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J curve J-curve hypothesis J-shaped distribution jabberwocky jackknife Jackson’s law jacksonian march Jacobson relaxation method Jacobson’s organ jactatio capitis nocturnis jactitation Jakob–Creutzfeldt disease James–Lange theory Janet’s test Janis–Feyerabend hypothesis jargon jargon aphasia JAS jaundice jaw jerk JCAHO JDI JDS jealousy Jehovah complex Jellinek’s alcoholism species Jenkins Activity Survey (JAS) Jensenism jet lag jiggle cage jigsaw method jimsonweed jinjinia bemar jiryan jittering JLO JND (jnd) job analysis job criterion job description Job Descriptive Index (JDI) job design Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS) job dimensions job enlargement job enrichment job evaluation job interview job involvement job performance job placement job preview job redesign job requirements job rotation job satisfaction job sharing job specification job tenure job-characteristics model job-component method job-component validity job-placement stage job-safety analysis Jocasta complex Johari window John Henry effect Johnson v. Louisiana joint attention Joint Commission joint distribution joint probability joke joking mania JOL Jonah complex Jost’s law jouissance joy judge-made law judgment judgment of learning (JOL) Judgment of Line Orientation (JLO) judgment sampling Juke jumping Frenchmen of Maine syndrome jumping stand juncture Jungian psychology Jungian typology junk science junkie jurisprudential teaching model jury consultant jury nullification jury pool just noticeable difference (JND; jnd) just noticeable duration just-noticeable-differences method just-world hypothesis justice justification juvenile delinquency juvenile justice system juvenile period juvenile transfer hearing juvenile-onset diabetes (juvenile diabetes) juvenilism

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