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Goodman–Kruskal’s gamma

a measure of association between two categorical variables, where 0 represents no relationship and 1 represents perfect association. For example, a marketing researcher may want to assess the relationship between the location of a store and the type of clothes purchased. A Goodman–Kruskal’s gamma of .30 or higher would indicate a medium-sized correlation, such that clothes distributors desiring to maximize sales should provide specific kinds of clothes at specific locations. Also called Goodman–Kruskal’s tau. [Leo A. Goodman (1928–  ) and William Henry Kruskal (1919–2005), U.S. statisticians]

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chronic pain

chronic pain

pain that continues to occur despite all medical and pharmacological efforts at treatment. In many cases, the pain is initially caused by tissue damage or disease. The continuation of the pain is often the result of pathological changes in the central nervous system.