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Kendall’s tau

(symbol: τ) a nonparametric measure of the degree of association between two ordinal variables (i.e., rank-ordered data). For example, a researcher could calculate Kendall’s tau to assess how much of a relationship there is between the rankings of students’ performance provided by two observers (e.g., a teacher and a teaching assistant). Also called Kendall’s rank correlation coefficient. [Maurice Kendall]

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n. a type of involuntary movement caused by a rapid succession of alternate muscular contractions and relaxations. Although some forms of clonus, such as hiccups, are considered normal, most such movements are abnormal; for example, clonus occurs as part of a tonic–clonic seizure. More severe forms are associated with spinal cord damage, poisoning (e.g., from strychnine), or an infection (e.g., syphilis).