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job description

a formal description of a specific job, as supplied by an organization’s human resources department to those holding or applying for the position. Although formats vary, a job description usually comprises three main elements: (a) identification information, including job title, location, and reporting structure (i.e., relations to superiors and subordinates); (b) a brief statement summarizing the purpose of the job; and (c) a more detailed description of job dimensions or of specific duties and responsibilities. The job description is usually compiled through a systematic process of job analysis and can be used in turn as the basis for a personnel specification describing the attributes required to perform the job effectively. Also called job profile.

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unipolar mania

unipolar mania

a disorder in which only excitement, overactivity, and similar euphoric symptoms are seen. This is a rare condition, as such manic episodes tend eventually to be followed by one or more major depressive episodes.