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wilderness experience

a group program in which demanding outdoor expeditions are undertaken for extended periods to foster enhanced self-efficacy, motivation, and social skills in the participants. The approach has been used, for example, in wilderness camps for children and adolescents with various behavioral problems, including alcohol and drug use. It has become controversial, however, amid reports of participant abuse, some of it fatal, that occurred at unregulated camps with largely untrained and unsupervised staff.

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June 19th 2024

cautious shift

cautious shift

a choice shift in which an individual making a decision as part of a group adopts a more cautious approach than the same individual would have adopted had he or she made the decision alone. Studies suggest that such shifts are (a) rarer than the opposite risky shift and (b) most likely to occur when the majority of the members of the group, prior to discussion, favor a cautious rather than a risky choice. See also group polarization.