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word-stem completion

a procedure in which participants are presented with sets of introductory letters and asked to form complete words. For example, a person given the stem ele__ might respond with elevate or elephant. Numerous variations of this basic procedure exist, including ones in which only certain target words are considered correct and ones in which the complete words must fulfill certain additional criteria (e.g., be nouns, consist of five to seven letters in total) or must be provided from a previously studied list. Word-stem completion most commonly is used in cognitive research on perceptual priming and implicit memory. Also called stem-completion task. See also completion test.

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social services

social services

1. services provided by government and nongovernment agencies and organizations to improve the social welfare of those in need, including people with low income, illness, or disability; older adults; and children. Services might include health care, insurance, subsidized housing, food subsidies, and the like.

2. government services to improve standards of living for all citizens, including services such as roads and public transportation, clean water, electricity, telecommunications, and public health institutions.