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k K complex K-R 20 K-R 21 K-strategy K2 KABC KAE KAI kainate receptor kainic acid kairos KAIT Kalischer syndrome Kallikak Kallmann’s syndrome Kamin effect kangaroo care Kanizsa figure Kanner’s syndrome Kansas v. Hendricks kansei engineering Kantianism kappa kappa effect kappa opioid receptor kappa wave karezza karma karyotype kat kata- Katz Index of Activities of Daily Living Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test (KAIT) Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABC) kava KBS keep-awake pill Kegel exercises Keller plan Kemadrin Kempf’s disease Kendall’s coefficient of concordance Kendall’s tau Kendall’s W Kennard principle keratitis keratoconus keratometer kernel sentence kernel-of-truth hypothesis kernicterus Kernig’s sign ketamine ketoconazole key-word method keyboard khat (chat; kat; qat) KHOS kibbutz Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (KSADS) kids’ culture Kilner screen kilocalorie kin recognition kin selection kinase kindling kindness kindred kinematics kinesalgia (kinesialgia) kinesia kinesics kinesics technique kinesimeter kinesiology kinesiotherapy kinesis kinesthesis kinesthetic aftereffect (KAE) kinesthetic feedback kinesthetic hallucination kinesthetic imagery kinesthetic receptor kinesthetic sense kinesthetics kinetic anamorphosis kinetic depth effect kinetic information kinetic tremor kingdom kinkeeper Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction Kinsey Scale kinship kinship migration kinship network Kirlian photography Kirton Adaption–Innovation Inventory (KAI) kissing klazomania Kleeblattschädel syndrome Kleine–Levin syndrome Kleinian kleptolagnia kleptomania Klinefelter’s syndrome klinotaxis Klippel–Feil syndrome klismaphilia Klonopin Klüver–Bucy syndrome knee-jerk reflex knockdown knockout knockout drops know thyself knowing knowledge knowledge base knowledge elicitation knowledge function of an attitude knowledge of performance (KP) knowledge of results (KR; KOR) knowledge representation knowledge-based system (KBS) knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) Kocher–Debré–Sémélaigne syndrome Kohlberg’s theory of moral development Köhler effect Kohnstamm test Kohs Block Design Test kola nut (cola nut) Kolmogorov–Smirnov goodness-of-fit test Kolmogorov–Smirnov two-sample test König bars Kopfermann cubes kopro- koprolagnia koprophemia KOR koro Korsakoff’s syndrome Korte’s laws KP KR Kraepelin’s theory Krantz Health Opinion Survey (KHOS) Krause end bulb Kretschmer typology kriging Kruskal–Shepard scaling Kruskal–Wallis one-way analysis of variance KSADS KSAOs Kuder Preference Record Kuder–Richardson formulas Kugelberg–Welander disease Kumho Tire Co. v. Patrick Carmichael Kundt’s rules kurtosis kuru Kurzweil Personal Reader kwashiorkor kymograph kyphosis

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1. the practice of taking committed action to achieve an end, particularly as it relates to a political or social goal. See also community action group; social action program.

2. in philosophy, the doctrine that any relationship between thought and reality is characterized by continuous activity on the part of the mind, rather than passive receptivity. —activist adj., n.