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Kanizsa figure

any one of several figures that induce the perception of illusory contours defining a shape that appears to be brighter than the background. The most common example is the Kanizsa triangle, which is induced by three black circles placed as the apexes of a triangle. Each circle has a 60° wedge removed so that these wedges become the angles of the illusory triangle. Even though nothing connects the circles, a strong impression of a triangle that is brighter than the background is perceived. [Gaetano Kanizsa (1913–1993), Italian psychologist]

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1. the status of a child whose parents were unmarried at the time of birth. In Western societies, the term has fallen into virtual disuse with changing family structures (e.g., cohabiting but unmarried parents, single mothers by choice), the fading of the stigma formerly attached to illegitimacy, and the disappearance of most legal distinctions between legitimate and illegitimate children.

2. the state of being unlawful, improper, or contrary to reason and logic. —illegitimate adj.