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grade points

1. numbers equivalent to letter-grade assignments for academic coursework. Usually, A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, and F = 0. The resulting average allows the appropriate reward to be given or disciplinary action to be taken on the basis of academic performance.

2. letter grades converted to a numerical value, typically as follows: A = 90 to 100 (superior work that is clearly above average); B = 80 to 89 (good work, meeting all requirements and eminently satisfactory); C = 70 to 79 (competent work, meeting requirements); D = 60 to 69 (fair work, minimally acceptable); F = 59 and below (failing work). See also point–hour ratio.

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adj. responding to, releasing, or otherwise involving catecholamines. For example, a catecholaminergic neuron is one that releases norepinephrine or another catecholamine as a neurotransmitter.