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gender psychology

the exploration of the concepts of masculinity and femininity across cultures and the influence of those concepts on behavior, health, interpersonal relationships, and psychological processes. Although gender psychology originally denoted the analysis of biological sex differences between men and women, the field has grown to encompass the social construction of gender as well. Current topics of study are broad, including within-sex variability, gender identity and gender roles, sexuality and sexual orientation, gender stereotypes and their origins, and other explorations of men’s and women’s experiences, attitudes, and attributes. Modern gender psychology is also methodologically and theoretically diverse, using various quantitative and qualitative techniques and incorporating a variety of perspectives from foundational areas (e.g., social, developmental, and cognitive psychology) and applied fields (e.g., clinical, counseling, and educational psychology).

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adj. responding to, releasing, or otherwise involving catecholamines. For example, a catecholaminergic neuron is one that releases norepinephrine or another catecholamine as a neurotransmitter.