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shared mental model

in ergonomics, a mental model of a work system that is held in common by the members of a team. Ideally, team members should have a shared mental picture of the system and its attributes, a shared knowledge of all relevant tasks, and a shared understanding of the team’s progress toward its goal. Coordination, efficiency, and accuracy will increase as team members converge on a common mental model that is accurate and complete yet flexible. Also called team mental model.

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psychometric research

psychometric research

studies in the field of psychological measurement. Such research includes the development of new measures and appropriate methods for their scoring, the establishment of reliability and validity evidence for measures, the examination of item and scale properties and their dimensions, and the evaluation of differential item functioning across subgroups. For example, psychometric research could be used to determine whether a new scale is appropriately administered and scored in a specific subpopulation of respondents.