distinction localization localization of function localized amnesia location constancy location-invariant neuron loci loci method lock-and-key theory Locke’s theory of goal setting locked ward locked-in syndrome Lockhart v. McCree lockout loco plant locomotion locomotor arrest locomotor ataxia locomotor play locura locus locus ceruleus (locus coeruleus; locus caeruleus) locus of causality locus of control locus of stability locutionary act LOD score loess log likelihood log odds log- log-likelihood ratio (LLR) log-linear analysis log-normal distribution logarithm (log) logarithmic transformation logic logical inference logical necessity logical paradox logical positivism logical thinking logical-mathematical intelligence logicogrammatical disorder logistic function logistic regression (LR) logistic transformation logit Logo logo- (log-) logogen logographic logopathy logopedics logorrhea logotherapy Lokian personality Lolita complex London syndrome loneliness long axis long-delay conditioning long-term care long-term care facility long-term depression (LTD) long-term memory (LTM) long-term potentiation (LTP) long-term therapy long-wavelength pigment longevity longilineal longitudinal longitudinal data longitudinal design longitudinal fissure longitudinal stability look angle look-say looking-glass self looming loose culture loosening of associations loperamide lorazepam Lord’s paradox lordosis Lorenzini ampullae LOS loser effect loss aversion loss of affect loss of consciousness (LOC) lost letter procedure lot acceptance sampling Lou Gehrig’s disease loudness loudness summation Louis-Bar syndrome love love need love object love scale love withdrawal lovemap low birth weight (LBW) low normal low threshold low vision low-ball technique low-functioning autism (LFA) low-pass filter low-technology assistive device Lowe syndrome lower hinge lower motor neuron lower quartile lower real limit lowess loxapine loyalty LPAD LPC Scale LPN lPOA LR LRE LRP LSD LTD LTH LTM LTP lucid dream lucid interval lucidity Lucifer effect lude Ludiomil lues lumbar lumbar nerve lumbar puncture lumbosacral plexus lumen Luminal luminance luminosity luminosity coefficient luminosity curve luminous flux luminous intensity lunacy lunatic asylum Lunesta Lupron lupus erythematosus (LE) lurasidone lure Luria–Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery (LNNB) lurking variable lust murder luteal phase luteinizing hormone (LH) luteotropic hormone luteotropin Luvox lux LVN LVP lycanthropy lygophilia Lyme disease lymphocyte lymphokine lynching lysergic acid diethylamide lysine lysine vasopressin (LVP) lysinuric protein intolerance lysis lysosome

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April 16th 2024

dispositional hearing

dispositional hearing

a proceeding held in juvenile court cases after the court finds that an offense has been committed. It is similar to the sentencing hearing or penalty phase in an adult criminal court.