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n. any of several disorders marked by an accumulation of excess lipids, such as cholesterol, in the body due to a metabolic disturbance. This accumulation leads to the formation of foam cells in skin lesions and other symptoms. These disorders include bulbi xanthomatosis, marked by fatty degeneration of the cornea; Wolman’s disease; hypercholesterolemic xanthomatosis, or Type II hyperlipoproteinemia, associated with accelerated atherosclerosis and premature heart attacks; and normal cholesterolemic xanthomatosis (see Hand–Christian–Schüller syndrome). A related form of xanthomatosis results in cutaneous lesions and other effects in some people with diabetes.

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June 17th 2024

shy–bold continuum

shy–bold continuum

the tendency of some individuals within a group to be fearful or cautious of new stimuli and of others to explore novel stimuli. The more fearful individuals are less likely to be preyed on but also less able to use new resources. A shy–bold continuum has been demonstrated in many species, from fish through human beings, and may be a universal dimension of behavioral variation.